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for wo keep the charge of the of the offerings of the Lord made GEREMONIAL INSTITU LORD our God; but ye have for- by fire by a perpetual statute.

saken him. TIONS.

1 Sam, xxl, 3, 6. Now therefore INCENSE..

Ps. Ixvi, 15. I will offer unto what is under thine hand? give

thee burnt-sacrifices of fatlings, me five loares of bread in mine Prod. xxx. 34-38. And the LORD with the incense of rams; I will hand, or what there is present. said unto Moses, Take unto thee offer bullo

ee offer bullocks with goats. Selah. / So the priest gave him hallowed sweet spices, stacte, and onycha,

Luke 1, 9, 10. According to the

bread; for there was no bread and galbanum; these sweet spices, 1 custom of the priest's office, his

there but the shew-bread, that with pure frankincense: of each lot was to burn incense when he

was taken from before the LORD, shall there be a like weight. And

went into the temple of the Lord. LOP

of the Lord to put hot bread in tho day when thou shalt make it a perfume, a

And the whole multitude of the

of the it was taken away. confection after the art of the

people were praying without at apothecary. tempered together,

the time of incense. pure and holy. And thou shalt

Matth. xii, 3, 4. But he said unto beat some of it very small, and put

them, Have yo not read what of it before the testimony in the

in the P3. cxli, 1, 2. LORD, I cry unto David did, when he was an huntabernacle of the congregation, thee: mako haste unto me; give gered, and they that were with where I will meet with thee; it ear unto my voice, when I cry him; How he entered into the shall be unto you most holy. And unto thee. Let my prayer be set house of God, and did eat the

mg which thou forth before thee as incense, and shew-bread, which was not lawful shalt make. ye shall not make to the liiting up of my hands as the for him to eat, neither for them yourselves according to the com- evening sacrifice.

which were with him, but only for position thereof: it shall be unto Jer, vi, 20. To what purpose the priests? thee holy for the LORD. Whoso-cometh there to me incense from Mark ii, 25, 26. And he said unto ever shall make like unto that, to Sheba, and the sweet cane from a them, Have ye never read what smell thereto, shall even be cut far country? your burnt-offerings David did, when he had need, and off from his people.

are not acceptable, nor your sac wag an hungered, he, and they rifices sweet unto me.

that were with him? How he USE. Rev. viii, 3, 4. And another

went into the house of God, in the Erod. xxx. 7-9. And Aaron angel came and stood at the altar,

days of Abiathar the high priest, shall burn thereon sweet incense having a golden censer; and there

and did eat the shew-bread, which every morning: when he dresseth was given unto him much incense is not lawful to eat but for the the lamps, he shall burn incense that he should offer it with the priests, and gave also to them upon it. And when Aaron light-prayers of all saints upon the which were with him? eth the lamps at even, he shall golden altar which was before tho Luke vi.3.4. And Jesus answer burn incense upon it; a perpetual throne. And the smoke of the

10 sinone of the ing them, said, Have ye not rend incepse before the LORD through- incense, which came with the

so much as this, what David did. out your generations. Ye sball prayers of the saints, ascended

when himself was an hungered, offer no strange incense thereon, up before God out of the angel's and they which were with him; nor burnt - sacrifice, nor meat-hand.

How he went into the house of ollering; neither shall yo pour


God, and did take and eat tho drink-offering thereon.

Exod. xxv, 30. And thou shalt

shew-bread, and gave also to them Lev. xvi, 12, 13. And he shalls set upon the table shew - bread

that were with him, which it is take a censer full of burning coals before me alway.

not lawful to eat but for the of fire from off the altar before the

Ecod. xl, 23. And he get the

priests alone? LORD, and his hands full of sweet

bread in order upon it before the incense beaten small, and bring it LORD, as the LORD had command

SPRINKLING OF PERSONS. within the vall. And he shall put ed Moses.

Eorod. xxiv, 8. And Moses took the incense upon the fire before the LORD, that the cloud of the Lev. xxiv. 5-9. And thou shalt the blood, and sprinkled it on the inceuse may cover the mercy-seat take fine flour, and bake twelve people, and said, Behold the blood that is upon the testimony, that cakes thereof; two tenth deals of the covenant, which the LORD

shall be in one cake. he die not.

And thou

And then hath made with you concerning shalt set them in two rowe, six on

all these words. Deut. xxxi, 10. They shall teich Jacob tby judgments, and

waja row, upon the pure table before Exod. xxix, 19-21. And thou Israel thy law: they shall put in

the LORD. And thou shalt put shalt take the other ram; and

pure frankincense upon each row, Aaron and his sons shall put their cense before thee, and whole burnt-sacrifice upon thine altar.

that it may be on the bread for å hands upon the bead of the ram.

nemorial, even an offering made | Then shalt thou kill the ram, and 2 Chron, xill, 11. And they burn by fire unto the LORD. Every | take of his blood, and put it upon unto the LORD, every morning sabbath he shall set it in order the tip of the right ear of Aaron, and every evening, burnt-sacri- before the LORD continually, being and upon the tip of the right ear fices and sweet incense: the shew-taken from the children of Israel of bis sons, and upon the thumb bread also set they in order upon by an everlasting covenant. And of their right hand, and upon the the pure table; and the canule-lit shall be Aaron's and his sons'; / great toe of their right foot, and stick of gold, with the lamps and they shall eat it in the holy sprinkle the blood upon the altar thereof, to burn every evening: place: for it is most holy unto bim l round about. And thou shalt take of the blood that is opon the put some of the blood upon the Heb. ix, 18-23. Whereupon altar, and of the anointing oil, and borns of the altar of sweet incense neither the first testament was sprinkle it upou Aaron, and upon before the LORD, which is in the dedicated without blood. For his garments, and upon his sons, tabernacle of the congregation; when Moses had spoken every and upon the garments of his sons and shall pour all the blood of precept to all the people according with him: and be shall be hallow the bullock at the bottom of the to the law, he took the blood of ed, and his garments, and his altar of the burnt-offering, which calves and ot goats, with water, sons, and his sons' garments with is at the door of the tabernacle of and scarlet wool, and bys op, and him.

the congregation. And the priest sprinkled both the book and all Lev. viil, 23, 24, 80. And he slow

shall take of the blood thereof the people, Saying. This is the it: and Moses took of the blood of

with his finger, and put it upon blood of the testament which God it, and put it upon the tip of

the horns of the altar of burnt-hath enjoined unto you. Moreover Aaron's right ear, and upon the

offering and shall pour out all he sprinkled likewise with blood thumb of his right hand, and upon

the blood thereof at the bottom both the tabernacle and all the the great toe of bis right foot. of the altar.

vessels of the ministry. And alAnd he brought Aaron's song, and

most all things are by the law Moses put of the blood upon the shall take some of the log ot oil. I purged with blood; and without tip of their right ear, and upon and pour it into the palm of bis shedding of blood is po remission. the thumbs of their right hands, own left hand: And the priest

| It was therefore necessary that and upon the great toes of their shall dip his right finger in the the patterns of things in the right feet; and Moses sprinkled oil that is in his left hand, and heavens should be purified with the blood upon the altar round I shall sprinkle of the oil with his these; but the beavenly thiogg about. And Moses took of the finger seven times before the

themselves with better sacrifices anointing oil, and of the blood LORD.

than these. wbich was upon the altar, and

Lev. xvi, 14-19, And he shall sprinkled it upon Aaron, and upon take of the blood of the bullock,

CEREMONIAL UNCLEANhis garments, and upon bis sons, and sprinkle it with his finger

NESSES. and upon his sons' garments, with

upon the mercy-seat eastward; Lev. v, 2, 3. Or, if & soul touch him; and sanctified Aaron, and

and before the mercy-seat shall any unclean thing, whether it be a bis garments, and his sons, and

he sprinkle of the blood with carcase of an unclean beast, or a his subs' garments with him. his finger seven times. Then carcase of unclean cattle, or the Lev. xiv, 14. 17, 18. And the

sball he kill the goat of the sin-carcase of unclean creeping things, priest shall take some of the blood

offering that is for the people, and it be hidden from bim; he of the trespass-offering, and the

and briug his blood within the also sball be abclean. Ond guilty. priest shall put it upon the tip of

vail, and do with that blood as he Or if he touch the uncleanness of the right ear of him that is to be

I did with the blood of the bullock, man, whatsoever uncleanness it be cleansed, and upon the thumb of and sprinkle it upon the mercy. that a man shall be detiled witbal, his right hand, and upon the great seat, and before the mercy-seat. and it be bid from him; when he toe of his right foot. And of the

| And he shall make an atonement knoweth of it, then he shall be rest of the oil that is in his band for the holy place, because of the guilty. shall the priest put upon the tip uncleanness of the children of

Lev. vii, 20, 21. But the soul that of the rigut ear of him that is to Israel, and because of their trans

eateth of the flesh of the sacrifice be cleansed,and upon the thumbot gressions in all their sins: and so

of peace-offerings that pertain bis right hand, and upon the great shall be do fur the tabernacle of

unto the LORD, having his uncleantoe of his right foot, upon the the congregation that remaineth

ness upon him, even that soul blood of the trespass - offering among them in the midst of their

shall be cut off from his people. And the remnant of the oil that uncleanness. And there shall be And the remnant of the ou ma. Imamoninintabarnado is in the priest's hand he shall no man in the tabernacle of the

Moreover, the soul that shall

touch any unclean thing, as the pour upon the head of him that is congregation when he goeth in to

uncleanness of man, or any unto be cleansed: and the priest shall make an atonement in the holy

clean beast, or any abominable make an atonement for him before place, until he come out, and have

unclean thing, and eat of the flesh the LORD. made an atonement for himself,

of the sacrifice of peace-offerings and for Dis nouselioia, and for all which pertain unto the LORD, even OF THINGS. the congregation of Israel, And

that soul shall be cut off from his he shall go out unto the altar that E.cod. xxiv, 6. Aud Moges took

people. is before the LORD, and make an half of the blood, and put it in | atonement for it; and shall take of

Lev. xv, 4-7, 9, 10, 12. Every basons; and half of the blood be the blood of the bullock, and of

bed whereon he lieth that bath sprinkled on the altar. the blood of the goat, and put it

the issue is unclean, and every

thing whereon he sitteth shall be Exod. xxx, 10. And Aaron shall upon the horns of the altar round

unclean. And whosoever touchmake an atonement upon the about. And he shall sprinkle ot horns of it once in a year with the the blood upon it with his finger

eth his bed shall wash his clothes,

and bathe himself in water, and be blood of the sio-offering of atone-seven times, and cleanse it, and ments; once in the year shall he hallow it from the uueleanness of

unclean uutil the even. And he

that sitteth on any thing whereon make atonement upon it through the children of Israel.

he sat that hath the issue shall out your generations: it is most

Exek. xlv. 19. 20. And the priest wash bis clothes and bathe himself holy unto the LORD,

shall take of the blood of tbe sin- / in water, and be unclean until the Lev. iv. 5-7. 30. And the priest offering, and put it upon the posts even. And he that toucheth the that is anointed shall take of the of the house, and upon the four flesh of him that hath the issue bullock's blood, and bring it to corners of the settle of the altar, shall wash his clothes, and bathe the tabernacle of the congrega and upon the posts of the gate of himself in water, and be unclean tion. And the priest shall dip his the inner court. And so thou until the even. And what saddle finger in the blood, and sprinkle shalt do the seventh day of the svever he rideth upon that hath of the blood seven times before month for every one that erreth, the issue shall be unclean. And ihe LR before ttre Vail of the and for him that is simple: 80 shall whosoever toucheth any thing anctuary. And the priest shall ye reconcile the house.

that was under him shall be un.

all about. And

it with bis hand and can uutil the thing whereon clean antil the even: and he that tent; All that come into the tent, | foot also of brass, to wash withal: beareth any of those things shall and all that is in the tent, shall be and thou shalt put it between the wash his clothes, and bathe him-| unclean seven days. And every | tabernacle of the congregation self in water, and be unclean until open vessel, which hath no cover- and the altar, and thou shalt put the even. And the vessel of earthing bound upon it, is unclean. water therein: For Aaron and his that he toucbeth which hath the

Num. XXXI, 19. And do ye abide

song shall wash their hands and issue shall be broken; and every

their feet thereat. When they go vessel of wood shall be rinsed in

without the camp seven days:
whosoever hath killed any per-

into the tabernacle of the congrewater. son, and whosoever hath touched

gation, they shall Wash with Lev. xlx. 22. And whatsoever any slain, purify both yourselves

water, that they die not; or when the unclean person toucheth shall and your captives on the third

they come near to the altar to be unclean, and the soul that day, and on the seventh day.

minister, to burn offering made by toucheth it shall be unclean until

fire unto the LORD: So they shall

Deut. xxiil, 10. If there be even.

wash their hands and their feet, among you any man that is not Lev. xxl, 4. But he shall not

that they die not: and it shall be a clean, by reason of uncleanness defile hlinself, being a chief man |

statute for ever to them, even to that chanceth him by night, then among his people, to profane him

him and to his seed throughout shall he go abroad out of the self.

their generations, camp; he shall not come within Lev. xxii, 2.-7. Speak unto the camp.

Exod. xl, 12, 31, 32. And thou Aaron, and to his sons, that they

shalt bring Aaron and his sons

1 Sam. xx, 26. Nevertheless, separate themselves from

unto the door of the tabernacle of the Saul spake not any thing that holy things of the children of

the congregation, and wash them day: for he thought, Something

with water. Israel, and that they profane not

Aud Moses, and hath befallen him, he is not clean; my holy name in those things

Aaron, and his sons, washed their surely he is not clean. which they hallow unto me: I am

hands and their feet thereat.

Ezek. xliv. 26. 27. And after he When they went into the tent of the LORD. Say unto them, Who

is cleansed, they shall reckon soever he be of all your seed,

the congregation, and when they unto him seven days. And in came near unto the altar, they among your generations, that

the day that he goeth into the goeth unto the holy things, which

washed; as the Lord commanded sanctuary, unto the inner court, Moses. the children of Israel hallow unto

to minister in the sanctury, he the LORD, having his uncleanness

Lev, vi, 27, 28. Whatsoever shall shall offer his sin-offering, saith upon him, that soul shall be cut

touch the flesh thereof shall be the Lord God. off from my presence: I am the

holy: and when there is sprinkled LORD. What man soever of the

of the blood thereof upon any seed of Aaron is a leper, or hathal Haggai ii. 11-14. Thus saith the

garment, thou shalt wash that running issue, he shall not eat of Lord of hosts, Ask now the priests

whereon it was sprinkled in the the holy things, until he be clean. concerning the law, saying, If one

holy place. But the earthen vesAnd whoso toucheth any thing bear holy tiesh in the skirt of his

sel wherein it is sodden shall be that is unclean by the dead, or a garinent, and with his skirt do

broken: and if it be sodden in a man whose seed goeth from him; touch bread, or pottage, or wine,

brasen pot, it shall be both Or whosoever toucheth any or oil. or any meat, shall it be

scoured, and rinsed in water. creeping thing, whereby he may boly?' And the priests anywered Lev. vill, 6. And Moses brought be made unclean, or& man of and said. No. Tuen said Haggai. 1 Aaron and his sons and washed whom he may take uncleanness, if one that is unclean by a dead them with water. whatsoever uncleanness be bath; l body touch any of these, shall it

touch any of these, shall it Lev. xiv, 2-7, 49-53. This shall The soul which hath touched any be unclean? And the priests an

be the law of the leper in the day such shall be unclean until even, ewered and said. It shall be un he

of his cleansing : He shall be

owe teper in the day and shall not eat of the holul swered and said, It shall be unand shall not eat of the holy clean. Then answered Haggal, brought unto the priest. And the things, unless he wash his flesh with water. And when the sun is

priest shall go forth out of the is this nation before me, saith the dowu, he shall be clean, and shall

camp: and the priest shall look, LORD; and so is every work of

and, behold, if the plague of afterward eat of the holy things, their hands; and that which they

leprosy be healed in the leper; because it is his food. offer there is unclean.

Then shall the priest command to Num. xii, 15. And Miriam was

John iii. 25. Then there arose a take for him that is to be cleansed shut out from the camp seven

question between some of John's two birds alive and clean, and days; and the people journeyed disciples and the Jews about

cedar-wood, and scarlet, and hysnot till Mirlam was brought in purifying

sop. And the priest shall comagain,

mand that one of the birds be Num. xix, 11-15. He that touch


killed in an earthen vessel over eth the dead body of any man

Exod. xix, 10, 11. And the LORD

running water. As for the living shall be unclean seven days. He

bird, he shall take it, and tho said unto Moses, Go unto the shall purify himself with it on the people, and sanctify them to-day*

cedar-wood, and the scarlet, and third day, and on the seventh day

the hyssop, and shall dip them and and to-morrow, and let them wash he shall be clean; but if he purify

the living bird in the blood of the their clothes, And be ready not himself the third day, then

bird that was killed over the runagainst the third day: for the third the seventh day he shall not be day the LORD will come down in

ning water; And he shall sprinkle clean. Whosoever toucheth the the sight of all the people upon

upon him that is to be cleansed dead body of any man that is dead,

from the leprosy seven times, and mount Sinai. and pur fleth not himsell, defleth

shall pronounce him clean, and 'the taberuacle of the LORD; and

Erod. xxix, 4. And Aaron and

shall let the living bird loose into that soul shall be cut off from his sons thou shalt bring unto the

the open field. And he shall tako Israel: because the water of separdoor of the tabernacle of the con

to cleanse the house two birds, and ation was not sprinkled upon 1 gregation, and shalt wash them

cedar-wood, and scarlet, and byshim, he shall be unclean; his unwith water.

sop. And he shall kill the one of cleanness is yet upon him. This Exod. xxx, 18-21. Thou shalt the birds in an earthen Vessel over is the law, when a man dieth in al also make a laver of brass, and his running water. And he sball take

ut if he puthen against

nying. Speak unbring thee a red pund and all that abiu hrough the

the cedar-Wood, and the hysheifer of purification for sin, and Acts xxi, 23. 26. Do therefore Bop, and the scarlet, and the living running water shall be put thereto | this that we say to thee: We have bird, and dip them in the blood of in a vessel; And a clean person 'four men which have a vow on the slain bird, and in the running shall take hyssop, and dip it in the them: Then Paul took the men, water, and sprinkle the house | water, and sprinkle it upon the and the next day purifying himseven times. And he shall cleanse tent, and upon all the vessels, and self with them entered into the the house with the blood of the upon the persons that were there, temple, to signify the accomplishbird, and with the running water, and upon him that touched a ment of the days of purification, and with the living bird, and bone, or, one slain, or one dead, or until that an offering slould bo with the cedar-wood, and with a grave: But the man that shall offered for every one of them. the hyssop, and with the scarlet. be unclean, and shall not purify But he shall let go the living bird himself, that soul shall be cut off

ANOINTING. out of the city into the open from among the congregation, befields, and make an atonement for cause he hath defiled the sanctu

THE OINTMENT. the house, and it shall be clean. ary of the LORD: the water of Escod. xxx, 23-25, 31--33. Take

Lev. xv, 7, 13. And he that separation hath not been sprinkled thou also unto thee principal toucheth the flesh of him that

upon him; he is unclean. And it spices, of pure myrrh five hunhath the issue shall wash his | shall be a perpetual statute unto | dred shekels, and of sweet cinnaclothes, and bathe himself in them, that he that sprinkleth the mon half BO much, even two water, and be unclean until the water of separation shall wash his hundred and fifty shekels, and of even. And when he that hath an

clothes; and he that toucheth the sweet calamus two bundred and issue is cleansed of his issue, then

water of separation shall be un fifty shekels. And of cassia fiva he sliall number to himsell seven

clean until even. And whatsoever hundred shekels, after the shekel days for his cleansing, and wash

the unclean person toucheth shall of the sanctuary, and of oil-olivo his clothes, and bathe his fesh in be Duclean; and the soul that an hin. And thou shalt make it running water, and shall be clean toucheth it shall be unclean until an oil of holy ointment, an ointeven.

ment compound alter the art of Lev. xvi, 28. And he that burn

Num. xxxi, 21-24. And Eleazar

the apothecary. It shall be an oth them shall wa b his clothes, the priest said unto the men of

holy anointing oil. And thon and bathe bis flesh in water, and war which went to the battle,

shalt speak unto the children of afterward shall be come into the This is the ordinance of the law

Israel, saying, Tbis shall be an camp. which the LORD commanded

holy anointing oil unto me Num. xix, 2--10, 17, 18, 20-22. Moses: Every thing that may

throughout your generations. This is the ordinance of the law abide the fire, ye shall make it go

Upon man's flesh shall it not be which the LORD hath commanded, through the fire, and it shall be

poured; neither shall ye make any Baying, Speak unto the children of clean; nevertheless it shall be

other like it, after the composition Isriel, that they bring thee a red purified with the water of separa

of it: it is holy, and it shall be heifer without spot, wherein is no tion; and all that abideth not the

holy unto you. Whosoever comblemish, and upon which never fire, ye shall make go through the

poundeth any like it, or whosocame yoke. And ye shall give water. And ye shall wash your

ever putteth any of it upon a her unto Eleazır the priest, that clothes on the seventh day, and yo

stranger, shall even be cut off he may bring her forth without shall be clean, and afterward ye

from his people. the camp, and one shall slay ber shall come into the camp. before his fice. And Eleazar the

THE COMMAND, Deut. xxill, 11. But it shall be. priest shall take of her blood with when evening cometh on, he shall

Exod. xxix, 7. Then shalt thon his finger, and sprinkle of her wash himself with water; and when

take the anointing oil, and pour it blood directly before the taberthe sun is down, he shall come

upon his head, and anoint him. nacle of the congregation seven

Exod. XXX, 26-30. And thou times. And one shall burn the

into the camp again.
Neh. xii, 30. And the priests and

the priests and heifer in his sight: her skin, and

shalt anoint the tabernacle of the the Levites purified themselves,

congregation therewith, and the her flesh, and her blood, with her and purified the people, and the

ark of the testimony. And the dung, shall he burn. And the

table and all his vessels, and the priest shall take cedar-wood, and gates, and the wall.

candlestick and his vessels, and hyssop, and scurlet, and cast it Luke xi. 38-40. And when the the altar of incense, Lauke x 88.40. And when the

And the into the midst of the burning of Pharisee saw it, he marvelled that altar of burnt-offering with all his the heiser. Then the priest shall

Vessels, and the layer and his foot. wash bis clothes, and he shall dinner. And the Lord said unto | And thou shalt sanctify them, buthe his flesh in water, and after

biin, Now do ye Pharisees make that they may be most boly: what ward he shall come into the camp,

clean the outside of the cup and | soever toucheth them shall be and the priest shall be unclean

the platter; but your inward part holy. And thou shall anoint until the even, And he that burn

is full of raveuing and wickedness, Aaron and his sons, and conseetui her shall wash his clothes in Ye fools, did not be that made crate them, that theu may minisWater, and bathe bis flesh in that which is without make that

ter unto me in the priest's office. water, and shall be unclean until which is within also? the oven. And a man that is

Exod. xl, 9-11. And thou shalt clean shall gather up the ashes of

John ii, 6. And there were set take the anvinting oil, and anoint the heiler, and lay them up with

there six water-pots of stone after the tabernacle, and all that is out the camp in a clean place;

the manner of the purifying of the therein, and shalt hallow it, and and it shall be kept for the con Jews, containing two or three all the vessels thereof: and it shall gregation of the children of Israel firkins apiece.

be holy. And thou shalt apoint for a water of separation; it is a John xiii, 8, 9. Peter saith unto

the altar of the burnt-offering, purification for sin, And he that him, Thou shalt never wash my

and all his vessels, and sanctity gathereth the ashes of the heifur feet. Jesus answered him, if I

the altar: and it shall be an altar shall wash his clothes, and be un- wash thee not, thou hast no part

most holy. And thou shalt anoint clean until the even...... And with me. Simon Peter saith unto the laver and 1113 toot, und sauclifor an unclean person they shall hini, Lord, not my feet only, but

hnt fy it. take of the asties of the burnt I also my hands and my head.

Lev. vill, 10-12. And Mosos

by sophia midst of the burning of phansdo not first washed before

took the anointing oil, and anoint- | must needs be clrcumcised: and, for I will stretch out my hand ed the taberpacle, and all that my covenant shall be in your upon the inhabitants of the land, was therein, and sanctified them. flesh for an everlasting covenant. Baith the LORD. And be sprinkled thereof upon And the uncircuincised man

Jer. ix, 25, 26. Behold, the days the altar seven times, and anoint child, whose flesh of his foreskin

come, saith the LORD, that I wil ed the altar and all his vessels, is not circumcised, that soul shall

punish all them which are circumboth the laver and his foot, to be cut off from his people; he hath

cised with the uncircumcised; sanctify them. And he poured broken my covenant.

Egypt, and Judah, and Edom, and of the anointing oil upon Aaron's Joshua v, 2. At that time the

the children of Ammon, and Moab, bead, and anointed him, to sancti- | LORD said unto Joshua, Make and all that are in the utmost f him. | thee sharp knives, and circumcise

corners, that dwell in the wilderLen. 7. And ye shall not go again the children of Israel the ness: for all these nations are unout from the door of the taber-second time.

circumcised, and all the house of nacle of the congregation, lest ye E zek. xxvill. 10. Thou shalt dle | Israel are uncircumcised in the dle: for the anointing oil of the the deaths of the uncircumcised heart. LORD is upon you. And they did by the hand of strangers; for I| Rom. 11. 28. 29. For he is not a according to the word of Moses. have spoken it, saith the Lord Jew which is one outwardly; God.

neither is that circumcision which Ps. cxxxiii. 2. It is like the Ezek. xxxii, 19. Whom dost is outward in the Nesh: But he is precious ointment upon the head, thou pass in beauty? go down, / a Jew which is one inwardly; and that ran down upon the beard, and be thou laid with the uncir circumcision is that of the heart, even Aaron's beard: that went cumcised.

in the spirit, and not in the letter; down to the skirts of his gar Rom. xv, 8. Now I say, that

whose praise is not of men, but of ments. Jesus Christ was a minister of the

God. 2 Cor. 1, 21. Now he which circumcision for the truth of God, Col. il, 11. In whom also ye are stablisheth us with you in Christ, to confirm the promises made un circumcised with the circumcision and hath appointed us, is God. to the fathers.

made without hands, in putting 1 John ii, 20, 27. But ye have an

off the body of the sins of the unction from the Holy One, and

flesh by the circumcision of

Lev. xxv, 41, 42. And that I also ve know all things.

Christ. But the have walked contrary unto them, anointing, which ye have received and have brought them into the of him,abideth in you; and ye need

INSTANCES. land of their enemies; if then their not any that man teach you: butuncircumcised hearts be humbled,

Gen. xvil, 23-27. And Abraham as the same anointing teacheth and they then accept of the pun

took Ishmael bis son, and all that you of all things, and is truth, and ishment or their iniquity; Then

were born in his house, and all is no tre, and even as 10 harh will I remember my covenant with

that were bought with his money, tanght you, ye shall abide in Jacob, and also my covenant with

every male among the men of Isaac, and also my covenant with

| Abraham's house, and circumcisAbrabam will I remember; and Ile CUSTOM IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. I will remember the land.

the self-same day, as God had said Mark vi. 13. And they cast out!

unto him. And Abraham was

Deut. x. 16. Circumcise theremany devils, and anointed with

ninety years old and pine when fore the foreskin of your heart, I he was circumci ed in the flesh of oil many that were sick, and and be no more stift-necked. healed them.

his foreskin. And Islimael bis

Deut. xxx, 6. And the LORD thy son was thirteen years old when James v, 14. Is any sick among

God will circumcise thine heart, he was circumcised in the flesh of you? let liim call for the elders

and the heart of thy seed, to love his foreskin. In the self-same day of the church; and let them pray

the LORD thy God with all thine was Abraham circumcised, and over him, anointing him with oi

heart, and with all thy soul, that Isbmael his son; And all the men in the name of the Lord. thou mayest live.

of his houso, born in tho house, 2.-SACRAMENTAL

Jer. iv, 4. Circumcise yourselves

and bought with money of the ORDINANCES. to the LORD, and take away the

stranger, were circumcised with foreskins of your heart, yo men of


Judah and inhabitants of Jerusa-1 Gen. xxi, 4. And Abraham cirCIRCUMCISION..

lem; lest my fury come forth like cumcised his son Isaac, being Gen. xvii, 9-14. And God said fire, and burn that none can eight days old, as God had comunto Abraham, Thou shalt keep quench it, because of the evil of manded him. my covenant therefore, thou, and your doings.

Gen. xxxiv, 13-24. And the song thy seed after thee in their gener- Jer. vi, 10-12. To whom shall I of Jacob answered Shechem and ations. This is my covenant, speak, and give warning, that they | Hamor his father deceitfully, and which ye shall keep, between me may hear? Behold, their ear is said, (because he had defled and you and thy seed after thee; uncircumcised, and they cannot Dinah their sister:) And they Every man-child among you shall bearken; behold, the word of the said unto them, We cannot do be circumcised. And ye shall LORD is unto them a reproach; this thing, to give our sister to ono circumcise the flesh of your fore- they have no delight in it. There that is uncircumcised; for that skin; and it shall be a token of the fore I am full of the fury of the | were a reproach unto us: But in covenant betwixt me and you. | LORD; I am wearywith holding in: Is this will we consent unto you: If And be that is eight days old will pour it out upon the children ye will be as we be, that every Bliall be circumcised among you, abroad, and upon the assembly of male of you be circumcised; Then every man-cbild in your genera- young men together: for even the will we give our daughters unto tions, be that is born in the house, husband with the wife shall be you, and we will take your daughor bought with money of any taken, the aged with him that is ters to us, and we will dwell with stranger, wlich is not of thy seed. full of days. And their houses you, and we will become ono He that is born in thy house, and shall be turned unto others, with people. But if ye will not heark. he that is bought with thy money. I their fields and wires together; 1 en unto us, to be circumcisod:


the Desh of their forecumcis

emember the land.'; and

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