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TITE BODY IIAS AN INTEREST | the Lord Jesus, that the life also of. 1 Sam. x, 23. And they ran and IN CIR STS SAIVATION

Jesus might be made manifest in fetched him (Saul] thence: and Nom. vi, 6, 12. Knowing this,

when he stood among the people, our body. that our old man is crucified with | 2 Cor. v, 10. For we must all ap.

he was higher than any of the peohim, that the body of sin might be pear before the judgment seat of ple from his shoulders and upward. destroyed, that henceforth we Christ; that every one may receivel 1 Sam. xvii. 4. And there wert should not serve sin. Let not sin the things done in his body. I out a champion out of the camp therefore reign in your mortal according to that he hath dobe, of the Philis

| according to that he hath done, of the Philistines, named Goliath, body, that ye should obey it in whether it be good or back

of Gath, whose height was six the lasts thereof.

Gal. vi. 17. From henceforth let | cubile and a span.
A no man trouble me: for I bear in 2 Kings 1. 2. And the Syriang

my body the marks of the Lord had gone out by coinpinies, and Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is Jesus.

Imd brought away captive out of life because of righteousness. But

Phil. i. 20. According to my

the land of Israel a little maid; il the Spirit of him that raised up earnest expectation and my hope. and she waited on Nuaman's Jesus from the dead dwell in you,

that in nothing I shall be asham wife. he that raised up Christ from the

ed, but that with all boliIness, as 1 Chron. XI, 23. And he slew an dead shall also quicken your mor

always, 80 now also Christ shall Egyptian, a man of great stature, tal bodies by his Spirit that dwell be magnified in my body, whether five cubits high. eth in you. For if yo live after it be by lile, or by death.

Cant. vii, 7, 8. This thy staturo the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye Phil. ili, 21. Who shall chango is like to a palm-tree, and thy through the Spirit do mortify the our vile body, that it may be breasts to clusters of grapes. I deeds of the body, ye shall live. fashioned like unto his glorious | sail, I will go up to the palm tree, And not only they, but ourselves body, according to the working I will take hold of the boughs also, which have the firstfruits of whereby ho is able even to sub- thereof..... the Spirit. even we ourselves | duo all things unto hiinself.

Matth. vi, 27. Which of you by groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption. to wit, the re

1 The88. V, 23. And the very taking thought can add one cubit

God of peace sanctify you wholly: unto his stature? demption of our body.

and I pray Gul your whole spirit Luke xix. 3. And ho sought to Rom. xii, 1. I beseech you there and soul and body be preserved | soe Jesns who lie Was; and could fore. brethren, by the mercies of blameless unto the coming of our | not for the press, becauso ho was God, that ye present your bodies Lordlesus Christ

little of stature. a living sacrifice, loly, acceptable unto God, which is your reason

WILL BE RAISED AGAIN. able service. (See under Disease and Death.)

SENSES. 1 Cor. vi, 13, 16, 18-20. Meaty

Gen. xxvii, 27. And ho camo for ile belly, and the belly for

near, and kissed him: and ho

STATURE. meats: but God shall destroy both

sinelled the smell of his raiment, it and them. Now the body is

Gen. vi, 4. There were giants in and blessed him, and said, Seo, not for furnication, but for the

the earth in those days; and also the smell of my son is as the Lord; and the Lord for the body.

after that, when the suns of God sinell of a feld which the Lord

came in onto the daughters of hath blessed. Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall men, and they bare children to

Exod. iv, 11. And the LORD said I then take the members of them, the same became mighty

unto him, who hath made man's men which were of old, men of reChrist, and make them the mem

moutl.! or who maketh the dumb, bers of an harlot? God forbid. nown.

or deaf, or tho seeing, or the Flee fornication. Every sin that | Num. xiil, 22, 82. And ther | blind? have not I the LORD? a inan doetli is without the body: ascende 1 by the south and camu

1 Sam. iii, 11. And the LORD but he that committeth fornication unto IIebron; where Ahiman, But he that committeth fornication anchor and Talmai, the children

said to Samuel, Behold, I will do sinneth against his own body. Sheshai, and Talmai, the children

thing in Israel, at which both What? know ye not that your of Anak. were. (Now IIebron

the ears of every one that heareth body is the temple of the Holy was built seven years beforo Ghost which is in you, which yo | Zoan in Egypt.)

it shall tingle.

And they have of God. and ye are not your brought up an evil report of the Job vi, 30. Is there iniquity in own? For ye are bought with a land which they had searched my tongue? cannot my tasto disprice: therefore glorify God in unto the children of Israel, saying, cern perverse things? your body. and in your spirit, The land, through which we have

Job xii, 11. Doth not the ear which are God's. gone to search it, is a land that

| try words? and the mouth tasto eateth up the inhabitants therenf; 1 Cor. vil, 31. There is differ

his meat? and all the people that we saw in ence also between a wife and a it are men of a great stature.

Job xxxiv, 3. For the ear trieth virgin. The unmarried woman

words, as the mouth tasteth meat. careth for the things of tlie Lord, Deut. ii, 10, 11, 20. The Emims

Micah vii, 16. The nations shall that she may be holy both in body dwelt therein in times past, a peo

see and be confounded at all their and in spirit: but she that is mar-ple great, and many, and tall, as

might: they shall lay their hand ried caroth for the things of the tho Anakims; Which also were

upon their mouth, their ears shall world, how she may pleasо her accounted giants, as the Anakiins;

bo deaf. husband.

but the Moabites call them

Emims. That also was accounted 1 Cor. ix, 27. But I keep under

APPETITES. a land of giants: giants dwelt my body, and bring it into subtherein in old time; and the Am

Job xx, 23. When he is about to jection: lest that by any means, mor eins, monites call them Zamzammims.

fill his belly, God shall cast tho when I have preached to others,

Judges i. 20. And they gave

fury of his wrath upon him, and I myself should be a castaway. Hebron unio Caleb, as Moses

shall rain it upon him while he is 2 Cor. iv. 10. Always bearing said: And he expelled thence the eating. about in the body the dying of three sons of Anak.

| JOD XXXI, 31. If the men of my 88

is swory soul evoob: but to

tabornarlo said not, Oh that wo bosom again; and plucked it ont, that of tho fruit of his loins, acbad of his llesh! Wo cannot be of his boson, anal, belildit was corling to the flesh, he would satisfied.

turned again as his other flesh. raise up Christ to sit on his Ps. xrvii, 2. When the wicked, Num. xii, 12. Let her not be as

throne. eren mine enemies and my foes one dead. of whoin the flesh is!

Rom. ix, 6. Whose are the cuno son me to eat up my flesh, half consumed where he coinetli

fathers, and of whoin as concernthey stumbled and fell. out of his mother's womb.

ing the flesh Christ camp, who is Prov. xiii. 23. The righteous Jo) vi. 12. Is my strength the

over all, God blessed fur erer. anteth to the gatislsins of his strenyth of stones? or is iny flesh

Anen. soul; but the belly of the wicked of bruss?

2 Cor. iv, 11. For we which livo eliall want.

are alway delivered unto death

Job xiv, 22. But his flesh upon Prov. xxvii. 7. Tho full soul him shall have pain, and bis soul

for Jesus' sake, that the life also loathe hur honeycomb: but to within him shall mourn.

of Jesus might be made manifest the hungry soul every bitter thing

in our mortal flesh. is sweat.

Job xxxiil 23. Jlis flesh shall be

Gal. 'I, 20. .... And the life fresher than a chill's: he shall reDaniel 1, 12-16. Prove thy scr.

which I now live in the Mesh I turn to the days of his youth. Tants, I bescech tliee, ten days;

livo by the faith of the Son of (iod, and let them give us pulse to eat,

who loved me, and gave himself and water to drink. Tben let our and my feet, that it is I myself: I for me. contenuccs be looked upon hanille me, and seo; for a spirit Eph. vi. 5. Servants, bo obedient before thee, and tho countenance hath not flosh and bones, as ye see to them that are your masters of the children that eat of the por mo hive.

according to the flesh, with fear tion of the king's niat: and as Acts ii. 31. Ito seeing this before

and trembling, in singleness of thou supst. deal with hy servants. I spake of the resurrection oil your heart, as unto Christ. So he consentoul to them in this I Christ, that his son was not left Puil. 1. 22. 24. But if I live in the mutter, and proved them ten in hell, neither his deah did see ilesh, this is the fruit of any ladays. Anlat the end of ten days e end of ten days corruption.

bour; yet what I shall choose I wot their countenances appeared firer

Eph. V, 29. For no mon ever

not. Nevertlieless to abide in the and fatter in flosh than all the yet hited his own flesh; but

Hesh is more needful for yon. children which did at the portion

nourisheth and cherisheth it, even Col. il. 1, 5. For I woull that yo of the king's meat. Thus Melzar as the Lord the church.

knew what great conflict I have took a way the portion of their

for you, anil for them at La licea, meat, and the wine that they

and for as many as have not seen should drinks and gayo them (NAME OF TIIE WIOLE

my face in the flesh. For though pulse.


I be absent in the flesh, yet am I Micah vi. 14. Thon shalt oat, Gen. Ti, 3. And the LORD said.

with you in the spirit joying and but not to be satisfied; and thy Ny spirit shall not always strive beholding your order, and the casting down sluall be in the midst with inan, for that he also is flesh: stedfastness of your faith in of thee; and thou shut take hold, yet his days shall be an hundred | Christ. but slit not deliver; and that and twenty years.

1 Peler iv, 1. Forasmuch then which thion deliverest will I give

P3. xvi, 9. Therefore my heart as Christ hath suffered for us in up to the sword.

is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: the flesh, arm yourselves likewise Hatth. v, 6. Blessed are they my flesh also shall rest in hope with the same mind: for he that which do hunger and thirst after

Ps. lvl 4 In God I will praise hath suffered in the best hath righteousness: for they shall be his word, in God I have put my

ceased froin sin. Alio.l.

trust; I will not fear what flesh John vi, 26, 27. Jesus answered can do unto me.

NAME OF CORRUPTED nu. them and satil, Verily, Verily, I

Ps. Ixxix. 2. Tho dead borlies of say into you, Yo seek me, not be

MAN NATURE. ESPECIALLY thy servants have they given to cause ye saw the miracles, but be

IN TIIE WRITINGS OF be moat uuto the fowls of the canse ye did eat of the loves, and were filled. Labour not for the heavon, the flesh of thy saints un


John iil, 6. That which is born to the beasts of the earth. moat which perislioth, but for that

of the flesh is flesh; and that meat which en lureth unto ever. Prov. Iv. 22. For they are life

which is born of the Spirit is lasting life, which the Son of manunto those that find them, and shall give unto you: for bim hath health to all their flesh. God the Father salod.

Rom. vil, 5. 18. 23. For when we Eccles. xii, 12. And further, ly

were in the flesh, the inotions of 1 Cor. x, 31. Whether therefore these. my son, be admonished; of

sins, which were by the law, did ye cat, or ria', or whatsoever ye making many books there is no

work in our members to bring do, do all to the glory of Goul. end; and much study is a weari

forth fruit unto death. For I know (See under Diet and Dress.) ness of the flesh.

that in me (that is, in my 1sh.) Matth. xxvi. 41. Watch and

atch and dwelleth no good thing for to will COVSTITUTONT PARTS or pray, that ye enter not into temp- is present with me; bit hou to

tition; the spirit indeed is willing, perform that which is goodI find BODY. but the flesh is weak.

not. I thank God through Jesus FLES II.

John i, 14. And the Word was | Christ our Lord. So then with Gen. 11, 21. And the LORD God mude flesh, and dwelt among us. the mind I myself serve the law caused a deep sleep to fall upon and we beheld his glory, the of God; but with the flesh the law Adam, and he slept; and he took glory as of the only begotten of of sin. one of bis ribs, and closed up the the Father) full of grace and

Father,) full or grace and Rom. viii. 3-9. For what tho desh instead thereof. truth.

| law could not do, in that it was Ecod. iv. 7. And ho said. Put Acts il. 30. Therefore being a weak through the flesh, God thine hand into thy bosom again. I prophet, and knowing that God sending his own Son in the likeAnd he put his land into his hath sworn with an oath to him, ness of sinful flosh, and for sin,

Prov. Iv. 22. Fofind them, and spirit. vll. 5, 18. 23. Fomotions of

Ezek. vi. 5. And I will Iny the are like jewels, the work of the brother's blood crieth unto mo dead circases of the children of hands of a cunving workmin. from tho ground. Isl.col before their idols; and I will I Col. il, 19. And not holding the Deut. xvii. 8. If there arise a scat or your bones round about head, from which all the body by matter too hard for thic in joisyour alturs.

joints and bands having nour. inent, between blood and blood, Ezek. Xxxvii. 1. 3-5. 11. Tho ishment ministered, and knit between plea and plea, and behand of the LORD was upon me, together, increaseth with the | tween stroke and stroke, being an I carried me out in the spirit of increase of God.

matters of controversy within thy the LOR), and set me down in the Heb. iv. 12. For the word of God

gites: thien shalt thon arise, and midst oi' the valley which was full is quick, and powerful, and sharp

get theo up into the place which of bonox. And he said unto me,er than any two-edged sword,

v twoedced swon the LORD tliy God shall choose. Son of min. can these bones live? piercing even to the dividing 1 Kings xvili. 29. And they And I answered, O Lord God, asuncier of sonl and spirit, and of cried aloud, and cut themselves thou k powest. Again ho said un-l the joints and marrow..... after their manner with knives to me, Prophesy upon these bones,

and lance'ę, till the blood gusled and say unto them, 0 ye diny boncs, hear the word of the LORD.


ont upon ilon. Thus saith the Lord God unto | Exod. xxii. 27. For that is his

P3. lviii, 10. The rightcons shall these bonex Behold, I will cause webold I will cause I covering only it is his raiment for rejoice when he seeth the vence

covering only, it is his raiment for brunth to enter into you, and ye his skin: wherein shall lie sleep

ance; he shall wash his feet in the shall live: Then said he unto me, and it shall come to pass, when be blood of the wicked. Son of man, these bones are the crieth unto me, that I will hear; | P3. lxxii, 14. lle shall redeem Wlole house of Israel; behold, for I am gracious.

their soul from deceit and violence: they say. Our bones are dried,

Job xvi, 15. I have sowed sack and precious shall their blood bo and our hope is lost: wo are cut cloth upon my skin, and defiled in his sigut. oil for our parts. my horn in the dust.

Ezel. xvi. 6. 9. And when I Ezek. xxxix, 15. And the pas- Job xviii. 13. It sholl devour the passed by thee, and saw thee . .rs fiat pass through the strength of his skin: ccen the first. | polluted in thine own blcod, I said minut. when any seeth a man's born of death shall devour luis | unto three when thou wast in thiy bono, then shall he set up a sign strength.

blood, Live; yea. I said unto thico by it, till the bariers have buried

| Job xix. 20. My bone cles yeth chen thou east in thy blood, Live. it in the valley of Hamon-gog. | to my skin and to my flesla, and I

Then washed I thee with water; Amos il. 1. Thus saith the LORD; am escaped with the skin of my soul

yea, I throughly washed away Por three transgressions of Moab, / teeth.

thy blood from theo, and I anointand for to lit. I will not turn away

ed thee with oil,

Job xxx. 30. My skin is black the punishment thereof;because he upon mo, and my bones are buru Ezek, xxxvili, 22. And I will bourned the bones of the king of ed with heat.

plend against hin with pestilence EJorn into lime.

Ps. cii. 5. By reason of tho voice

and with blood; and I will rain Amos vi, 10. And a man's uncle

I of iny croaning my bones cleave upon hiin, and upon his bands. shall take him up, and he that to my skin.

and upon the many people.ibat burncth him, to bring out the

are with hiin, an overflowing

Jer, xill, 23. Can the Ethiopian bone's out of the house, and shall !

rain, and great lailstones, fire, change his skin, or the leopari say nnto him that is by the sides

and brimstone. his spots? then may ye also do of the lwase, Is there yet any

Zeph. i, 17. And I will bring with thee! And ho slall say, No.

good, that are accustomed to do Then shall he say, llold

distress upon men, that they shall evil. thy

walk liko blind men, becauso tongue: for we may not mako

Lam. til, 4. My nesh and my

they have sipueil agaiust the mention of the name of the LORD. skin hath he made old; ho hath

Lons: and their blood shall be Matth. xxiii. 27. Woe unto you, broken my bones.

poured out as dust, and their scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!

ilesh as the dung for yo are like unto whited sepul.


Luke xxii, 20. Likewise also the chres, which inecd appear beanti JOB X. 11. Thou hast clothed cup after slipper, saying. This ful outware, but aro within fill of me with skin and flesh, and list cup is the new testament in my deud mei's bones, and of all un ienced me with bones and sinews. | blood, which is slied for you. cleaniness.

Job xxx, 17. My bones are Acts xvii. 26. And hath made of JOINTS

pierced in me in the night season: one blood all nations of men for

and my sinews take no rest. to dwell on all the face of the Dan, V, 6. Then the king's

18a, xlviii, 4. Because I knew earth, and hath determined the countenance was changed, and

that thou art obstinate, and thy times before appointed, and the his thourits tronbled him, so that neck is an iron sinew,

bounds of their habitation. the joints of his loins were loosed,

Ezek. XXXVII, 6. 8. And I will hy Heb. xil. 4. Ye havo not yet re111'1 lis kuces smuto one aguinst

sinews upon you, and will bring sisted unto blood, striving against ano her.

up flesh upon you, and cover you sin.
with skin, and put breath in you,

Rev. xiv, 20. And the wincpress P3. xxii, 14. I am porred out and ye shall live; and ye shall

was trodden without the city, and like water, and all my bonos are know that I am the LORD. And

blood came out of the wine press, out of joint..... when I beheld, lo, the sinews and

even unto the horse bridles. by Pror. X.XV, 13. Confidence in an the flesh came up upon them, and

the space of a thousand und six fithful man in time of trouble tho sk covered them above: but

hundred furlongs. is like a loruken touth, and a foot

there was no breath in them. out of joint. Cant. vii, 1. lIow beautiful are


BLOOD. thy feet with shoes. O prince's Gen. iv, 10. And he said, What

WITH MURDER. ungliter! the joints of thy thighs / bas: thou done? the voice of thyl Gen. ix, 6. Whoso sheddeth

all ny bired out with skin pon you and in .!!

man's blond, by man shall 1113 Job avl, 18. O earth, cover not, esses, and after the manner of blood be shed: for in the imago of thou my blood, and let my cry women that shed blood; becauso God inade le man. have no place.

they are adulteresses, and blood Lev. xvii. 4. And bringeth it! P's. ix, 12. When he maketh in is in their hands. not into the door of the tabor. guisition for blood, he remember.

Evel. Xxxvi, 18. Wherefore I nacle of the congregation, to offer leth them: he forsettcth not the

poured my fury upon them for the an offering unto the LORD before cry of the luinblo.

blood that they had shed upon the the tabernacle of tho LORD; blood i P3. Ixxix, 3, 10. Their blood ini, and for their idols wherewith shall be impnted unto that man; have they shed like water round they had polluted it. ho hath shed blood; and that man about Jerus:ilem; and there rcas shall bo cut off from among lis nono to bury them. Wherefore

Hosea i 4. And the LORD said people. should the heathen say, Where

unto him, Call bis name Jezreel; hall not is their God? let him bo known Num. XXXV. 33. So yo shall not

for yet a little while. and I will pollute the land wherein ye are: among the heathen in our aight

avenge the blood of Jezreel upon for blood it defileth the land: and

the liouse of Jehu, and will causo by the revenging of the blood of

thy scrvants which is shed. tholini cannot be cleansed of the

to cease the kingdom of the house bloot that is shed licrein.! ut by

of Israel.

Prov. i. 11, 16. If they say, Comel Matth. xxili. 35. That upon you the blood of him that shed it. with us, let us Jay wait for blood,

may come all the righteous blood Dout. xix. 10. That innocent let us lurk privily for the inno

shed upon the earth, from tho blood be not shed in thy land, cout without cause. For their

blood of righteons Abel unto the which the LORD thy God givetli | foet run to evil, and make haste

blood of Zacharias son ot Bari. theo for an inheritance, and so to shed blood.

chlas, whom ye slow between the blood bo upon thee.

Jer. il. 34. Also in thy skirts is teinplo and the altar. 1 Sam. Try 20. Now therefore, found the blood of thio souls of the


poor innocents: I have not found my lord, as the LORD livetli, and

Matth. xxvil, 6. And the chief as thy soul liveth. sceing the it by secret soarch. but upon all | priests took the silver picces, and

said, It is not lawful for to put Lord hath withhol en thee from these.

them into the treasury, becauso it coming to shat blood, and from Lam. iv, 13, 14. For the sing of avenging thyself with thino own her prophets, and the iniquities

is the price of blood. hand, now let thine enemics, and of her priests, that have shed the Lake xill, 1. There were prosent they that seek evil to my lord, be blood of the just in the midst of at that season some th:ut told hiin as Nabil.

her. They have wandcroil as of the Galilæans, whose blood 2 Sam. iil, 29. And afterward

blind. men in the streets, they | Pilate had mingled with their when David heard it, he said, I

have polluted themselves with sacrifices. and my king lom are guiltless beblood, so that men could not touch

Acts v, 28. Saying. Did not wo foro the LORD for over from the their garments.

straitly command you that ye blood of Abuer the son of Ner. | Ezels. xvi. 38. And I will judge should not teach in this name? 2 Sam. iv. 11. Ilow much moro,

thco, as women that break wed and, behold, ye have filled Jernwlien Wicked men have slain a

lock and shed blood are judged; salem with your doctrine, ani inrig'itcotis person in his own house

I and I will give thee blood in fury I tend to bring this mau's blood upon liis bud? shall I not there and jealousy.

upon us. fore now regnire his blood of your Ezek. xvill, 13. Ilatlı given forth

| Rev. vi, 10. And thoy cricd with hand, and take you away from opon usury, an'l hatlı taken in

a loud voice, saying. Ilow long, the earth?

croase: sball lie thon live? he shall 2 Sim. xvi, 7, 8. And thus sail not live: lo hath dono all these

not judge and avenge our Llood Shimel wlicn he cursed, Como abominations, the snail surely die; on them that dwell on the ourth. out, come out, thou bloodly man. I his blood shall be upon him. and thion man of Belial: 'The LORD)

Rev. xvi, G. For they have shed

Ezek. xxii, 3.4 6. Then say thou, I the blood of saints and prophets, bath roturned upon theo all tho Thing saith tho Lord God; The land thou hast given thicm blood blood of the house of Saul, in

city sheddeth blood in the midst to drink; for they are worthy. whoso steart thou hast reincil;

of it, that her time may come, and and the Lord hath delivered the

(lefile horsell.

Thou art becomo

Thron art become I found tho blool of prophets, and lo i thy son: ani, belolil, thou art

mnou art guilty in thy blood that thou hast of saints, and of all that woru slain taken in thy mischief, becauso

thy mischier, becauso shodl; and hast deflled thyself | upon thy earth. thou 'art a bloody man.

in thino idols which thou hast 2 Sam. xx. 12. And Amasa wal. made; and thou hast caused thy

INNOCENT CLOOD. Jowel in blool in the midst of the days to draw near, and art como

(sce under Law.) highw.iy. And when the man sa. | eren unto thy years: therefore that all the people stood still, he, huivo I made thee a reproach unto removed Amisa out of the high- the heathen, and 1 inocking to all FLESII AND BLOOD, way into the field, and cista cloth countries. Behold, the princes or

A TERM FOR TUMANITY. upon him, when he 8.1 W that Israel, every one were in thee to evory one that carno by him stood their power to shod blood.

Matth. xvi, 17. And Jesus anstill.

swered, and said unto luim BlessErek. xxill, 37. 45. That they

ed art thou, Simon Bar-'ona: ior 2 Kings ili 22, 23. They rose have committed adultery, ani!

Nesh and blood bath not revealed op early in the morning, and tho blood is in their hands, and with

it unto thee, but my Father which en sbone upon tho water, and thoir idols have they committed thie Joubites saw the wator on allultery, and have also caused

is in heaven. the other siile as rod as bloo.1: | their sons, whom they bare unto 1 Cor. xv. 50. Now this I say, And they said. This is bloou: tho mo. to pass for them through the I brethren, that flesh and blood cankings are surely slain, and they fire. to devuur them. And the not inherit the king loin ol Gol; have smittell one anothier: Duw rigltcous mcn, they shall judge neither doth corruption Merit therefore, Moub, to the spuil.. I thicm after the manner of adulter- | incorruption.

his blood of your mon usury, and latli takon mila Lord. holy and true, dost, pod

Gal. 1, 16. To reveal his Son in head. For this canse ought the Job x. 15. If I be wicker, WOU me, that I might preach him woman to have power on her unto me; and if I be righteous, among the heathen; innmediately | head because of the angels.

vet will I not lift up my head... I conferred not with flesh and blood.

18. Ili, 3. ..:: 0 LORD, my OFTEN STANDS FOR glory, and the lifter up of mino Enl. vi, 12. For we wrestle not


head. against flesh and blood..... Gen. xl, 20. And it came to pass

Ps. vii, 16. His mischief shall Heb, il, 14. Forasmuch then as the third day, which was Phar

return upon his own head, and the children are purtakers of flesh aoh's birthday, that he made a

his violent dealing shall come and blood, he also himself like feast unto all his servants: and he down upon his own pate. wise took part of the same. lifted up the head of the chief

Ps. xxvii, 6. And now shall mine butler and of the chief bakerhead be lifted up above mine among his servants.

enemies round about me. ... PARTS AND ORGANS. Josh. 11, 19. And it shall be, that

Ps. xxxviii, 4. For mine ini. whosoever shall go out of the HEAD. doors of thy house into the street.

quities are gone over mine head: Gen. xlix, 26. The blessings of doors

| as an heavy burden they are too thy father :... shall be on the his blood shall be upon his head.

heavy for me. head of Joseph, and on the crown Judges vill, 28. Thus was Midof the head of him

P3. Ixvi, 12. Thou hast caused that was ian subdued before the children of separate from his brethren.

men to ride over our heads. .... Israel, so that they lifted up their Judges iv, 21. Then Jael IIeber's heads no more. And the country Ps. Ixxxiil, 2..... They that

up the wife took a nail of the tent, and was in quietness forty years in hate thee have lifted took an hammer in her hand, and the days of Gideon.

head. went softly unto him, and smote 1 Judges ix, 57. And all the evil L P3. cx, 7. IIe shall drink of the the nail into his temples, and of the men of Shechem did God | brook in the way: thereforo shall fastened it into the ground.

render upon their heads: and ho lift up the head.

upon then came the curse of 1 Kings XX, 31. And bls ser

Ps. cxl, 9. As for the head of Jotham the son of Jerubbaal. vants said unto him, Behold now,

those that compass me about, let | we have heard that the kings of

1 Sam. xxv. 39. And when David the mischief of their own lips the house of Israel are merciful

heard that Nabal W89 dead, he cover them. kings: let us, I pray thee, put

said, Blessed be the LORD that Prov. x. 6. Blessings are upon sackcloth on our loins, and ropes hath pleaded the cause of my re

the head of the just; but violence upon our heads, and go out to proach from the hand of Nabal,

Cuvereth the mouth of the wicked. the king of Israel: peradventure and hath kept his servant from

Isa. li, 11. evil: for the LORD hath returned he will save thy life.

Therefore the rethe wickedness of Nabal upon deemed of the LORD shall return, 2 Kings ix, 35. And they went his own head.....

and come with singing unto Zion; 1 Sam. xxviii, 2. And David

Doria and everlasting joy shall be upon more of her than the skull, and said to Achish, Surely thou shalt

their head. tho feet, and the palms of her know what thy servant can do. Jer. xxiil. 19. Behold, a whirlhands.

And Achish said to Davidl, There wind of the Lord is gone forth in Cant. 11, 6. His left hand is un

fury, even grievous whirlder my head, and his right hand mine head for ever.

wind: it shall fall grievously upon doth embrace me.

2 Sam. 1, 16. And David said un the head of the wicked. Cant. v. 2, 11. .... For my

to him, Tliy blood be upon thy Ezek. xi, 21. But as for them head is filled with dew, and my

head; for thy mouth hath testined whose heart walkuth after the locks with the drops of the night. against thee, sayiny. I have slain heart of their detestable things

and their abominations, I will rethe LORD's anointed, His heal is as the most fine gold,

compense their way uport their his locks are bushy, and black as 2 Sam. Ili, 29. Let it [the blood

own heads, saith the Lord God. a raven. of Abner rest on the head of

Dan. I, 10. And the prince of the Joab. . . . . Cant. vii, 6. Thine head upon thee is like Carmel, and the hair 2 Chron. Vi, 23. Then hear thou

eunuchs said unto Daniel, I fear of thine bead like purple; the king from heaven, and do, and judge

my lord the king, who hath apis held in the galleries.

pointed your meat and your thy servants, by requiting the wicked, by recompelising his way

drink: for why should he see Jer, 11, 37. Yea, thou shalt go upon his own hand shalt go upon his own head...

your faces worse liking than the forth from him, and thine hands

children which are of your sort?

Ezra ix. 6. ....Our iniquities upon thine head: for the LORD

then shall ye make me endanger hath rejected thy confidences, and are increased over our head, and

my head to the king. thou shalt not prosper in them.

our trespass is grown up into the

Joel iii, 4. Yea, and what have Matth. v, 36. Neither shalt thon

Neh, iv. 4. Hear. O our God: foryo to do with me, 0 Tyro, and swear by thy head, because thou ve are despised: and turn their

Zidon, and all the coasts of Palescunst not make one hair white or

reprwach upon their own liend and tine? will ye render me a recomblack. give them for a prey in the laud

pence? and if ye recompense me, Matth. xxvil, 30, 33. And they of captivity.

swiftly and speedily will I turn spit upon him, and took the reed, Esther ix. 25. But when Esther

your recomponce upon your own and smote him on the head. And came before the king, he com

head. when they were come unto a manded by letters that his wicke 1

Luke xxi, 28. And when these place called Golgotha, that is to device which he devised against things begin to come to pass, then say, a place of a skull. the Jews, should return upon his

look up, and lift up your hearts: 1 Cor. xl, 4. 10. Every man pray- own head, and that ho and his for your redemption draweth ing or prophesyin having his sons sliould be hanged on tho nigh. head covered, dishonvureth his'gallows.

Acts xviii, 6. And when they

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