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fore he called

food this day for, as the

Mings, he shall not escape. There-l Jud. viii, 19. And he said, They , but David and his men gat them fore thas saith the Lord Gov; As were my brethren, eren the song up unto the hold. I live, su ely mine oath that he of my mother: as the LORD liveth,

1 Sam. XXX, 15. And David said my covenant if ye had waved them allve, 1 to him, Canst thou bring me down that he hath broken, even it will would not slay you.

to this company? And he said, I recompense upon L'is own head. 1 Sam. xiv, 24-28, 39, 44, 45. And | Swear unto me by God, that thou

wilt neither kill me, nor deliver Mark vi. 23. And the king was the men of Isrjel were distressed of lor his that day; for Sanl had adjured the me into the hands of my master,

and I will bring thee down to this sake, and for their sakes which people, saying, Cursed be the man sat with him, he would not reject that eateth any food until even- company.

ins, that I may be avenged on her.

2 Sam. ill. 35. And when all the mine enemies. So none of the

people came to cause Divid to eat INSTANCES IN THE OLD TESTApeople tasted any food. And all

ineat while it was yet day. Divid they of the land came to a wood; MENT.

sware, saying, So do God to me, ani there was honey upon the and more also, if I taste bread, or Gen. xiv, 22. And Abram sata ground, And when the people

ought else, till the sun be down. to the king of Sudom, I have lift were come into the wood, behold, up mine han innto the LORD, the the honey dropped; but no man

2 Sam. iv, 9. And David an. most high God, the possessor of put his band to his mouth: for the swered Rechat and Baanal hig heaven and earth. people feared the oath. But Jo

brotber, the sons of Rimmon the nathan heard not when his father

| Beerotlite, and said unto them, Gen. xxi, 22-24 31. And it came charged the people with the oath:

As the LORD liveth, who hath to pass at that time that Abiinelech Wherefore he put forth the end of

redeemed my soul out of all adand Pisichol the chief captain of

the rod that was in his hand, and versity. his host spake unto Abrahain,

dipped it in an honeycomb, and 2 Sam. xv, 21. And Ittai an. Baying. God is with thee in all

I put his hand to his mouth; and his swered the king, and said, As the that thou doest: Now therefore

eyes were enlightened. Then LORD livetli, unil as my lorit the Ewear unto me here by God, that

answered one of the people, and king liveth, surely in that place thou wilt not deal falsely with me,

said, Thy father straitly charged my lord the king shall be, nor with my son, nor with my

the people with an oath, saying. whether in death or life, even Boli's son, And Abraham said, I

Cursed be the man that eateth any there also will thy servant be. will swear. Wherefore he called

food this day. And the people that place Beer-sleba; because

2 Sam. xix, 7. Now therefore there they sware both of them.

arise, go forth, and speak comliveth, which siveth Israel, though Gen, xxiv, 2, 3,9. And Abraham

fo: tably unto thy servants: for I it be in Jonathan my son, he shall

swear by the LORD, if thou go not Rail unto his llest servant of his

surely die. But there was not a forth, there will not tarry ono house that ruled over all that he

man among all the people that with thee tliis night: and that will la 1, Put, I pray thee, thy hand answered him. And Saul answer

be worse unto thee than all the Uudet my this; An I will make

ed, God do so and more also: for evil that befell thee from thee swear by the Lord, the God

thy tholl shalt surely die, Jonathan. of heaven, and the God of the

youth until now. And the people said unto Saul, earth, that thou shalt not take a Shall Jonathan dio, who hath

1 Kings I, 29, 30. And the king wife unto my son of the daughters

wrourut this great salvation in sware, and said, As the LORD of the Call tanites, among wom I

Israel? God forbid: as the LORD liveth, that hath redeemed iny dwell: And the servant put liis

livetl; there shall not one hair of sonl out of all distress, Even as I land under the thigt f Abraham

his heart fall to the groun : fur heeware unto theu by the LORD God liis mister, and sware to him con- hathu

hath wrotzt with God this day. of I:ral, saying, Assuredly SoloCeruing that matter. So the people rescued Jonathan,

mon thy son shall reign afier me, Gen xx11.53. The God of Abra- that he died not.

and he shall sit upon my thone, in ham, and the God of Nahor, the 1 Sum. xix, 6. And Saul heark

my stead: even su will I certaiuly God of their father, judge betwixtened unto the voice ol Jonathan:

do this day. us And Jacob sware by the Fear and Saul sware, As the LORD 1 Kings ii, 23, 24, 42, 43. Then of his father 1821c.

livetlı, he shall uot be slain. king Solomon sware by the LORD, Gen. xlvii, 31. And he said, 1Sam. xx 3 But truly as the LORDS

saying, God do so to me, and more

also, if Adonijal have not spoken Surar unto me. And he sware liveth, and as they soul liveth, there

this word against his own life. unto him. And Israel bowed is but a step between mo and himself upon the beu's hea l. death,

Now therefore, as the LORD liveth,

which hath established me, and Josh. ii, 12. Now therefore, I I Sim. XX, 13, 17. The Lord do

set me on the throne of David my prar yon, sna'e unto me by the so and much more to Jonathan: father, and who hath made me 1. RD since I have showed you but if it plese iny father to do

louse, as he promised Adonijah, kinuss, that ye will also show thee evil, then I will shew it thee,

shall be put to death this day. kinness upto my fitler's house, and send thee away, that thou And the king sent and called for ani give me a tru token,

mayest go in peace; and the LORD Shimnei, and said unto him, Dil I Joh. 1x, 15

be with thee, as he hath been And Joshua medecin mo tittier d'honn

not make theetoswear bythe LORD, with my father. And Jonathan and protested unto thee, saying,

Holmuke treetosiet peace with them, and made a lea:11e with thein, to let thein live: caused David to swear again, be

Know for a certain, on the day and the princes of the congregtcause he loved him: for lie loved

thou goest out, and walkest tion sware unto them. him as he loved his own soul.

abroad any whither, that thou Joel xiv, 9. And Moses sware 1 Sam. xxiv, 21, 22. Swear now

shalt surely die? and thou saidist on that day, saying, Surely the therefore unto me by the LORD,

unto ine, The word that I havo land whereon thy feel have trod that thou wilt not cut off my Need

heard is good. Why then hast dri: shall be thine inheritance, and

thon not kept the oath of the thy children's for ever, because destroy my name out of my fa

| LORD, and the commandment that thon hast wholly followed the ther's house. And David sware

I have charged thee with? LORD my God,

Tunto Saul. And Saul went home;l 1 Kings xviii 10 15. As the

99. Swear now unto ine,

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LORD thy God liveth, there is no that are mad against me are when he shall begin to sound, the nation or kingdom whither my sworn against me.

mystery of God should be fritid lord hath not sent to seek thee;

Dis serJer. xxxviii. 15. 16. Then Jere- as he hath declared to and when they said, He is not miah said

miah said unto Zedekiah. If I vants, the prophets. there, he took an oath of the

declare it unto thee, wilt thou not kingdom and nation, that they

SELF IMPRECATIONS. surely put me to death? and if I found thee not. And Elijah said,

give thee counsel. wilt thou noti" 2 Sam. xxiv, 17. And David As the LORD of hosts liveth, before

I hearken unto me? So Zedekiab spake unto the LORD, when he whom I stand, I will surely shew the king sware secretly unto Jere

saw the angel that smote the myself unto him to-day. miah, saying, As the LORD liveth,

| people, and said, Lo, I have 2 Kings ii, 2. And Eljah gala that made us this soul, I will not sinned, and I have done wickedly: unto Elisha, Tarry here, I pray put thee to death, neither will I but these sheep, what have they thee; for the LORD hath sent me give thee into the hand of these

done? let thine hand, I pray thee, to Beth-el. And Elisha said unto men that seek thy life.

be against me, and against my him, As the LORD liveth, and as 1 Jer. xlii, 5. Then they said to

father's house. thy soul liveth, I will not leave Jeremiah The Lorr, be a true and

2 Chron. xxi, 17. And David thee. So they went down to faithful wituess between us, if we

said unto God, Is it not I that Beth-el. do not even according to all

commanded the people to be

numbered? even I it is that have 2 Kings xxv. 24. And Gedallah things for the which the LORD thy sware to them, and to their men, God shall send thee to us.

sipped and done evil indeed; but

as for these sheep, what have and said unto them, Fear not to be the servants of the Chaldees; IN THE NEW TESTAMENT.

they done? Let thine hand, I pray

thee, O LORD my God, be on me, dwell in the land, and serve the

Matth. xiv, 7. Whereupon he and on my father's house; but king of Babylon, and it shall be

I promised with an oath to give her | not on tby people, that they well with you. whatsoever she would ask.

should be plagued. 2 Chron. xv. 14. 15. And they Matth. XXVI. 71-74. And when he ! Job xxxi, 5--8. If I bave walked sware unto the LORD with a loud | was gone out into the porch, 'with vanity, or if my foot hath voice and with shouting and another maid saw him, and said , basted to deceit: Let me be weighwith trumpets, and with cornets. l unto them that were there, TLIS ed in an even balance, that God And all Judah rejoiced at the I fellow was also with Jesus 01 may know mine intexrity. It my oath: for they had sworn with all Nazareth. And again he denied step hath turned out of the way. their heart.....

with an oath, I do not know the and mine heart walked after mino 2 Chron, xviii, 13. 15. And man. And after a while came

eyes, and if any blot hath cleaved Micaiah said, As the LORD liveth,

unto him they that stood by, and to mine hands; Then let me son, even what my God saith, that

said to Peter, Surely thou also and let another eat; yea, let my will I speak. And the king said | art one of them; for thy speech

offspring be rooted out. to him 'How many times shall is bewrayeth thee. Then began be

P3. vii, 3-5. O LORD my God, if adjure thee that thou say nothing to curse and to swear, saying, I,

I have done this; it there be inie but the truth to me in the name know not the man. And immed

quity in my hands; If I have reof the LORD? iately the eock crew.

warded evil unto him that was at

Mark vi, 23. And he sware unto Ezra v. 5. But the eye of their ber. Whatsoever thou shalt ask of livered him that without cause is

peace with me; (yea, I have deGod was upon the elders of the

me, I will give it thee, unto the mine enemy:) Jews, that they could not cause

Let the enemy hall of my kingdom. them to cease, till the matter

persecute my soul, and take it: came to Darius: and then they

Mark xiv, 71. But he began to yea, let him tread down my life returned answer by letter con- curse and to swear, saying. I know upon the earth, and lay mina cerning this matter.

not this man of whom ye speak. honour in the dust. Selah.

2 Cor. 1, 18, 23. But as God is Neh. v, 12. Then said they, We true, our word toward you was

FAME. will restore them, and will renot yea and nay. Moreover I call

Num. xxvi, 9. And the song of quire nothing of them; so will we God for a record upon my soul,

Eliab; Nemuel, and Dathan, and do as thou sayest. Then I called that to spare you I came not as

Abiram. This is that Dathan and the priests, and took an oath of them, that they should do accord

Abiram which were famous in the yet unto Corinth.

congregation, who strove against ing to this promise.

Gal. i, 20. Now the things

Moses and against Aaron in the Neh. x, 29. They clave to their

which I write unto you, behold,
before God, I lie not.

company of Korah, when they brethren, their nobles, and enter

strove against the LORD. ed into a curse, and into an oath, 1 1 Tim. v, 21. I charge thee before

Josh, iii, 7. And the LORD said to walk in God's law, which was God, and the Lord Jesus Christ,

unto Joshua, This day will I begiven by Moses the servant of

and the elect angels, that thou God, and to observe and do all observe these things, without

gin to magnify thee in the sight the commandments of the LORD preferring one before another,

of all Israel, that they may kuow

that, as I was with Moses, so I our Lord, and bis judgments, and doing nothing by partiality.

will be with thee. bis statutes.

Rev. x. 5-7. And the angel which

Josh. vi, 27. So the LORD was Job xxvii, 2-4. As God liveth,

| I saw stand upon the sea and upon
the earth lifted up his hand to

with Joshua; and his fame was uho hath taken away my judg

noised throughout all the country. heaven, and sware by bim that ment; and the Almighty, who

liveth for ever and ever, who

11 Chron. xi, 24. These things hath vexed my soul: All the

created beaven, and the things a

es did Benaiab the son of Jehoiada, while my breath is in me, and the Spirit of God is in my nostrils.

that therein are, and thy earth, and had a Dame among the three My lips shall not speak wicked

and the things that therein are mighties.

and the sea, and the things which 1 Chron. xiv, 17. And the fame ness, nor my tongue utter deceit.

are therein, that there sbould be of David went out into all lands. Ps. cii, 8. Mine enemies re- time no louger: But in the days of and the LORD brought the fear of proach me all the day; and they I the voico of the seventh angel, / him upon all nations.

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2 Chron. xxv1, 8. And the Am- and the day of death than the day neither deal falsely, neither lie ono monites gave gitts to Uzziab: and of one's birth.

to another. his name spread abroad even to

Eccles. x, 1. Dead flies cause the Ps. cxix, 163. I hate and abhor the ertering in of Egypt; for he

ointment of the apothecary to lying: but thy law do I love. strengthened himself exceed send forth a stinking savour: 80 Ps.cxliv, 11. Rid me, and deliv. ingly,

doth a little folly him that is in re- fer me from the hand of strange Job xxix. 8. 21--24. The young | putation for wisdom and honour. I children, whose mouth speaketh men saw me, and hid themselves; Luke vi. 26. Woe unto you when | Vanity, and their right hand is a and the aged arose, and stood up. all men shall speak well of you, right hand of falsehood, Unto me men gave ear, and wait

for so did their fathers to the ed, and kept silence at my coun

Prov. x, 18. He that bideth false prophets. sel. After my words they spake

hatred with lying lips, and he that

John xii, 43. For they loved the uttereth a slander, is a fool. not again; and my speech dropped

praise of men more than the praise upon them. And they waited for

Prov. xi, 9. An hypocrite with me as for the rain; and they opened of God,

his mouth destroyeth his neightheir mouth wide as for the latter

1 2 Cor. viii, 21. Providing for I bour: but through knowledge rain. If I laughed on them, they

I honest things, not only in the shall the just be delivered. believed it not; and the light of sig'it of the Lord, but also in the

Prov. xiii, 5. A righteous man my countenance they cast not sight of men. down. 13 John 12. Demetrios hath good

hateth lying: but a wicked man is

loathesome, and cometh to shame. Job xxxi, 34. Did I fear a great report of all men, and of the truth multitude, or did the contempt of itself: yea, and we also bear re Prov. xvii, 4. A wicked doer givfamilies terrify me, that I kept cord; and ye know that our re-eth heed to false lips; and a liar

giveth ear to a naughty tongue. silence, and went not out of the cord is true. door?

Prov. xxvi, 23--25. Burning lips, Ps. xxxvii, 6. And he shall bring

JOU xvii, 6. He hath made me and a wicked leart, are like a putfoith thy rigliteousness as the also a by-word of the people, and sherd covered with silver dross. light, and thy judgment as the aforetime I was as a tabret.

He that hateth dissembleth with noon-day.

his lips, and luyeth up deceit with

Ps. iv, 2. O ye sons of men, how in him; Wh:n he spe krth fair, Ps. xlix, 11, 18. Their inward

long will ye turn my glory into I believe him no'; for there are seven thought is, that their houses shall

shame? how long will ye love l abominations in his heart. Whose continue for ever, and their dwell

vanity, and seek after leasing? I hatred is covered by deceit, bis ing-places to all generations: they

i generations: they Selah. call their lands after their own

wickedness shall be shewed benames. Though while he lived he

Ps. xxxl, 20. Thou shalt hide fore the whole congregation. blessed his sont; and men will them in the secret of thy presence Prov. xxi, 28. A false witness

from the pride of man; thou shalt I shall perish; but the man that praise theo, when toou doest well

keep them secretly in a pavilion to thyself,

heareth speaketh constantly. from the strife of tongues. Ps. cxil, 6, 7. Surely he shall

Prov. xxvi, 13. The slothful not be moved for ever: the right- Ps. cxix. 141. I am small and man saith, There is a lion in the eons shall be in everlasting re-despised: vet do not I forget thy way, a lion is in the streets. membrance, le shall not be precepts.

| Isa. Ixlil, 8. For he said, Surely afraid of evil tiding : his heart is

Prov. xviii, 3. When the wicked they are my people, children that fixed, trnsting in the LORD.

cometb. then cometh contempt, will not lie: $0 he was their SaProv. Iil, 3, 4, 85. Let not mercy and with iguominy reproacn.

viour. and truth fursake thee: bind them Isa. xxxii, 6. The vile person

Jer. ix, 4. 5. Take ye heed every about thy neck; write them upon shall be no more called liberal, one of his neighbour, and trust yo the table of thine heart. So shalt nor the churl said to be bountiful. not in any brother : for every thou find favour and good under

Jer. xlix, 15, 17. For, lo, I will

brother will utterly supplant, and standing in the sight of God and make thee small among the hea.

every neighbour will walk with man. The wise shall inherit then, and despised among men.

slanders. And they will deceive glory; but shame shall be the pro-Also Edom shall be a desolation:

every one his neighbour, and will motion of fools. every one that goeth by it shall

not speak the truth: they have Prov. x, 7. The memory of the be astonished, and shall hiss at all

taught their tongile to speak lies, Just is blessed: but the name of the plagues thereof.

and weary themselves to commit the wicked shall rot.


2 Cor. viii, 20. Avoiding this, Pror. xi. 27. Ho that diligently that no man should blame us in Jer. xii, 6. For even thy breth

| ren, and the house of thy father, seeketl good procureth favour: this abundance which is adminisbut he that seeketh mischief, it tered by us.

even theyhave dealt treacherously Bhall come unto bim.

with thee; yea, they have called 1 Thess. v, 22. Abstain from all

a multitude after thee: believe Proy. xlil, 15. Good understandappearance of evil.

them not, though they speak fair Ing giveth favour: but the way of 1 Peter iii, 16. Having a good words into thee. transgressors is hard.

conscience; that, whereas they Zeph, iii, 13. The remnant of Is

speak evil of you, as of evil doers, rael shall not do iniquity, nor Prov, xxil, 1. A good name is they may be ashamed that falsely rather to be chosen than great

speak lies; neither shall a deceliaccuse your good conversation in riches, and loving favour rather

ful tongue be found in their mouth; Christ. than silver and gold.

for they shall feed and lie down

and none shall make them afraid, Prov. xxvii, 21. As the fining.


Rom. iii, 7.8. For if the truth of pot for silver, and the furnace for

SINS OF THE TONGUE. God hath more abounded through gold; 80 is a man to his praise.

my lie unto his glory, why yet am Eccles. vil, 1. A good name is


I also judged as a sinner? And not better than precious ointment;! Lev. xix, 11. Ye sball not steal, rather, (as we be slanderously re.

ported, and as some amrm that we cald unto Ahijah, Behold, the wife, he avenged on such a nation 23 Bay,) Let us do evil, that good may of Jeroboam cometh to ask a this? come? whose damnation is just thing of thee for lier son; for be is Jer. 1. 36. Asword is a pon the Eph. iv, 25. Wherefore, putting

sick: thns and thus shult tholl say

shull moll sayllars and they shall dote: a su ord away Tying, speak every muu

unto her: for it shall be, when she

11 De, when she is upon ber miglity men; and they

is upon her miglu v m truth with neighbour.....

cometh in, that she shall leigu shuail ba dienas
herself to be anotlıer woman. And

Acts y, 9. Then Peter said unto
It was so, when Alijan heard the

her, Ilow is it that ye have agreed sound of her feet, as she came in Gen. xii, 13. Say, I pray thee, ut the door, that he said, Come in,

together to tempt the Spirit ot thou art my sister that it may be thou wife of Jeroboam ; why

the Loru? Behold, the feet fibem well with me for thy suke, and my

which have buried thy husbind soul shall live because of thee.

feignest tliou thyseli to be inother?
for I am sent to thee with heavy l

are at the door, and shall carry Gen, xx, 2, 13. An Abraham said tidings. Go, tell Jerobom, Thus

- tlee out. of Sarah his wife, She is ing sister:

saith the LORD God of Israel, Furand Abimelech king of Gerar sent asmuch as I exalted thee fruin

SPECIAL IXSTANCES. and took Surab, And it came to among the people, ani made theo !

Gen. xvül, 15. Thien Sarah depass, when God caused me to

prince over my people Israel. nied, saying, I laugued not: for wander from my father's house,

Jer. xxxviil, 24-27. Then said

she was afraid. And he said, Nay: that I said unto her, This is thy Zedekialı uuto Jeremialı, Let no

but thou didst laugh. kindness which thou shalt she w

Inan know of these words, and Gen. xxvi, 7. And the men of unto me; at every place whither

thou shult not die. But if the the place asked him of his wife, we shall come, suy of me, He is

princes hear that I have talked and he said, she is my sister for my brother.

with thee, and they come unto he feared to say. She is my wife; Gen. xlii, 7, 8. And Joseph saw thee, and say unto thee, Declare test, said he, the men of the placo his brethren, and he knew them, unto us now what thou hast said should kill me for Rebekal; bebut made bimself strange unto unto the kind hide it not

unto the king, hide it not trans, cause she was fair to look upon. them, and spake roughly unto and we will not put thee to dealli;

Gen, xxvii, 18-20. 24. And he them, and he said unto them

also what the king said unto thee: Whence come ye? And they said,

came unto luis father, and said, Then thou shalt say unto them, I From the land of Canaan to buy

My father. And lie said, Here am I presented my supplication before food. And Joseph Llew

1; who art thou, my son? And his the king that he would not cinsel Jacob said unto his father. I am brethren, but they knew put him. me to return to Jonathan's house,

Esau thy first-born; I have done Judges iv, 20. Again ho Buid to die there. Then came all the

according as thou bades: me: Uutu tuer, Stant in the door of the princes unto Jeremial, and asked

arise, I pray thee, it and eat of tent; and it shall be, when any him: and lie told them according

my venison, tliat thy soul inay man duth come and enquire o to all these words that the king

bless me. And Isaac said mitu hie thee, and say, Is there any man had commanded. So they left off

son, How is it that the last bere? that thou shalt say, No. speaking with him; for the mutier

found it so quickly, my sou? And was not perceived. 1 Sam. xx, 6, 7, 27-30. If thy

he Bulid, B. calise the LRD thy

Gal. ii. 11. 13. But when Peter God brought it to me. And he father at all miss me, then say,

was come to Antiuch. I withstood suid, Art thou my very son Esan? David earnestly asked leave of

him to the fuce, because he was to And he said, I am. me, that he might run to Beth

be blamed. And the other Jews lehem his city; for there is a yearly

1 Sam. XXI, 1, 2. Then came Dadisse mbled likewise with lim; insacritice there for uil the family.

vidto Xob to Abimelech tlie priest: somuch that Barnabas ulso was It he ray tuus, It is well, thy ser

and Abimelech was afraid at the carried away with lucir dissimula vant shall have peace; but it le

meeting of Darid, and said unto be very mroth, then be sure that

him, Why art thou alone, and no evil is determined by him. And

man with thee? And David said

ITS PENALTY. it came to pass on the morrow,

unto Abimelech the priest, The which was the second day of the

Gen. xxvii, 12. My father per hing hath commande t me a busimontlı, that David's place was adventure will feel me, audi Dess, and bath said unto me, let empty: und Saul said unto Jona-shall seem to him as a deceiver: no man know any thing of the than his son. Wherefore cuineth and I shall bring a curse upon wo, business whereabout I send thee. not the son of Jense to meat, nel and not a blessing.

and what I have commanded ther yesterday nor tu-day? And Ps. Ixill, 11. But the king shall thee; and I have appointed my Jonathan answered Saul, David rejoice in God; every one that servants to Sucund such 4 earnestly asked leare of me to go sweareth by lon shall glori: but ! place. to Betli-leliem: And he said, Let the mouth of them that speak lies 1 Sam. XXVII, 10--12. And Achish me go, I pray thee; for our family shall be stopped.

said, Writler have ye made 2 hati u sacrifice in the city; und

Ps. cxx. 3 4. What shall be given road to-day? And David Sid. my brother, he hath communided into the or what small be done Against the south of Judah. and me to be there: and now, if I have

unto three, thon false tongue? against the south of the Jeruh found favour in tlaine eyes, let me Sharp arrows of the mility with Dieelites, and against the south of get away, I pray thee, and sve my Coals of ju: iper,

the Kenite 8. And David saved brethren. Therefore he cometh

Prov. xx, 17. Bread of deceit is

neitlier man nor woman alire, to Dot unto the king's table. Then

bring tidings to Gatlı, saying. sweet to man; but afier lais Suui's anger Was hindled against

Lent they should tell on us. my. mouth shull be filled with gruvel. Jonathut), and be raid unto hion,

inr. Su did David, and so will be Thou son of the perverse rebel Jer, ix, 8 9. Their tongue is as .8 manner all the while he wellVous acoman. donut I know that an arrow slot out; il speuhetli de- cth in the country of the Phil. thou last chosen the sun of Jesse

ceit: one speaketlı penceably to stines. And Achista believeu David to thine own contusion, and unto

Ibis nciglebour with his mouth, but saying, He latlı made his peona the confusion of thy mother's nak- in heart lie luyeth lais wait, Shall Israel uiterly to ablur laim there edness?

not visit them for these thing: fore he slaull be my servant for 1 Kings xiv, 5-7. And the LORD saith the LORD: shall not my soul ever.


9 Rinas v. 21. 22. So Gehazt fol! Prov. xxiv, 24. He that saith being seventeen years old. wag lowed after Naaman; and when / unto the wicked, Thou art right- feeding the fuck with his' pre Naaman saw him ruuning after eous; him shall the people curse, thren; and the lad was with the hiin, he lighted down from the nations shall abhor him.

sons of Billah, and with the song charlot to meet him, and said, 18 Prov. xxv. 20. A righteous man

of Zilpah, his father's wives; and all well? And he said, All is well

| falling down before the wicked is Joseplı brought unto his father My master hath sent me, saying, l as a troubled fountain, and a cor- their evil report. Behold, even now there be come rupt spring.

2 Sam, lil, 23. When Joab and to me from mount Ephraim two

Prov. xxvi, 28. A lying tongue all the host that was with him young men of the sons of the pro

hateth those that are aflícted by were come, they told Joab, say. pbets: give them, I pray thee, a lit. and

It: and a flatteriug mouth workething, Abner the son of Ner camo

flate talent of silver, and two changes ruin.

to the king, and he hath sent him of garments.

Prov. xxviii, 23. He that re

away, and he is gone in peace. Matth. xxvi. 69, 70. Now Peter buketh a man, afterwards shall Neh. vi, 19. Also they reported sat without in the palace: and a find more favour than he that his good deeds before me, and utdamsel came unto him, saying, fattereth with the tongue.

tered my words to him. And Thou also wast with Jesus of Ga

Prov. xxix. 5. A man that flat- Tobiah sent letters to put me in lilee. But he denied before them tereth his neighbour spreadeth a tear. all, saying. I know not what thou net for his feet

Ezek. xxii, 9. In thee are men Bayest.

Dan. xi, 32, 34. And such as do that carry tales to shed blood; and Mark xiv, 67-70. And when she

wickedly against the covenant in thee they eat upon the moun. saw Peter warming himself, she

shall be corrupt by flatteries. Now tains; in the midst of thee they looked upon him, and said, And

when they sball fall, they shall be commit lewdness. thon also wast with Jesns of Na

holpen with a little help: but many l 1 Tim. v. 13. And withal they zareth. But he denied, saying. I

shall cleave to them with flat- learn to be idle, wandering about knoty not, neither understand I teries.

from house to house; and not only what thou sayest. And hewent out

Luke xx. 21. And they asked idle, but tattlers also and bu.y. into the porch; and the cock crew. And a maid saw him again, and

him, saying. Master, we know I bodies, speaking things which began to say to them that stood

that thou sayest and teachest they ought not. by, This is one of them. And he

rightly, neither acceptest thou the

person of any, but teachest the denied it again. And a little after,

VANITY. they that stood by said again to way of God truly.

Exod. xv, 9. The enemy said, I

will pursue, I will overtake, I will Peter, Surely thou art one of them; for thou art a Galilean, and


divide the spoil; my lust shall be

satisfied upon them; I will draw thy speech agreeth thereto.

Lev. xix. 12. 16. And ye shall my sword, my hand shall destroy John xviii, 25-27. And Simon not swear by my name falsely, them. Peter stood and warmed himself. neither shalt thou profane the

Prov. xx, 6. Most men will They said therefore unto him. / name of thy God: I am the LORD,

proclaim every one his own Art not thou also one of his dis Thou shalt not go up and down!

goodness; but a faithful man who ciples? He denied it, and said, I as a talebearer among thy people;

can find. am not. One of the servants of neither shalt thou stand against

Prov. xxv, 14, 27. Whoso boast. the high priest (being his kinsman the blood of thy neighbour: I am the LORD.

eth himself of a false gift is like whose ear Peter cut off) saith, Did Qot I see thee in the garden with P8. xli, 7. All that hate me

clouds and wind without rain. It

is not good to eat much honey; so him? Peter thien denied again; and whisper together against me.

for men to search their own glory immediately the cock crew, agaiust me do they devise my

is not glory. Acts v. 7, 8. And it was about hurt.

Prov. xxvii, 2. Let another man the space of three hours after Prov. xl, 13. A talebearer re

praise thee, and not thine own when his wife, not knowing what veal-th secrets: but he vealth secrets: but he that is of

month; a stranger, and not thino was done, came in. And Peter a faithful spirito a faithful spirit concealeth the

own lips. answered unto her, Tell me whether ye sold the land for so | Prov. xvi. 28. A froward man The A POSTue's BOASTING LAWET much? And she said, Yea, for so soweth strife; and a whisperer

Rom. xv, 17. I have therefore much. separateth chief friends.

whereof I may glory through FLATTERY. Prov. xviii, 8. The words of a

Jesus Christ in those things Job xvil, 5. He that speaketh talebearer are as wounds, and

which pertain to God. flattery to his friends, even the they go down into the innermost

2 Cor. i, 17. When I therefore eyes of his children shall fail. parts of the belly.

was thus minded, did I use light

Prov. xx, 19. He that goet' Ps. xii, 2, 3. They speak Vanity

ness? or the things that I purpose, about as a talebearer revealeth every one with his neighbour:

do I purpose according to the Becrets, therefore meddle not flesh. that with me there should with flattering lips, and with a

with him that flattereth with his be yea, yea, and nay, nay? double beart, do they speak. The LORD shall cut off all flattering lips.

2 Cor. vii, 2. Receive us; ve lips, and the tongue that speaketh

Prov. xxvi, 20, 22. Where no

have wronged no man, we have proud things. wood is, there the fire goeth out;

corrupted no man, we have dePs. XXXVI, 2. For he flattereth So where there is no talebearer,

frauded no man. himself in his own eyes, until his

the strife ceaseth. The words of
a talebearer are as wounds, and

2 Cor. xi, 10, 11, 21. As the iniquity be found to be hateful.

they go down into the innermost truth of Christ is in me, no man Ps. lxxviii, 36. Never!heless they parts of the belly.

shall stop me of this boasting in did fitter lim with their mouth,

the regions of Achaia, Whereand they lied unto him with their Gen. xxxvil, 2. These are the fore? because I love you no1? God tongues. generations of Jacob. Joseph knoweth. I speak as concerning

2 U

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