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that Noe entered into the ark,! Nahum 1, 8. But with an over-, wilderness into a standing water, And knew not until the flood running flood he will make an and dry ground into water came, and took them all away; utter end of the place thereof, I springs. . 80 shall also the coming of the and darkness shall pursue his

Isa. xix, 5, 6. And the waterg Son of man be enemies.

shall fail from the sea, and the

river shall be wasted and dried 2 Sam. xxii, 4, 5. I will call on


up. And they shall turn the the LORD, who is worthy to be

Gen. ix, 12--15, 17. And God rlvers far away; and the brooks praised: so shall I be saved from

said. This is the token of the of defence shall be emptied and mine enemies. When the waves

covenant which I make between dried up: the reeds and flags of death compassed me, the floods

me and you, and every living shall wither. of ungodly men made me afraid.

creature that is with you, for Job xxx, 14. They came upon

Isa. xlil, 15. 16. I will mako perpetual generations: I do set me as a wide breaking in of roaters:

waste mountains and bills, and my bow in the cloud, and it shall in the desolation they rolled be for a token of a covenant be

dry up all their herbs; and I will themselves upon me. tween me and the earth. And it

make the rivers islands, and I will

dry up the pools. And I wil Isa, vill, 6-8. Forasmuch as this shall come to pass, when I bring

bring the blind by a way that people refuseth the waters of a cloud over the earth, that the

they knew not; I will lead them Shiloah that go softly, and rejoice bow shall be seen in the cloud:

in paths that they have not in Rezin and Remalial's son: And I will remember my cove

known: I will make darkness Now therefore, behold, the Lordnant, which is between me and

light before them, and crooked bringeth up upon them the waters you and every living creature of

things straight. | all flesh; and the waters shall no of the river, strong and many

These things

10 will I do unto them, and not for ecen the king of Assyria, and all more become a food to destroy

sake them. Dis glory; and he shall come up all flesh. And God said unto over all his channels, and go over Noah, This is the token of the Jer li, 36. Therefore thus saith all his banks. And he shall pass covenant, which I have establish- the LORD: Behold, I will plead throuzh Judah; he shall overflowed between me and all flesh that I thy cause, and take vengeance and go over; he shall reach even is upon the earth.

for thoe; and I will dry up bor to the neck: and the stretching

sea, and make her springs dry. out of his wings shall all the


Amos vii, 4. Thus hath the breadth of thy land, 0 Immanuel. Isa. xxv. 11. 12. And he shall | Lord GOD showed unto me; and,

Jer. xlvi. 7. 8. Who is this that spread forth his hands in the behold, the Lord God called to cometh up as a flood, whose midst of them, as ne that swim- contend by fire, and it devoured waters are moved as the rivers? meth spreadeth forth his hands the great deep, and did eat up a Egypt riseth up like a flood, and to swim; and he shall bring down part. his waters are moved like the their pride together with the

Nahum i, 4. Ho rebuketh the rivers, and he saith, I will go up. spoils of their hands. And the

sea, and maketh it dry, and drieth and will cover the earth; I will fortress of the high fort of thy

up all the rivers: Bashan languish. destroy the city and the inbabi- walls shall he bring down, lay

eth, and Carmel, and the flower tants thereof.

low, and bring to the ground, I of Lebanon languisheth. Jer. xlvii, 2. Thus saith the even to the dust,

Zech. x, 11. And he shall pass LORD; Behold, waters rise up out

through the sea with affliction, of the north, and shall be an over


and shall smite the waves in the flowing flood, and shall overflow P 8. cyii. 33-95. He turneth sea, and all the deeps of the river the land, and all that is therein; rivers into a wilderuess, and the shall dry up: and the pride o the city, and them


that dwell water - springs into dr

that dwell water - springs into dry ground; / Assyria shall be brought down, therein: then the men shall cry. LA fruitful land into barreness for and the sceptre of Egypt Shau and all tbe inhabitants of the the wickedness of them that I depart away. land shall howl.

I dwell therein. Ilo turneth the (See under IT AVEN.)



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fear, and shall declare the work hast thou also tanght the wicked
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of God: for they shall wisely con- ones thy ways.
sider of his doing.

Deut. xxviil, 14. And thou shalt
Lev. xxii, 28. And whether it be

Ps. lxxiv. 20. 21. Have respect not go aside from any of the
Cow or ewe, ye shall not kill it

unto the covenant: for the dark words which I command theo
and her young both in one day.

places of the earth are full of the this day, to the right hand or to
Prov. xil, 10. A righteous man

habitations of cruelty. 0 let not the left, to go after cther gods to
regardeth the life of his beast:

the oppressed return ashamed: serve them.
but the tender mercies of the

let the poor and needy praise thy 2 Kings xxiii. 24. 25. Moreover,
wicked are cruel.

the workers with familiar spirits,

Ps. xciv, 20. 21. Shall the throne and the wizards, and the images,

of iniquity have fellowship with and the idols, and all the abomi.

thee, which frameth mischief by | nations that were spied in the
(Page 166.)

a law? They gather themselves land of Judah, and in Jerusalem,
Job 11. 8. 9. And he took him & together against the soul of the did Josiah put away, that he
potsherd to scrape himself withal; righteous, and condemn the inno- might perform the words of the
and he sat down among the ashes.
among the ashes. cent blood.

law which were written in the
Then sal his wife unto bim, Dost

Ps. exlli 6 6. Who is like unto I book taat Hilkiab!he priest found
thou still retain thine integrity

the LORD our God, who dwelleth in the house of the LORD. And
curse God, and die.
on high, Who humbleth himself

like unto him was there no king
to behold the things that are iu

before him, that turned to the
heaven, and in the earth!

LORD with all his heart, and with
(Pages 209, 205.)

all hiss ul, and with all his might,

Isa. xlv, 15. Verily thou art a according to all the law of Meses;
Gen. xxx. 1. 2. And when Rachel God that bidest thyself, O God of neither after him arose there any
saw that she bare Jacob no chil-
Israel, the Saviour.

like him.
dren Rachel envied her sister, and

Jer. xiv, 8. O the Hope of Is-
said unto Jacob, Give me cbil-

Acts xil, 22. And the people
rael, the Saviour thereof in time gave & shout, saying. It is the
dren, or else I die. And Jacob's

of trouble, why shouldest thou be voice of a god, and not of a man,
anger was kindled against Rachel;

as a stranger in the land, and as
and he said, Am I in God's stead,

Acts xxviii, 4.6. And when the
who hath withield from thee the
a wayfaring man that turneth

barbarians saw the venomouS
fruit of the womb?
aside to tarry for a night?

beast hang on his hand, they said

Acts xvil, 24. God, that made
Gen. xlviii, 13. 14. And Joseph

among themselves, No doubt this
the world, and all things therein, | man is a murderer, wliom, though
took them both, Ephrain in his

seeing that he is Lord of heaven
ri ht hand toward Israel's left

he hath escaped the sea, yet ven-
and earth, dwelleth not in temples
band, and Manasseh in his left

geance suffereth not to live. How.
made with hands.
hand toward Israel's right hand,

beit they looked when be should
and brought them near unto him.

have swollen, or fallen down dead
And Israel stretched out his right IDOLATRY-IDOLS. suddenly:but after theyhadlooked
hand, and lid it upon Ephraim's

(Page 266, etc.)

a great while, and saw no harm
head, who was the younger, and

Jer. 11, 23, 26--28, 33. How canst

come to bim, they changed their
his left hand upon Manasseli's

minds, and said that he was a
thou say, I am not polluted, I
head, guiding bis hands wittingly:

have not gone after Baalim? See
for Manussel was the first-born,
thy way in the valley, know wbat

Deut v, 29. Oh that there were thou bast done: thou art a swift

(Page 285, etc.)
such an heart in them, that they dromedary traversing her ways.

| John iv, 25, 26. The woman
would fear me, and keep all my As the thief is ashamed when he

saith unto him, I know that
commandments always, that it is found, so is the house of Israel
might be well with them, and asbamed; they, their kings, their

Messias cometh, which is called
with their children for ever! princes, and their priests, and

Christ: when he is come, he will

tell us all things.
their prophets, Saying to a stock,

Jesus saith
Thou art my father; and to a

unto her, I that speak unto thee
stone, Thou hast brought me
(Page 234, etc.)

am he.
forth; for they have turned their John vi, 15. When Jesus there.
Job xxxvi, 22, 23. Behold. God

back anto me, and not their face; fore perceived that they would
exalteth by his power: who teach-

but in the time of their trouble come and take bin by force, to
eth like him? Who hath enjoined
they will say, Arise, and save us.

make him a king, he de parted
him his way? or who can say,
Thou hast wrought iniquity?

But where are thy gods that thou again into a mountain himself

hast made thee? let them arise, if alone.
Ps. Iviii, 11. So that a man snall they can save thee in the time of John vii, 15-18. And the Jews
say, Verily there is a reward for tly trouble: for according to the marvelled, saying, How knoweth
the righteous: Verily he is a God number of thy cities are thy rode

number of thy cities are thy gods, this man letters, having never
that judgeth in the earth.

o Judah. Why trimmest thou learned? Jesus answered them,
Ps. lxiv, 3. And all men shall thy way to seek love ? therefore I and said, My doctrine is not mine,


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bat his that sent me. If any man Esther MI. 2-6. And all the king's | unto the LORD, and the first-fruits Vill do his will, he shall know of servants, that were in the king's of his increase: all that devour the doctrine, whether it be of gate, bowed, and reverenced Ha-him shall offend; evil shall come God, or whether I speak of my-man; for the king had so com- | upon them, saith sell. He that speaketh of him manded concerning him: bnt Ezek. XXXVI, 21-24. But I had Belf seeketh his own glory: but he Mordecal bowed not, nor did him pity for mine holy name, which that seeketh his glory that sent reverence. Then the king's ser- the house of Israel had profaned him, the same is true, and no un vants, which were in the king's among the heathen, whither they righteousness is in him.

gate, said unto Mordecai, Why went. Therefore say unto the John. viii. 13. 14. 16. 18. The transgresseth thou the king's house of Israel. Thus saith tha Pharisees therefore said unto commandment? Now it came to Lord GOD, I do not this for your him, Thon bearest record of thy. pass, when they spake daily unto l sakes. O house of Israel, but for self; thy record is not true. Jesus him, and he hearkened not unto

mine holy name's sake, which ye answered and said unto them. them, that they told IIaman, to have profaned among the hesThough I bear record of myself, see whether Mordecai's matters then, whither ye Went. And I vet my record is true; for I know

would stand: for he had told will sanctify my great name, whence I came, and whither I go;

them that he was a Jew. And which was profaned among the but ye cannot tell whence I come

when Haman saw that Mordecai heathen, which re have profaned and whither I go. And yet if I bowed not, nor did him reverence, l in the midst of them; and the judge, my judgment is true: for I

then was Haman full of wrath. heathen shall know that I am the am not alone, but I and the | And he thonght scorn to lay | LORD, saith the Lord GOD, wben I Father that sent me. I am one hands on Mordecai alone; for they shall be sanctifed in you before that bear witness of myself, and hnd showed him the people of their eyes. For I will take you the Father that sent me beareth Mordeaui: wherefore Haman from among the heathen, and witness of me.

sought to destroy all the Jews gather you out of all countries, John x, 17. Therefore doth my

that were throughout the whole and will bring you into your own

kingdom of Ahasuerus, even the land. Father love me, because I lay

people of Mordecai. down my life, that I might take

Hosea 1, 11. Then shall the chil. it again.

Esther vii, 3.4. Then Esther the dren of Judah and the children of John xvil, 25, 23. O righteous !

1 queen answered and said, If Illerael bo gathered together, and Father, the world hath not

have found favour in thy sight, o appoint themselves one head, and king, and if it please the king, let

they shall come up out of the known thee; but I have known thee, and these have known that

my life be given me at my peti-l landi: for great shall be the day of thou hast sent me. And I have !

tion, and my people at my request: Jezreel. declared onto them thy name,

For we are sold, I and my people, Hosea ili. 4. For the children of and will declare it: that the love

I to be destroyed, to be slain, and Israel shall abide many days

to perish. But if we had beon sold! wherewith thou hast loved me

without a king, and without a may be in them, and I in them.

for bondmen and bondwomen, I prince, and without a sacrifice,

had held my tongue, although the and without an image, and will Acts v. 31, 32. Iim hath God

enemy could not countervail the l out an ephod and it out exalted with his right hand to be

king's damage. a Prince and a Saviour, for to give

teraphim. repentance to Israel, and forgive.

Esther viii, 16. 17. The Jews Zech. viii, 13--15. And it shall ness of sins. And we are his wit.

had light, and gladness, and joy, come to pass that as ye were & nesses of these things; and so is

and honour. And in every pro curse among the heathen, 0 also the Holy Ghost, whom God vince, and in every city, whither- house of Judah, and house of hath given to them that obey

soever the king's commandment | Israel; so will I save yon, and ye him.

and his decree came, the Jews shall be a blessing; fear not, but 2 Peter 1, 16-18 For we have

had joy and gladness, a feast and let your hands be strong. For

a good day. And many of the thus saith the Lord of hosts, A9 I not followed couningly - devised

peuple of the land became Jews; thought to punish you, when fables, when we made known

for the fear of the Jews fell upon your fathers provoked me to Unto you the power and coining of our Lord Jesus Christ, but them.

wrath, saith the LORD of hosts, were eye-witnesses of his majesty. / Esther ix. 1. 4. Now in the l and I repented not; So again hare For ho received from God the twelfth month, that is, the month I thonght in these days to do well Father honour and glory, when

unto Jerusalem, and to the bouge

of Judal; fear ye not. there came such a voice to him same, when the king's commandfrom the excellent glory. This is ment and his decree drew near to my beloved Son, in whom I am be put in execution, in the day

LAW well pleased. And this voice that the enemies of the Jews

(Page 334, etc.) which came from heaven we hoped to have power over them, Gon iv 15. AndtbeLord said unto heard, when we were with him (though it was turned to the con- I him. Therefore whosoever slayeta in the holy mount.

trary, that the Jews bad rule over Cain Vengeance shall be taken vu

them that hated them.) For him sevenfold. And the LORD set JEWS. Mordecai was great in the king's

mesa mark upon Cain, lest any fiod. (Page 314.)

house, and his fame went out in him shonld kill him.

throughout all the provinces; for Exod. xii, 40, 41. Now the so

Gen, xxxvii. 21--23. 26. And Journing of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four

Reuben beard it, and he delivered and greater.

him out of their hands; and said, hundred and thirty years. And

Ps. liii, 6. Oh that the salvation

Let us not kill him. And Renben it came to pass at the end of the of Israel were come out of Zion!

said unto them. Shed no blood, four hundred and thirty years, When God bringeth back the

but cast him into this pit that is even the self-same day it came to captivity of his people, Jacob

in the wilderness, and lay no pass. that all the hosts of the shall rejoice, and Israel shall be

band upon him; that he might rid LORD went out from the land of glad.

him out of their hands, to deliver Egypt.

Jer. 11, 3. Israel was holiness him to his father again. And it

n of Israel, this man Mordecai Provinces: for thg him should kill

Esfor upco bear their therlenim. The ble perish came him,


be in the loro

with devi

and fall

e princes

ble land of the art Comaier judee

camo to pusg, when Joseph was For we hear that there are some the woman is the glory of tho come unto his brethren, that they which walk among you disorder-man. Nevertheless, neither is the stripped Joseph out of his coat, ly, working not at all, but are man without the woman, neither his coat of many colours, that was busybodies.

the woman without the man, in on him. And Judah said unto his

the Lord. For as the woman is of brethren, What profit is it if we


the man, even so is the man also slay our brother, and conceal bis

(Page 377, etc.)

by the woman: but all things of blood.

God. Judge in yourselves: is it

Job xxix, 11--14. When the ear Lev. XX, 19. And thou shalt not

comely that a woman pray unto heard me, then it blessed me; and

God uncovered? uncover the nakedness of thy mother's sister, nor of thy father's

James i, 12. Blessed is the man ness to me; Becanse I delivered sister; for ho uncovereth his the poor that cried, and the fa

that endgreth temptation : for near kin; they shall bear their

when he is tried, he shall receive iniquity, help him. The blessing of him

the crown of life, which the Lord Deut. xxxii. 21. And he provid- that was ready to perish came hath promised to them that love ed the first part for himself, be- upon me: and I caused the wi. cause there, in a portion of the dow's heart to sing for joy. I put

MIRACLES. lawgiver, was he seated; and he on righteousness, and it clothed

(Page 481.) came with the heads of the peo. me: my judgment was as & robe Mark i. 32--36. And at even, ple, he executed the justice of and a diadem.

when the sun did set, they brought the LORD, and his judgments with Ps. lxxxii. 6-8. I have said. Ye unto him all that were diseased, Israel.

are gods; and all of you are chil- and them that were possessed Prov. vi, 1, 3. My son, if thou be dren of the most High: But ye | with devils. And all the city gurety for thy friend, i thou hast shall die like men, and fall like was gathered together at the stricken thy hand with a stranger. one of the princes. Arise, O God, door. And he healed many that Do this now, my son, and deliver judge the earth: for thou shalt in were sick of divers diseases, and thyself, when thou art come into herit all nations.

cast out many devils; and suffered the hand of thy friend; go, hum P3. cxliv, 8. 4. LORD, what is

not the devils to speak, because ble thyself, and make sure thy man, that thou takest knowledge

they knew him. And in the mornfriend of him! or the son of man, that

ing, rising up a great while before Prov. xiv. 31. Ho that oppress-thou makest account of bim! Man

day, he went out, and departed eth the poor

into a solitary place, and there reproacheth his is like to vanity: his days are as a Maker: but he that honoureth shadow that passeth away.

prayed. And Simon, and they that

were with him, followed after him bath mercy on the poor,

Prov. xv, 13. A merry heart him. Prov. xxvili. 2. 3. For the trans- maketh a cheerful countenance : gression of a land many are the but by sorrow of the heart the DAUGOTER OF SYROPIENICIAN princes thereof; but by a man of spirit 19 broken.

WOMAN. understanding and knowledge Eccles. lil, 20. 21. All go unto

(Page 493.) the state thereof shall be prolong-one place : all are of the dust, and

Mark vii, 25--30. For a certain ed. A poor man that oppresseth all turn to dust again. Who !

woman, whose young daughter the poor is like a sweeping rain, knoweth the spirit of man that

had an unclean spirit, heard of which leaveth no food. goeth upward, and the spirit of

him, and came and fell at his feet; Acts x, 31. And said, Cornellus,

I(The woman was a Greek, a Syrothy prayer is heard, and thine the earth?

phenician by nation;) and she bealms are had in remembrance in Micah vli, 8, 6. Trust ye not in sought him that he would cast the sight of God.

a friend, put ye not confidence in forth the devil out of her daughActs xvii. 9. And when they had a guide; keep the doors of thyter. But Jesus said unto her.


m outh from her that lieth in thy | Let the children first be filled: for the other, they let them go.

bosom. For the son dishonourethit is not meet to take the chilRom. xv, 25, 26. But now I go

the father, the daughter riseth up dren's bread, and to cast it unto

against her mother, the daughter unto Jerusalem to minister unto

the dogs. And she answered and the saints. For it bath pleased

in-law against her mother-in-law said uuto him, Yes, Lord: yet the them of Macedonia and Achaia to bunun sol bam pleased a man's enemies are the man a man's enemies are the men of dogs under the table eat of the

sute unto uim, Yes, Lord: yet tho his own house. make a certain contribution for

children's crumbs. And he said the poor saints which are at Jeru

Matth. xil. 42. The queen of the unto her, For this saying go thy salem.

I south shall rise up in the judgment way; the devil is gone out of thy Eph. iv, 28. Let him that stole

with this generation, and shall daughter. And when she was

condemn it: for she came from the come to her house, she found the steul no more: but rather let him

uttermost parts of the earth to devil had gone out and her labour, working with his hands the

hear the wisdom of Solomon; and daughter laid upon the bed, thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth. behold, a greater than Solomon is

John ix, 16. Therefore said some here.

of the Pharisees, This man is not 1 Thess. iv, 11, 12. And that yo

1 Cor. x1, 6-7, 11-13. But every

of God, because he keepeth not stady to be quiet, and to do your | woman that prayeth or prophe

the sabbath-day. Others said, own business, and to work with

sieth with her head uncovered,

ñ | How can a man that is a siuner do your own hands, as we commandod you; That ye may walk honest.

discovereth her head: for that is such miracles? And there was a even all one as if she were shaven.

van division among them, ly tward them that are without,

For if the woman be not covered, and that ye may hayo lack of let her also be shorn: but if it be

OCCUPATIONS. not Ling. a shame for a woman to be shorn

(Page 498.) 2 Thess. III, 10, 11. For even or shaven, let her be covered.) Esther i, 22. For he sent letters when we were with you, this we For a man indeed ought not to into all the king's provinces, into commanded you, that if any would cover his head, forasmuch as he is every province according to the uut work, neither should be eat. the image and glory of God: but writing thereof, and to every peo

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