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away, and the whirlwind shall his floor, and will gather the wheat them away as with a flood; they scatier them: and thou shalt re- into his garner: but the chaff he' are as a sleep: in the morning joice in the LORD, and shalt glory will burn with fire unquenclable. they are like grass arhich groweth in the Holy One of Israel.

Luke xxii. 31. And the Lord said, up. In the morning it flourisheth, Jer. xiii, 24. Therefore will ! Simon, Simon, behold,

Satan hath and growcth up; in the evening it scatter them as the stubble that tesired to have you, that he may is cut down, and withereth. passeth away by the wind of the sist you as wheat.

Psalm xcii, 7. When the wicked wilderness.

1 Cor. ix, 9. For it is written in spring as the grass, and when all Jer. xxiii, 28. What is the chaff the law of Moses, Thou shalt not the workers of iniquity do flourto the wheat? saith the LORD.

muzzle the mouth of the ox that ish; it is that they shall be de Jer. 11, 1,2. Thus saith the LORD; treadeth out the corn. Doth God stroyed for ever. Behold, I will raise up against take caro for oxen?

Psalm ciii, 15. As for man, his Babylon, and against them that

days are as grass: as a flower of dwell in the midst of them that

GRASS. rise up against me, a destroying

the field, so he flourisheth. wind; And will send unto Babylon

Isa. xxxvii, 27. Therefore their

Deut. xi, 15. And I will send inhabitants were of small power, fanners, that shall fan her, and grass in thy fields for thy cattle, they were dismayed and conshall empty her land: for in the that thou mayest eat and be full.

founded: they were as the grass of day of trouble they shall be Ps. civ, 14. He causeth the grass the fieli, and as the green lierb, as against her round about.

to grow for the cattle, and herb the grass on the housetops, and as Jer. II, 33. For thus saith the for the service of man: that he may corn blasted before it be grown Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; bring forth food out of the earth.

up. The daughter of Babylon is like Ps. cxlvii, 8. Who covereth the

18a. x1, 6-8. The voice said, Cry. a threshingfloor, it is time to heaven with clouds, who prepar. And he sad. What shall I cry? thresh her: yet a little while, and eth rain for the earth, who maketh All flesh is grass, and all the goodthe time of her harvest shall come. grass to grow upon the mountains. liness thereof is as the flower of

Hosea x, 11. And Ephraim is as Prov. xxvii, 25. The hay appear the field: The grass withereth, the an heifer that is taught, and lov-eth, and the tender grass sheweth nower sadeth: because the spirit of eth to tread out the corn; but I itself, and herbs of the mountains the Lord blowith upon it: surely passed over upon her fair neck: are gathered.

the people is grass.

The grass I will make Ephraim to ride.

Mark vi, 39. And he command withereth, the flower fadeth; but Hosea xiii, 3. Therefore they ed them to make all sit down by the word of our God shall stand for shall be as the morning cloud, and companies upon the green grass.

ever. as the early dew that pisseth

John vi, 10. And Jesus said,

Matth. VI, 30. Wherefore, if God away, as the chaff that is driven Make the men sit down. Now

so clothe the grass of the field, with the whirlwind out of the there was much grass in the place. which to day is, and to morrow is floor, and as the smoke out of the So the men sat down, in number

cast into the oven, shall he not chimney. about five thousand.

much more clothe you, o ye of

little faith? Amos 1, 3. Thus saith the LORD;

Rev. ix. 4. And it was command. For three transgressions of Dam-ed them that they should not hurt

1 Pet. i. 24. For all flesh is as ascus, and for four, I will not turn the grass of the earth, neither any grass, and all

the glory of man as away the punishment thereof; be- green thing, neither any tree; but the flower of grass:

The grass cause they have threshed Gilead only those men which have not withereth, and the tiower thereof with threshing instruments of tho seal of God in their foreheads.

falleth away. iron, Amos ix, 9. For, 10, I will com- Num. xxii, 4. And Moab said un

OTHER PRODUCTS OF mand, and I will sist the house of to the clders of Midian, Not shall Israel among all nations, like as this company lick up all that are

THE FIELDS. corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not round about us, as the ox licketh BEANS, LENTILES, ETC. the least grain fall upon the earth. up the grass of the field. And Micah iv, 12. 13. But theyknow not Balak the son of Zippor, was king and basons, and earthen vessels


2 Sam. xvii, 28. Brought beds, the thoughts of the Lord, neither of the Moabites at that time. understand they his counsel: for 2 Sam, xxiii, 4. And he shall be and perched corn, and beans, and

and wheat, and barley, and flunr, he shall gather them is the sheaves as the light of the morning, when lentiles, and parched pulse. into the floor. Arise and thresh, the sun riseth, even a morning O daughter of Zion: for I will without clouds; as the tender BULRUSHES, FLAGS AND make thine horn iron, and I will grass springing out of the earth

RUSIES. make thy hoofs brass: and thou by clear shining after rain.

Erod. il, 3. And when she could shall beat in pieces many people: 2 Kings xix, 26. Therefore their not longer hide him she took for and I will consecrate their gain inhabitants were of small power, him an ark of bulrushes, and unto the LORD, and their substance they were dismayed and con- daubed it with slime and with unto the Lord of the whole earth. founded; they were as the grass pitch, and put the child therein;

Hab. iil, 12. Thou didst march of the field, and as the green herb, and she laid it in the flags by the through the land in indignation, as the grass on the house tops, river's brink. thou didst thresh the heathen in and as corn blasted before it be

Isa, lviii, 5. Is it such a fast that anger. grown up.

I have chosen? a day for a man to Matt. iii, 12. Whose fan is in his

Psalm Ixxii, 6. He shall come alllict his soul? is it to bow down hand, and he will throughly purge down like rain upon the mown his head as a bulrush, and to his hour, and gather his wheat grass: as showers that water the spread sackcloth and ashes under into the garner, but he will burn earth.

himi wilt thou call this & fast, and up the chaff with unquenchable Pralm Ixxii, 16. And they of the an acceptable day to the Lord? fire.

city shall flourish like grass of the Job viii, 11. Can the rush grow Luke lii, 17. Whose fan is in his earth.

up without mire? can the flag grow hand, and he will throughly purge Psalm xc, 5, 6. Thou carriest without water?



the stay and the staff, the whole Exod. ix, 31. And the flax and Job xxx, 4. Who cut up mallows stay of bread, and the whole stay the barley was smitten: for the by the bushes, and juniper roots of water. barley 1013 in the ear, and the flax for their meat.

Isa. vil 23-25. And It shall come was bolled.

to pass in that day, that every Josh. ii, 6. But she had brought


place shall be, where there were thcm up to the roof of the house, Ezek. iv, 9. Take thou also unto a thousand vines at a thousand and hid them with the stalks of thee wheat, and barley, and beans, silverlings, it shall even be for flax, which she had laid in order and lentiles, and millet, and fitches, briers and thorns. With arrows upon the roof.

and put them in one vessel, and and with bows shall men come

inake thee bread thereof, accord- thither; because all the land shall Isa. xli, 3. A bruised reed shailing to the number of the days that become briers and thorns.

And ho not break, and the smoking thou shalt lie upon thy side, three on all hills that shall be digged flax shall he not quench: he shall hundred and ninety days shalt with the mattock, there shall not bring forth judgment unto truth. thou eat thereof.

come thither the fear of briers and Ezek, xi 3. And he brought me

thorns: but it shall be for the thither, and, behold, there was a


sendling forth of oxen, and for the man, whose appearance was like

Job xl, 21. Ile lieth under the treading of lesser cattle. the appearance of brass, with a shady trees in the covert of the

Isa. XV, 6. 7. For the waters of line of flax in his hand, and a reed, and fens.

Nimrim shall be desolate: for the measuring reed; and he stood in Isa. xix, 6. And they shall turn faileth, there is no green thing.

hay is withered away, the grass the gate.

the rivers far away; and the Therefore the abundance they Hos. il, 5. For their mother hath brooks of defence shall be emptied have gotten, and that which they played the harlot: she that con- and dried up: the reeds and tlags have laid up, shall they carry ceived them hath done shame- shall wither. fully: for sho said, I will go after

away to the brook of the willows.

RYE. my lovers, that give me my bread

Isa. xvii, 10, 11. Because thou and my water, my wool and my

Ex. ix, 32. But the wheat and hast forgotten the God of thy sal. flax, mine oil and my drink.

the rye were not smitten: for they vation, and hast not been mindful

were not grown up. Hos. il, 9. Therefore will I re

of the rock of thy strength, there

fore shalt thou plant pleasant turn, and take away my corn in

TARES, the time thereof, and my wine in

plants, and shalt set it with strango

Matt. xlii, 24-31. the season thereof, and will re

(See under slips: In the day shalt thou make cover my wool and my flax given Reaping and Harvest.)

thy plant to grow, and in the morn

ing shalt thou make thy seed to to cover her nakedness.

flourish; but the harvest shall be GOURDS. FAILURE OF CROPS. a heap in the day of grief and of

desperate sorrow. 2 Kings iv, 39. And one went out

OF GRASS. into tho field to gather herbs, and 1 Kings xviii, 5. And Ahah said

18a. II, 19. These two things are

come unto thee; who hall be sorry found a wild vine, and gathered unto Olmiah, Go into the land, thereof wild gourds his lap fuil , unto all fountains of water, and tion, and the famine, and the

for thee? desolation, and destrucand came and shred them into the unto all brooks: peradventure we pot of pottage: for they know them may find grass to save the horses sword: by whom shall I comfort

thee? not.

and mules alive, that we lose not
all the beasts.

Jer. xii, 13. They have sown

Jer. xiv, 5, 6. Yea, the hind also wheat, but shall reap thorns: they Jer. xvii, 6. For he shall be like calved in the field, and forsook it; shall not profit; and they shall be

have put themselves to pain but the heath in the desert, and shall because there was no grass. And not see when good cometh; but the wild asses did stand in the of the fierce anger of the LORD.

ashuned of your revenues because shall inhabit the parched places high places, they snuffed up the in the wilderness, in a salt land wind like dragons; their eyes did Ezek. xiv, 13. Son of man, when and not inhabited. fail, because there was no grass.

the land sinneth against me by Joel I, 18. How do the beasts tresspassing grierously, then will LENTILES.

groan! the herds of cattle are per- I stretch ont mine hund upon it, Gen. XXV, 34. Then Jacob gave plexed, becanse they have no pas- and will break the staff of the Esau bread and pottage of len- ture; yea, the flocks of sheep are b.ead thereof, and will seudfamino tiles; and he did eat and drink, made desolato.

upon it, and will cut off man and and rose up, and went his way:

beast from it: thus Esau despised his birthright.


Ezek. xxvi, 6. And her daughDeut. xxviii, 33, 34. The fruit ot ters which are in the field shall be MANDRAKES.

thy land, and all thy labours, shall slain by the sword; and they shall Gen. xxx, 14. And Reuben went a nation which thou knowest not know that I am the Lord. in the days of wheat barvest, and eat up; and thou shalt be only Hosea viil,7. For they have sown found mindrakes in the field, and oppressed and crushed alway: the wind, and they shall reap brought them unto his mother so that thou shalt be mad for the the whirlwind; it hath no stalk: Leah. Then Rachel said to Leah, sicht of thine eyes which thou the bud shall yield no meal: if so Give mo. I pray thee, of thy son's shalt see.

be it yield, the strangers shall mandrakes.

Dent. xxviii, 38. Thou shalt carry swallow it up. Song of Solomon vil, 13. The much seed out into the field, and Hosea ix, 2. The floor and the man irakes give a smell, and at shalt gather but little in; for tho winepress shall not feed them, and our gates are all manner of pleas- locust shall consumo it.

the new wine shall fall in her. ant fruits, new and old, which I 18a, iii, 1. For, behold, the Lord, Amos v, 16. Therefore the LORD havo laid up for thee, O my be- the LORD of hosts, doth take away the God of hosts, the Lord, saith loved.

froin Jerusalem and from Judah thus; Wailing shall be in all streets; and they shall say in all the high burnt with hunger and devoured man breaketh it unto them. They ways, Alas! alasand they shall with burning heat, and with bitter that did feed delicately are desocall the husbandman to mourning, destruction: I will also send the late in the streets: they that were and such as are skilful of lament- teeth of beasts upon them, with brought up in scarlet embrace ation to wailing.

the poison of serpents of the dust. dunghills. Amos viii, 11-14. Behold, the 2 Kings vi, 24, 26-29. And it

Lam. iv, 7--10. Her Nazarites days come, saith the Lord God, came to pass after this, that Ben, were purer than snow, they were that I will send a famine in the hadad king of Syria gathered whiter than milk, they were more land, not a famine of bread, nor all bis host, and went up, and ruddy in body than rubies, their a thirst for water, but of hearing besieged Samaria. And as the polishing rus of sapphire: Their the words of the LORD: And they king of Israel was passing by up- visage is blacker than a coal; they shall wander from sea to sea, and on the wall, there cried a woman are not known in the streets: their from the north even to the east, unto him, saying, Help, my lord, skin cleaveth to their bones; it is they shall run to and fro to seek Oking. And he said, If the Lord withered, it is become like a stick. the word of the Lord, and shall do not help thee, whence shall I They that be slain with the sword not find it. In that day shall the help thee? out of the barnfloor, are better than they that be slain fair virgins and young men faint or out of the winepress? And the with hunger: for these pine awiny, for thirst. They that swear by the king said unto her, What aileth stricken through for want of the sin of Samaria, and say, Thy God, thee? And she answered, This fruits of the field. The hands of O Dan, liveth; and. The manner woman said unto me. Give thy the pitiful women have sodden of Beersheba liveth; even they son, that we may eat him to day, their own children: they were shall fall, and never rise up again. and we will eat my son to morrow. their meat in the destruction of

Joeli, 10, 11. The field is wasted, So we boiled my son, and did eat the daughter of my people.
the land mourneth; for the corn is him: and I said unto her on the
wasted: the new wine is dried up, next day, Give thy son, that we

Lam. v, 10. Onr skin was black the oil languisheth. Be ye asham- may eat him; and she hath hid II. : an oven because of the tered, 0 ye husbandmen; howl, o ye her son.

rible famine, vincdressers, for the wheat and 2 Kin, vli, 3, 4. And there were Exck, iv, 16, 17. Moreover he for the barley; because the harvest four leprous men at the entering said unto me. Son of man, behold, of the field is perished.

in of the gate: and they said one I will break the staff of bread in Joel i, 17. The seed is rotten to another, Why sit we here until Jerusalem: and they shall cat under their clods, the garners are we die? If we say, we will enter bread by weight, and with care; laid desolate, the barns are broken into the city, then the famine is in and they shall drink water by down; for the corn is withered. the city, and we shall die there: measure, and with astonishment:

Micah vi, 15. Thou shalt sow, and if we sit still here, we die That they may want bread and but thou shalt not reap; thou shalt

also. Now therefore come, and water, and be astonied one with tread the olives, but thou shalt let us fall unto the host of the Sy- another, and consume away for

their iniquity. not anoint thee with oil; and sweet rians: if they save us alive, we wine, but shalt not drink wine.

shall live; and if they kill us, we Ezek. xii, 18, 19. Son of man, shall but die.

eat thy bread with quaking, and Zcph. ii, 11. The LORD will be terrible unto them: for he will

Ps. cv, 16. Moreover he called drink thy water with trembling famish all the gods of the earth;/ for a famine upon the land: he and with carefulness; And say

unto the people of the landi, Thus and men shall worship him, every brake the whole staff of bread.

saith the Lord God of the inhabi. one from his place, ecen all the Lam. I, 6. And from the daugh- tents of Jerusalem, and of the isles of the heathen.

ter of Zion all her beauty is de- land of Israel; They shall eat their Rev. vi, 5, 6. And when he had parted: her princes are become bread with carefulness, and drink opened the third seal, I beard the liko harts that find no pasture, their water with astonishment, third beast say, Come and see. and they are

gone without that her land may be desolate And I beheld, and lo a black horse; strength before the pursuer. from all that is therein, because and he that sat on him had a pair Lam. i. 11. All her people sigh, of the violence of all them that of balances in his hand. And I they seek bread; they have given dwell therein. heard a voice in the midst of the their pleasant things for meat to four beasts say,' A measure of relieve the soul: see, O Lord, and gin girded with sackcloth for the

Joel I, S, 9. Lament like a vir. wheat for a penny, and three consider; for I am become vile. measures of barley for a penny;

husband of her youth. The meat and see thou hurt not the oil and with tears,my bowels are troubled, cut off from the house of the, 11, 12. Mine eyes do fail, offering and the drink offering is the wine.

my liver is poured upon the earth, LORD; the priests, the LORD's min

for the destruction of the daughter isters, mourn. PRESSURE OF FAMINE. of my people; because the children

Joel i, 13-16. 19. 20. Come, lie all Lev. xxvi, 26-29. And when I and the sucklings swoon in the night in sackcloth, ye ministers have broken the staff of your streets of the city. They say to of my God; for the meat offering bread, ten women shall bake your their mothers, Where is corn and and the drink offering is withbread in one oven, and they shall winc? when they swooned as the holden from the house of your deliver you your bread again by wounded in the streets of the city, God. Sanetify ye a fast, call a weight: and ye shall eat, and not when their soul was poured out solemn assenbly, gather the el. be satisfied. And if ye will not into their mothers' bosom.

ders and all the inhabitants of for all this hearken unto me, but

lam, iv, 3--5. Even the sea the land into the house of the walk contrary unto me; Then I monsters draw out the breast, LORD your God, and cry unto the will walk contrary unto you, also they give suck to their young | LORD, Alas for the day! for the in fury; and I, even I, will chastise

ones: the daughter of my people day of the Lord is at hand, and you seven times for your sins. is become cruel, like the ostriches as a desduction from the AlAnd ye shall cat the flesh of your in the wi ness. The tongue of mighty shall it come. Is not the sons, and the flesh of your daugh- the sucking child cleaveth to the meat cut off before our eyes, yea, ters shall ye eat.

roof of his mouth for thirst: the joy and gladness from the house Deut. xxxii, 24. They shall be young children ask bread, and no of our God? O LORD, to theo will I cry: for the fire hath de-Canaan fainted by reason of the

OF ELISHA. voured the pastures of the wil- famino. And Joseph gathered 2 Kings iv, 38. And Elisha came derness, and tho Blame hath up all the money that was found again to Gilgal: and there was a burned all the trees of the field. in the land of Egypt, and in the dearth in the land; and the song The beasts of the field cry also land of Canaan, for the corn which of the prophets were sitting before unto thee: for the rivers of waters they bought: and Joseph brought him: and he said unto his servant, cre dried up, and the fire hath the money into Pharaoli's house. Set on the great pot, and seethé deroured the pastures of the wil. And when money failed in the pottage for the sons of the proderness.

land of Egypt, and in the land of phets. Amos iv, 6. And I also have Crnaan, all the Egyptians came riven you cleanness of teeth in all unto Joseph, and said, Give us DURING SIEGE OF SAMARIA. your cities, and want of bread in bread: for why should we die in

2 Kings vi, 25. And there was a i ll your places: yet have ye not thy presence? for the money fail- great famine in Samaria: and, bereturned unto me, saith the eth. And Joseph said, Give your hold, they besieged it, until an J.OBD.

cattle; and I will give you for ass's' head was sold for fourscore

your cattle, if money fail. And pieces of silver, and the fourth INSTANCES OF FAMINE. they brought their cattle unto part of a cab of dove's dung for IN TIIE DAYS OF ABRAHAM Joseph: and Joseph gave them five pieces of silver.

bread in exchange for horses, and Gen. xii, 10. And there was a for the flocks, and for the cattle of OF SEVEN YEARS, FOREfamine in the land: and Abram the herds, and for the asses: and went down into Egypt to sojourn he fed them with bread for all

TOLD BY ELISHA. there; for the famino was grievous their cattle for that year. When 2 Kings viii, 1. Then spake in the land.

that year was ended, they came Elisha unto the woman, whose

unto him the second year, and son he had restored to life, saying, OF ISAAC.

said unto him, We will not hide it Arise, and go thou and thine house. Gen. xxvi. 1. And there was a from my lord, how that our money hold, and sojourn wheresoever famine in the land, beside the is spent; my lord also hath our thou canst sojourn: for the LORD first fumine that was in the days herds of cattle; there is not ought haih called for a famine; and it of Abraham. And Isaac went left in the sight of my lord, but shall also come upon the land unto Abimelech king of the Philis our bodies, and onr lands: Where- seven years. tines unto Gerar.

fore shall we die before thine Jer. xiv, 1. The word of the

eyes, both we and our land? buy Lord that came to Jeremiah conOF JOSEPH.

us and our land for bread, and we cerning the dearth. Gen. xli, 28-32. This is thething and our land will be servants unto which I have spoken unto Phi- Pharaoh: and give us seed, that DURING SIEGE OF JERU

SALEM. raoh: What God is about to do he we may live, and not die, that the sheweth unto Pharaoh. Behold, land be not desolate. And Joseph 2 Kings xxv, 3. And on the ninth there come seven years of great bought all the land of Egypt for day of the fourth month the famplenty throughout all the land of Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold ine prevailed in the city, and there Egypt: And there shall arise after every mæn his field, because the was no bread for the people of the thein seven years of famine; and famine prevailed over them: so the land. all the plenty shall be forgotten in land became Pharaoh's. the land or Egypt; and the famine Acts vii, 11. Now there came a

AFTER THE CAPTIVITY. shall consume the land; And the dearth over all the land of Egypt

Neh. v, 3. Some also there were plenty shall not be known in the and Chanaan, and great atimciion: that said, We have mortgaged our land by reason of that famine and our fathers found no susten- lands, vineyards, and houses, that following; for it shall be very ance.

we might buy corn, because of the grievous. And for that the dream

dearth. was doubled unto Pharoah twice;

OF THE JUDGES. it is because the thing is estab

IN TIIE REIGN OF CLAUlished by God, and God will in the days when the judges ruled, Ruth i, 1. Now it came to pass

DIUS CÆSAR. shortly bring it to pass. that there was a famine in tho

Acts xi, 28. And there stood up Gen. xli, 53-56. And the seven land. And a certain man of Beth

one of them named Agabus, and years of plenteousness, that was in lehem-judah went to sojourn in signified by the spirit that thero the land of Egypt, were ended. the country of Moab, be, and his should be great dearth throughout And the seven years of death be- wife, and his two sons.

all the world; which came to pass gan to coine, according as Josepl:

in the days of Claudius Cæsar. hud said; and the dearth was in all lands; but in all the land of

OF DAVID. Egypt there was bread. And 2 Sam. xxi, 1. Then there was a GOD'S CARE OF HIS PEOwhen all the land of Egypt was famine in the days of David three PLE DURING FAMINE. funished, the people cried to years, year after year; and David

1 Kings xvii, 2-7. And the word Pharaoh for bread; and Pharaoh enquired of the LORD. And the said unto all the Exyptians, Go Lord answered, it is for Saul, and of the Lord came unto him, say. unto Joseph; what he saith to for his bloody house, because he ing. Get thee hence, and turn thee

castward, and hide thyself by the you, do. And the funine was over slew the Gibeonites.

brook Cherith, that is before Jor.. all the face of the earth; And

dan. And it shall be, that thou Josephı opened all the storehouses,

OF AHAB. and sold unto the Egyptians; and

shalt drink of the brook; and I

1 Kings xvii, 1. And Elijah the have commanded the ravens to the famine waxed sore in the land Tishbite, who was of the inhabi- feed thee there. So he went and of Egypt.

tants of Gilead, said unto Alab, did according unto the word of Gen. xlvii, 13-20. And there was As the LORD God of Israel liveth, the LORD; for he went and dwelt no bread in all the land; for the before whom I stand, there shall by the brook Cherith, that is befainine was very sore, so that the not be dew nor rain these years, fore Jordan. And the ravens land of Egypt and all the land of but according to my word, brought him bread and Desh in the morning, and bread and flesh, he said, Behold, I have heard that in a desert land, and in the waste in the evening; and he drank of there is corn in Egypt: get you howling wilderness; he led him the brook. And it came to pass down thither, and buy for us from about, he instructed him, he kept after a while, that the brook dried thence; that we may live, and not him as the apple of his eye. up, because there had been no die. And Joseph's ten brethren rain in the land,

Josh. xvii, 17, 18. And Joshua went down to buy corn in Egypt. spake unto the house of Joseph, Job v, 20. In famine he shall re- But Benjamin, Joseph's brother, deem thee from death: and in war Jacob sent not with his brethren eren to Ephraim and to Manasseh, from the power of the sword. for he said, Lest peradventure saying, Thou art a great people,

And the

and hast great power: thou shalt Fralm xxxiii, 18, 19. Behold, the mischief befall him. eye of the Lord is upon them that sons of Israel came to buy corn not have one lot only: But the fear him, upon them that hope in among those that came for the mountain shall be thine; for it is a his mercy: To deliver their soul famine was in the land of Canaan. wood, and thou shalt cut it down:

and the outgoings of it shall be from death, and to keep them

Gen. xliii, 1-5. And the famine thine: for thou shalt drive out tho alive in famine.

was sore in the land. And it came Canaanites, though they haveiron Psalm xxxvii, 19. They shall to pass, when they had caten up chariots, and though they be not be ashamed in the evil time: out of Egypt, their father said un

the corn which they had brought strong. and in the days of famine they to them, Go again, buy us a little

2 Sam. xviii, 8. For the battle shall be satisfied. food. And Judah spake unto him,

Was there scaitered over the face Ezek. XXXVI, 29, 30. I will also saying, The man did solemnly of all the country: and the w00) save you from all your unclean- protest unto us, saying, Ye shaú devoured more people that day nesses; and I will call for the corn, not see my face, except your

than the sword devoured. and will increase it, and lay no brother be with you. If thou wilt Job xxx, 7. Among the bushes famine upon you. And I will send our brother with us, we will they brayed; under the nettlos multiply the fruit of the tree, and go down and buy thee food: But if they were gathered together. the increase of the field, that ye thou wilt not send him, we will shall receive no more reproach of not go down: for the man said un- desolate and waste ground.

Job xxxviii, 27. To satisfy the famine among the heathen. to us, Ye shall not see my face,

Psalm cxxxii, 6. LO, wo hcard Joel ii, 19. Yea, the LORD will except your brother be with you. answer and say unto his people, Gen. xliv, 25, 26. And our father the fields of the wood.

of it at Ephratah: we found it in Behold, I will send you corn, and said. Go again and buy us a little wine. and oil, and ye shall be food. And we said, We cannot go

Isaiah v, 17. Then shall the satisficd therewith; and I will no down: if our youngest brother be lambs feed after their manner, and more make you a reproach among with us, then will we go down: the waste places of the fat ones the heathen. for we may not see the man's face,

shall strangers eat. except our youngest brother be Isaiah 11, 3. For the Lord shall with us.

comfort Zion: he will comfort all MEANS AGAINST

Prov. xi, 26. He that withhold her waste places; and he will make FAMINE. eth corn, the people shall curse

her wilderness like Eden, and her Gen. xll, 34-37. Let Pharaoh do him: but blessing shall be upon the desert like the garden of the head of him that selleth it.

LORD; joy and gladnesg shall be this, and let him appoint oflicers over the land, and take up the

Acts xii, 20. And Herod was the voice of melody.

found therein, thanksgiving, and fifth part of the land of Egypt in highly displeased with them of the seven plenteous years. And Tyre and Sidon: but they came Jer. ii. 2. Go and cry in the ears let them gather all the food of with one accord to him, and, hav- of Jerusalem, saying. Thus saith those good years that come, and ing made Blastus the king's the LORD; I remember thee, the lay up corn under the land of chamberluin their friend, desired kindness of thy you h, the love of Pharaoh, and let them keep food peace; because their country was thine espousals, when thou wentin the cities. And that food shall nourished by the king's country. est after me in the wilderness, in a

land that was not sown. be for store to the land against the seven years of famine, which

UNRECLAIMED LAND, Jer. ix, 2. Oh that I had in the shall be in die land of Egypt; that Gan. iv, 12. When thou tillest wilderness a lodging place of waytho land perish not through the the ground, it shall not hence-faring men; that I might leave my famine. And the thing was good forth yield unto thee her strength; people, and go from them! lorthey in the eyes of Pharaoh, and in the a fugitive and a vagabond shalt be all adulterers, an assembly of eyes of all his servants. thou be in the earth.

treacherous men. Gen.xli 48.49.57. And he gather Num. xiv, 2. And all the chil

Jer. XXV, 24. And all the kings ed up all the food of the seven dren of Israel murmured against of Arabia, and all the kings of the years, which were in the land of Moses and against Aaron: and the mingled people that dwell in the Egypt, and laid up the food in the whole congregation said unto

desert. cities: the food of the field, which them, Would God that we had Jer. 1, 12. Your mother shall be was round about every city, laid died in the land of Egypt! or sore confounded; she that bare he up in the same. And Josepb would God we had died in this you shall be ashamed: behold, the gathered corn as the sand of the wilderness!

hindermost of the nations shall be nea, very much, until he left num Deut. xxix, 23. And that the a wil lerness, a dry land, and a bering, for it was without number whole land thereof is brimstone, desert. And all countric3 came into and salt, and burning, that it is Ezek.xlvii, 11. But the miry places Egypt to Joseph for to buy corn; not sown, nor beareth, nor any thereof and the mari: hes thereof because that the famine was so grass growcth therein, like the shall not be healed; they shall be sore in all lands.

overthrow of Sodom and Gomor-given to salt. Gen. xlii. 1-5. Now when Jacob rah, Admah, and Zoboim, which 3[icah vii, 14. Feed thy people saw that there was corn in Egypt, the LORD overthrew in his anger, with thy rod, the block of thing Jacob said unto his sons, Why do and in his wrathi.

heritago, which dwell solitarily in ye look one upon another? And Deut. xxxii, 10. He found him the wood, in the midst of Carinel;

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