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-romanost me to possess the had cursed ont.


thou writest bitter things against they should bring forth him that Ps. v, 1, 2. Give ear to my me, and makest me to possess the had cursed out of the camp, and words, O LORD; consider my

stone him with stones. And the meditation. Hearken unto the Job xvi, 11. 12. God had de- children of Israel did as the LORD | voice of my cry, my King, and livered me to the ungodly, and commanded Moses.

my God; for unto thee will I turned me over into the hands of 2 Kings xix, 27, 28. But I know pray. the wicked. I was at ease, but he thy abode, and thy going out, and P8. xxviii, 1. Unto thee will I hath broken me asunder: he bath thy coming in, and thy rage against cry, O LORD my rock; be not silent also taken me by my neck, and me. Because thy rage against to me: lest, if thou be silent to shaken me to pieces, and set mo me and thy tumult is come up | me, I become like them that go up for his mark.

into mine ears, therefore I will down into the pit. Job xix, 21, 22. Have pity upon

I put my hook in thy nose, and my | P3. liy. 2. Hear my prayer, O me, have pity upon me, o ye my

bridle in by lips, and I will turn | God: give ear to the words of my friends, for the hand of God hath thee back by the way by which

mouth. touched me. Why do ye persethou camest.

Ps. Iv, 1. Give ear to my prayer cuto me as God, and are not (Omitted in its Proper Place.) To God; and hide not thyself from satisfied with my flesh?

my supplication. Jod xxxiii, 10, 11. Behold, he EARNEST DESIRE OF BEING

Ps. Ixi, 1. Hear my cry, O God; findeth occasions against me, he


| attend unto my prayer. counteth me for his enemy; He 1 Kings vill, 28. Yet have thou Ps. lxxxiv, 8. O LORD God of putteth my feet in the stocks, he respect unto the prayer of thy hosts, hear my prayer: give ear, marketh all my paths.

servant, and to his supplication, JO God of Jacob. Selah. Job xxxvii, 20. Shall it be told O LORD my God, to hearken unto

Ps. lxxxvi, 6. Give ear, O LORD, him that I speak? If a man speak, the cry and to the prayer which

unto my prayer, and attend to the surely he shall be swallowed up.' thy servant prayeth before thee

voice of my supplications. to-day. PENALTY OF BLASPHEMY.

Ps. cviil, 6. That thy beloved 2 Chron. vi, 19. Have respect may be delivered: save with thy Lev. xxiv, 15, 16, 23. And thou therefore to the prayer of thy

right hand, and answer me. shalt speak unto the children of servant, and to his supplication, Israel, saying, Whosoever curseth O LORD my God, to hearken unto

Ps. cxix, 149. Hear my voice his God shall bear his sin. And the cry and the prayer which thy

according unto thy loving-kindhe that blasphemeth the name of servant prayeth before thee.

ness: O LORD, quicken me accordthe LORD, he shall surely be put Job xiii, 20-22. Only do not two

ing to thy judgment, to death, and all the congregation things unto me; then will I not

Ps. cxl, 6. I said unto the LORD, shall certainly stone him: as well hide myself from thee: Withdraw

Thou art my God: hear the voice tno stranger, as he that is born in thine band far from me: and let 101 my supplications, O LORD. the land, when he blasphemeth not thy dread make me afraid: Ps. cxll, 1. Hear my prayer. O the name of the LORD, shall be Then call thou, and I will answer; LORD, give ear to my supplicaput to death. And Moses spake or let me speak, and answer thou

ants and answer thou | tions: in thy faithfulness answer vuto the children of Israel, tbatm6.

| mo, and in thy righteousness.




1 Sam. xv, 10. Then came tho Isa. xill, 1. The burden of THE COMMISSION. word of the LORD unto Samuel, Babylon, which Isaiah the son of 2 Chron. xxxvi, 15. And the saying

Amoz did see.

NATHAN LORD God of their fathers sent to

Isa. xiv, 28. In the year that them by his messengers, rising

2 Sam. vil, 4. And it came to king Ahaz died was this burden. up betimes, and sending; because pass that night, that the word of Isa. XXXV ho had compassion on his people,

the LORD came unto Nathan, word of the LORD to Isaiah, sayand on his dwelling-placo. saying


JEHU. Isa, vi, 8. Also I heard the voice

JEREMIAH. of the LORD, saying, Whom shall

1 Kings xvi, 1. Then the word

Jer. 1. 4. Then the word of the I send, and who will go for us? of the LORDcame to Jehu the son

LORD came unto me, saying. Then said I, Here am I; send me. or lianan against Baasha, saying

Jer. vii, 1. The word that camo Jer. 1, 10. See, I have this day


to Jeremiah from the LORD, sayset thee over the nations, and over

1 Chron. xxi, 9. And the LORD

ing. the kingdoms, to root out, and

. to pull down, and to destroy, and spake unto Gad, David's seer, Jer. xi, 1. The word that camo to throw down, to build, and to saying

to Jeremiah from the LORD, sayplant.

SHEMAIAH. Ezek. II, 7. And thou shalt 2 Chron. xi. 2. But the word of Jer. xili, 8. Then the word of speak my words unto them, the LORD came to Shemaiah the the LORD came unto me, saying. whether they will hear, or whether hear, or whether man of God, saying

Jer. xvi, 1. The word of the they will forbear; for they are

LORD came also unto mo, saying. most rebellious.


Jer. xviii, 1. The word which Ezek. iii, 4. And he said unto 2 Sam. xxii, 1. And David

came to Jeremiah from the LORD, me, Son of man, go, get thee unto spake unto the LORD the words

13 saying. the house of Israel, and speak of this song, in the day that the

Jer. xx, 1. Now Pashur the son with my words unto them. LORD had delivered him out of the

of Immer the priest, who was Ezek. xi, 4. Therefore prophesy hand of all his enemies, and out

also chief governor in the house of the hand of Saul. against them, prophesy, o son of

of the LORI), heard that Jeremiah man.

2 Sam. xxili, 1,2. Now these be

prophesied these things. Rev. x, 11. And he said unto me,

the last words of David. David
the son of Jesse sald, and the man

Jer. xxv, 1, 2. The word that Thou must prophesy again before who was raised up on high, the

came to Jeremiah concerning all many peoples, and nations, and anointed of the God of Jacob, and

the people of Judah in the fourth tongues, and kings. the sweet psalmist of Israel, said,

1 year of Jehoiakim the son of TO SAMUEL.

Josiah king of Judah, that was The Spirit of the LORD spake by me, and his word was in my

the first year of Nebuchadrezzar 1 Sam, ili, 4-10. That the LORD

king of Babylon; The which called Samuel: and ho answered,

Jeremiah the prophet spake unto

P3. lxxii. 20. Here am I. And he ran unto Eli

Tho prayers of all the people of Judah, and to and said, Here am l; for thou

David the son of Jesso are ended. all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, calledst me. And he said, I called

saying. not; lie down again. And he


Jer. xxvi, 1. In tho beginning went and lay down. And the L: Prov.XXI, 1. The words of

1. Prov.xx1,1. The words of agur of the reign of Jehoiakim the son LORD called yet again, Samuel. the son of J

il the son of Jakeh, even the pro- l of Josiah king of Judah, camo And Samuel arose and went to phecy: the man spake unto Ithlel, this word from the LORD, saying. Eli, and said, Here am I; for thou even unto Ithiel and Ucal. didst call me. And he answered, Prov. XXXi, 1. The words of

Jer. xxvii, 1. In the beginning I called not, my son; lie down king Lemuel, the prophecy that

1 of the reign of Jehoiakim the son again. Now Samuel did not yet his mother taught him.

| of Josiah king of Judah, came know the LORD, neither was iho

this word unto Jeremiah from tho word of the LORD yet revealed


LORD, saying. unto him. And LORD called

1 Kings avil, 8. And the word

Jer. xxix, 1, 24, 30 Now these Samnel again the third time. of the LORD came unto him, say.

are the words of the letter that And he arose and went to Eli, in

Jeremiah the prophet sent from ing. and said, Here am I; for thou

Jerusalem unto the residue of the didst call me. And Eli perceived

1 Kings xxl, 17, 28. And the

elders which were carried away that the LORD had called the child. word of the LORD camo to Elijah

captives, and to the priests, and Therefore Ell said upto Samuel, *tho Tishbite, saying. And the

to the prophets, and to all the Go, lie down; and it shall be, if ho word of the LORD camo to Elijah

people, whom Nebuchadnezzar call thee, that thou shalt say, the Tisbito saying.

had carried away captive from Speak, LORD; for thy servant hear

Jerusalem to Babylon. Thus eth. So Samuel went and lay


shalt thou also speak to Shemaiah down in his place. And the LORD 18a. Il. 1. The word that Isalah the Nehelamite, saying. Then came, and stood, and called as at the son of Amoz saw concerning came the word of the LORD unto other times, Samuel, Samuel. I Judah and Jerusalem.

Jeremiah, saying. Then Samuel answered, Speak;! Isa. vill, 6. Tho LORD spako also Jer. xxx, 1, 4. The word that for tby servant beareth.' unto me again, saying.

| came to Jeremiah from the LORD.

saying. And these are the words ginning of the reign of Zedekiah | first day of the month, that the

word of the LORD camo unto me, that the LORD spake concerning king of Judah, saying. Israel, and concerning Judah. Jer. 1. 1. The word that the saying:

Jer. xxxii. 1. 6. 26. The word | LORD spake against Babylon and Ezek. XXVII. 1. The word of the thai came to Jeremial from the against the land of the Chaldeans LORD came again unto me, saying. LORD in the tenth year of Zede- by Jeremiah the prophet.

Ezek. xxvill, 1, 11, 20. The word kiah king of Judah, which was

of the LORD came again unto me, the eighteenth year of Nebuchad.


saying. Moreover, the word of the rezzar. And Jeremiah said, TheEzek. fil, 16. And it came to LORD came unto me, saying. word of the LORD.came unto' me, pass at the end of seven days that Again the word of the LORD came saying. Then came the word of line word of the LORD camo unto unto me, saying. the LORD unto Jeremiah, saying. me, saying.

Ezek, xxix, 1, 17. In the tenth Jer. xxxiil, 1, 19, 23. Moteover, Exek. vi. 1. And the word of year, in the tenth month, in the the word of the LORD came unto the LORD came unto me, saying. | twelfth day of the month, the Jerem'ah the second time, while

Ezelc. vii, 1. Moreover, the word

word of the LORD came into me, he was yet shut up in the court

of the LORD came unto me, saying. And it came to pass in the of the prison) saying. And the saying

seven and twentieth year, in the word of the LORD came unto

first month, in the first day of the

Ezek, xi, 14. Again the word of Jeremiah, saying. Moreover, the

month, the word of the LOID LORD came unto me, saying. word of the LORD cumo to Jere

came unto me, saying. miali, saying.

Ezek. xil, 1, 8, 17, 21. The word

Erek, xxx, 1. 20. The word of Jer. xxxiv, 12, 19 Therefore the of the LORD also came unto me,

the LORD came again 0.ta me, word of the LORD came to Jern saying. And in the morning came

saying. And it came to pass in the miah Irom the LORD, saying. Thus the word of the LORD unt, me,

eleventh year, in the first month, Balile the LORD, the God of Israel, saying. Moreover, the word of the

in the seventh day of the month, 1 Darle a covenant with your LORD came to me, saying. And fathers in the day that I brought the word of the LORD came unto

that the word of the LORD camo them forth out of the land of

uuto me, saying. me saying.

Ezek. xxxi, 1. And it came to Egypt, ont of the house of bond. Ezek. xiil, 1. And the word of

pass in the eleventh year, in the men. saying. the LORD came unto me, saying

thiril month, in the first day of the Jer. xXXV, 12. Then came the

montlo, that the word of the LED word of the LORD unto Jeremiah, LORD came again to me, saying came unto me, saying. saying.

Exck. xv, 1. And the word of Jer. xxxvi, 1. And it came to

Ezek. xxxii, 1. 17. And it camo the loxD camo unto me, saying pass in the fourth year of Jehoia

to pass in the twelfth year, in the

Ezek. xvi, 1. Again the word of twelfth month, in the first day of kim the son of Josiah king of Judah, that this word came unto

the LORD came outo me, saying the month, that the word of the Jeremialı from the LORD), saying.

Ezek. xvii, 1, 11. And the word LORD came unto me, saying. It Jer. xxxvii, 6. Then came tine

of the Loud came unto me, saying came to pass also in the twelfth word of the LORD unto the pro

Moreover, the word of the LORD year, in the filteenth day of the phet Jeremiah, saying.

month, that the word of the LORD came unto me, saying Jer. x1, 1. The word which came

Ezek. xviii, 1. The word of the came unto me, saying. to Jeremiah from the LORD, after

LOBD came unto me aguin, say. Ezek. xxxii1.1.23. Again the word that Nebuzir-adan the captain of ing.

of the LORD came unto me, saying. the guard had let him go from Ra

Ezek. XX, 45. Moreover, the Then the word of the LORD camo mal, when he had taken him being word of the LORD came unto me, unto me, saying. bound in chaius amung all that saying.

Ezck. xxxiv, 1. And the word of were carried away captive of Ezek. xxi. 1.8. 19. And the word the LORD came into me, saying. Jerusalem and Judah, which of the LORD came unto me, saying. were carried away captivo unto | Aguin the word of the LORD aume

Ezek. XXXV, 1. Moreover, the Babylon unto me, saying. The word of the

word of the LORD came unto me, Jer. xlill, 8. Then came the LORD came unto me again, saying. saying. word of the LORD Unto Jeremiah Ezek. xxii, 1, 17, 23. Moreover. Ezek. XXXVI, 16. Moreover, tho in Tulpanhes, saying the word of the LORD came unto

word of the LORD came unto mo, Jer. xliv.1. The word that came

me, saying. And the word of the saying. to Jeremiah concerning all the

LORD came unto me, saying. Ezek. XXXVII, 16. The word of Jews which dwell in the land of And the word of the LORD came tive LORD camo again unto me, Egypt, which dwell at Migdol. into me, saying.

saying and at Talıpanhes, and at Noplist Ezek. xxiil, 1. The word of the Ezele. Xxxviii, 1. And the word and in the country of Paturus, LORD came again unto me, say of the LORD came unto me, saying. saying

ing. Jer. xlvi, 1, 2. Tho word of the Ezek. xxiv, 1, 15, 20. Again, in

Axos. LORD which came to Jeremiah the ninth year, in the tenth month, Amos vil, 14. 15. Then answered the propliet against the Gentiles; in the tenth day of the month, Against Exypt, ag cinst the ariny the word of the LORD caino unto

Amos, and said to Amazial, I was of Pharaoli-hecho king of Egypt, me, saying. Also the word of the

no prophet, neither wons I a prowhich was by the river Euphrates | LORD came unto me, saying. Then

phet's soir; but I was an heriman, in Carclemish, which Nebuchad. I answered them, The word of the

and a gatherer of sycamore fruit: rezzar king of Babyluli smote in | LORD came unto me, saying

| And the LORD took me as I fol

lowed the flock, and the LORD the fourth year of Jehojikinn the son of Josial king of Judah,

Ezek. XXV, 1. The word of the said unto me, Go, propuesy unto

LORD came again unto me, say- my people Israel.
Jer, xlir 34. The word of the ing.
LADI .a io to Jirimiah the Ezek. xxvi, 1. And it camo to

JOXAN. propoet against Elum iu the be-l pass in the eleventh year, in the Jonah ili, 1. And tho word of the LORD came unto Jonah tho were in Egypt in Pharaoh's | ordained thee a prophet unto the second time, saying. house.

nations. Then said I, Ab Lord 1 Sam. 1x, 10. Then said Saul to GOD! behold, I cannot speak; for I IIAGGAI.

his servant wol slid: come. let am 1 clitld. But the LORD sald Hlaggal ii, 1, 10, 20. In the us go. So they went unto the

o'they went unto the unto me, Say not, I am a child: bevent month, in the one and city where the inan of God was.

for thou shalt go to all that I shall twentieth day of the month, came

2 Sam. xxiv, 11. For when David

send thee, and whatsoever I com. the word of the LORD by the pro.

bland theo thou shalt speak. Be was up in the mornin, the word phet laggal, saying, In the four

not afraid of their faces for I am of the LORD caune unto the proand twentieth day of the nintha

with thee to deliver thee, saith phet Gad, David's seer, saying month, in the second year of

the LORD. Then the LORD put

1 Kings xiil, 14. And went alter forth his land, and touched my Darius, came the word of the

the man of God, and found bin mouth and the LOR) suid unto LORD by llagrai the prophet,

sitting under an oak; and he sail saying, And again the word of the

me, Behold, I have put my words LORD came unto Haggai in the

uuto bim, Art thon the man of in tly mouth. Thou therefore

God that camest from four and twentieth day of the

Judal? girl up thy Joins, and arise, and

And he said, I am. month, saying:

speak into them all that I com2 Kings lii, 12. 13. And Johosha- and thee: be not dismayeil at ZECHARIAN.

phat sind, The word of the LORD their faces, lest I confound theo

is with him. So the king of Israel, before thein. For, behold, Zech, I, 7. Upon the four and

and Jeliostaphat, and the king of made thee this day & defenced twentieth day of the eleventh

Elom, went down to bim. And city, and an ironpillar, and month, which is the month Sebat,

Elisha said unto the king of brasen walls against the whole in the recond year of Darius,

Israel. What have I to do witbland, against the kings of Judalı, came tlie word of the LORD unto

thee? get thee to the prophets of against the princes thereof against Zechariah, (the son of Barachial,

thy father, and to the prophets of the priests thereof, and against the son of Iduo,) the prophet,

tly mother. And the king of the people of the land. And they saying

Israel sud unto him, Niy; for the shall fight against tu ee, but they Zech. iv, 8. Moreover, tho word

Lord hath called these three kings shall not prevail against thee; for of wo LORD Cume unto me, say. I toucher to deliver them into the aim with thee, Sill the LORD, LO ing. hund of Moab.

deliver theo. Zech. vi. 9. And the word of

2 Kings iv, 9. And she said Jer. xi, 18. And the Lord hath the LORD came unto me, saying. I unto her husband, Behold now, I given me knowledge of it, and I

Zech, vii, 1, 4, 8. And it came perceive that this is an holy man know it: tben tlou showedst mo to pass in the tvarth year of king of God which pagseth by us con- their doings. Darius, that the word of the LORD tinually.

Jer. xv, 19, 21. Therefore thus came unto Zecharial in the

2 Kings vill, 7, 8. And Elisha saith the Lord, I thou return, fonrih day of the ninth month,

came to Damascus and Ben- then will I bring thee again, and eren in Chisleu; Then came the

hadad the king of Syria was sick; thou shalt stand before me; and if Word of the LORD of hosts unto

und it was told him, saying, The thou take forth the precious from me, sayin. And the word of the

man of Golis come litiner. And the vily, thion shall be as my LOLD came uuto Zechariah, say.

the king said unto Ruzuel, Take mouth; let them return unto iug

a present in thine band, and go, thee; but return not thou unto Zech. viii, 1, 18. Again the word meet the man of God, and enquire them. And I will deliver thee of the LORD of hosts came to me,

out of the band of the wicked, Buying, And the word of the II recover of this disease.

and I will redeem thee out of the LORD of hosts came unto me,

hand of the terrible.

2 Chron. xx, 14, 15. Then upon saying.

Jahaziel the son of Zechariah. Erele. ii, 6. And thou, son of

the son of Benaiah, the son of man, be not afraid of them, TIIE QUALIFICATION. Joiel, the son of Mattapiuh, a neither be afraid of their words: Num XI, 25-27. And the LORD

Levite of the sons of Asaplı, came thouglı lriers and thorns be with

the Spirit of the LORD in the thee, and thou dost dwell among Calle down in a cloud, and spake unto lim, and took of the spirit

midst of the congregation; And scorpions; be not afraid of their

he said, llearken ye, all Judah, Worris, nor be dismayed at their that was upon him, and gave it

and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, looks, though they be a rebellious unto ibe seventy elders: aud it came to pass, that, when the

and thou king Jehoshaplat; Thus | house.

saith the LOK!) unto you, Be not spint rested up them, they

Ezek. lii. 8. 24. Behold, I have prophesied, and did not cease afraid or disunayed by reason of

male thy face strong against But there remained two of the this great multitude: for the battle

their faces, and thy forehead min in the camp, the name of the is not yours, but God's.

strong against their forebeads. Olle uas Ellad, and the name of

Then the Spirit entered into me, the other Medad: and the spirit the Lord God, and his Spirit, hath anil netine upon my feel, and rested upon them, (und they icere sent me.

spike with me, anil si unito me, of them that were written, butllsa. 1. 4. The Lord God hath Go, shiut tysoll within thing Went not out into the taber I given me the tongue of the learn.

hon-e. nacle) and they proplexfed iu iheet, that I should know how to! Amos III, 7. Surely the Lord cuinp. And there run a youngspak å word in season to him God will do nothing, but he reman, and told Moses, and said, that is Weary: he wakeneth velith his secret Uuto his serEldad and Medad do prophesy ju morning by morning, he waken Vants the prophets. the cup. eih mine ear to hear as the

Micah ini, 8. But truly I am full 1 Sam. ii, 27 And there come a learned

of power by the Spirit of the man of God unto Eli, and said Jer. 1,5-9, 17-19. Before I form- LORD, and of judgment, and of noto ini, Thins saith the LORD, ed thee in the belly I knew thee; might, to declare unto Jacob his Did I plainly appear unto tbe and before thou camest forth outof transgression, and to Israel is house of thy father, when they | the womb I sanctified thee; and I sin.


unto you. Benus house.

afraid or die

not cease

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Luke 1, 67. And his father | God commanded thee. But, they shall know that I am the Zacharias was filled with the camest back, and hast eaten bread | LORD. Holy Ghost, and prophesied, say-1

and drunk water in the place of Ezek. xxxiii. 22. Now the hand Ing.

the which the LORD did say to of the LORD was upon me in the thee, Eat no brea 1, and drink no

evening, afore he that was escaped water;vthy carcase shall not come 1 Sam. X, 6, 9-13. And the

came, and had opened my mouth, onto the sepulchre of thy fathers. Spirit of the Lord will come upon

until he came to me in the mornthee, and thou shalt prophesy

ing; and my mouth was opened, with them, and shalt be turned


and I was no more dumb. into another man. And it was so, THE COMMUNICATION.

Amos iii, 8. The lion hath roarthat, when he had turned his Num. xii, 6, 7. And he said, I ed, who will not fear? the Lord back to go from Samuel, God Hear now my words: If there be God hath spoken, who can but gave him another heart: and a a prophet among yon, I the LORD prophesy? those signs came to pass that day. will make myself known unto Heb. i. 1. God, who at sundry And when they came thither to him in a vision, and will speak

| times, and in divers manners, the hill, behold, a company of

unto him in a dream. My servant spake in time past unto the prophets met him; and the Spirit

Moses is not so, who is faithful in

hlul in fathers by the prophets. of God came upon him, and he all mine house, prophesied among them. And it

Heb. iv, 1. After this I looked,

1 Sam. iii, 21. And the LORD, came to pass, when all that knew

nd the LORD and, behold, a door was opened

appeared again in Shiloh: for the in heaven and him beforetime saw that, behold,

the first Voice LORD revealed himself to Samuel which I heard he prophesied among the pro

which I heard was as it were of a in Shiloh by the word of the trumpet talking with me; which phets, then the people said one to

LORD. another, What is this that is come

said, Come up hitber, and I will unto the son of Kish? Is Saul also

Jer. xx, 9, 10. Then I said, I will show thee things which must be among the prophets? And one of

the prophets? And one of not make mention of him. nor hereafter. the same place answered and

speak any more in his name: but said, But who is their father? his word was in mine heart as a

IV Therefore it became a proverb, Is

burning fire shut up in my bones, FIDELITY ON THE PART OF Saul also among the prophets? and I was weary with forbearing,

THE PROPHETS. And when he had made an end of and I could not stay. For

Num. xxil, 8, 18-20, 38. And be prophesying, he came to the bigh

heard the defaming of many, fear
on every side. Report, say they,

said unto them, Lodge here this place.

night, and I will bring you word and we will report it. All my 1 Sam. xix, 20-23. And Saul familiars watched for my halting,

again, as the LORD shall speak sent messengers to take David: saying, Peradventure ho will be

unto me. And the princes of and when they saw the company enticed, and we shall prevail

Moab abode with Balaam. And of the prophets prophesying, and against him, and we shall take

Balaam answered and said unto Samuel standing as appointed

the servants of Balak, If Balak over them, the Spirit of God was our revenge on bim.

would give me his bouse full of upon the messengers of Saul, and Ezek. il. 1, 2. And he said unto me,

silver and gold, I cannot go bethey also prophesied. And when Son of man, stand upon thy feet yond the word of the LORD my it was told Saul, he sent other and I will speak unto thee. And God, to do less or more. Now messengers, and they prophesied the spirit entered into mo, when therefore, I pray you, tarry ye likewise. And Saul sent messen-he spake unto me, and set me also bere this night, that I may gers again the third time, and upon my feet, that I heard him know what the LORD will say they prophesied also. Then went that spake unto me.

unto me more. And God came he also to Ramah, and camo to a

Ezek. iii, 22, 23, 27. And the band

unto Balaam at night, and said great well that is in Sechu: and

unto him, If the men corde to he asked and said, where are of the LORD was there upon me;

call thee, rise up, and go with and he said uuto me, Arise, go Samuel and David? And one

them; but yet the word which I said, Behold, they be at Naioth in forth into the plain, and I will

shall say unto thee, that shalt Ramah. And he went thither to there talk with thee. Then I

thou do. And Balaam said unto Naioth in Ramab: and the Spirit arose, and went forth into the

Balak, Lo, I am come unto thee: of God was upon him also, and he plain; and, behold, the glory of

have I now any power at all to went on and prophesied, until he

the LORD stood there, as the came to Naioth in Ramah.

say any thing? the word that God glory which I saw by the river of

| putteth in my mouth, that shall I Chebar: and I fell on my face. 1 Kings xill, 18--22. He said But when I speak with thee, I

speak. unto him, I am a prophet also as I am a prophet also as will open thy mouth, and thou

Num, xxili, 5, 11-13, 16-18, 26, thou art; and an angel spake untoshalt say unto them, Thus saith

27. And the LORD put a word in me by the word of the LORD, say. the Lord God, He that heareth,

Balaam's moutlı, aud said, Return ing, Bring him back with thee let him hear; and he that forbear

unto Balak, and thus thou shalt into thine house, that he may eat eth, let him forbear: for they are

speak. And Balak said unto bread and drink water. But he a rebellious house.

Balaam, What hast thou done unlied unto him. So he went back

to me? I took thee to curse mine with him, and did eat bread in his

Ezek. xxiv, 27. In that day shall

enemies, and, behoid, thou hast hongo and drank water And it I by mouin be opened to him whico blessed them altogether And HA came to pass, as they sat at the is escaped, and thou shalt speak,

answered and said, Must I not table, that the word of the LORD and be no more dumb: and thou

take heed to speak that which the came into the prophet that shalt be a sign unto them; and

LORD hath put in my mouth? And brought him back: And he cried

they shall know that I am the Balak said unto him, Come, I unto the man of God that came LORD

pray thee, with me unto another from Judah, saying, Tuus saith Ezek. xxix, 21. In that day will place, from whence thou mayest the LORD, Forasmuch as thou | I cause the horn of the house of | see them; thou shalt see but the hast disobeyed the inouth of the Israel to bud forth, and I will utmost part of them, and shalt not LORD, and hast not kept the com- give thee the opening of the see them all; and curse me them mandment, which the LORD thy mouth in the midst of them; and from thenco. And the LORD met

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