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Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, According to the Order of the Protestant Episcopal Church in

the United States of America, as established by the Bishops, the Clergy, and Laity of said Church, in General Convention, in the month of September, A. D. 1792.

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THE PREFACE, It is evident unto all men, diligently reading Holy Scripture and Ancient

Authors, that from the Apostles' time there have been these Orders of Ministers in Christ's Church, Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. Which Offices were evermore had in such reverend estimation, that no man might presume to execute any of them, except he were first called, tried, exa. mined, and known to have such qualities as are requisite for the same ; and also by public Prayer, with Imposition of Hands, were approved and ado mitted thereunto by lawful Authority. And therefore, to the intent that these Orders may be continued, and reverently used and esteemed in this Church, no man shall be accounted or taken to be a lawful Bishop, Priest, or Deacon, in this Church, or suffered to execute any of the said Functions, except he be called, tried, examined, and admitted thereunto, according to the Form hereafter following, or hath had Episcopal Consecration

or Ordination. And none shall be admitted a Deacon, Priest, or Bishop, except he be of the

age which the Canon in that case provided may require. And the Bishop, knowing, either by himself, or by sufficient testimony, any

Person to be a man of virtuous conversation, and without crime ; and, after examination and trial, finding him sufficiently instructed in the Holy Scripture, and otherwise learned as the Canons require, may, at the times appointed, or else, on urgent occasion, upon some other day, in the face of the Church, admit him a Deacon, in such Manner and Form as followeth.

The Form and Manner of making Deacons.

When the day appointed by the Bishop is come, after Morning Prayer is ended, there shall be a Sermon, or Exhortation, declaring the Duty and Office of such as come to be admitted Deacons ; how necessary that Ortler is in the Church of Christ, and also how

the People ought to esteem them in their Office. I A Priest shall present unto 1 The Bishop.

the Bishop, sitting in his Chair TAKE heed that the persons

near Holy , such whom ye as desire to be ordained Dea- be apt and meet for their learncons, each of them being de. ing and godly conversation, to cently habited, saying these exercise their Ministry duly to words:

the honour of God, and the edi

fying of his Church. RE EVEREND Father in God, The Priest shall answer: spresente unto you these I Have inquired concerning

, be admitted them, Deacons.

them, and think them so to be.

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I Then the Bishop shall say un- wine, not greedy of filthy lucres

to the People: holding the mystery of the faith RETHREN, if there be any in a pure conscience. And let of you, who knoweth


these also first be proved; then impediment, or notable crime let them use the Office of a Deain any of these persons present. con, being found blameless, ed to be ordered Deacons, for Even so must their wives be the which he ought not to be grave, not slanderers, sober, admitted to that Office, let him faithful in all things. Let the come forth in the name of God, Deacons be the husbands of and show what the crime or im. one wife, ruling their Children pediment is.

and their own Houses well. For And if any great Crime or Impediment be they that have used the Office objected, the Bishop shall cease from Or- of a Deacon well, purchase to

a dering that person, until such time as the themselves a good degree, and Party accused shall be found cleur of that

great boldness in the faith which I Then the Bishop (commending such as is in Christ Jesus. shall be found meet to be Ordered, to the Prayers of the Congregation ) shall, with or else this, out of the sixth the Clergy and People present, say the Chapter of the Acts of the

Litany. 1 Then shall be said the Service for the Com.

Apostles. munion, with the Collect, Epistle, and

Acts vi. 2.
Gospel, as followeth.
The Collect.

multitude of the disciples


THEN the Twelve called the

thy Divine Providence hast reason that we should leave the appointed divers Orders of Mi- word of God, and serve tables. nisters in thy Church, and didst Wherefore, brethren, look ye inspire thine Apostles to choose out among you seven men of into the Order of Deacons the honest report, full of the Holy first Martyr Saint Stephen, with Ghost and wisdom, whom we others; mercifully behold these may appoint over this business. thy servants now called to the But we will give ourselves conlike Office and Administration; tinually to prayer, and to the so replenish them with the truth ministry of the Word. And of thy Doctrine, and adorn the saying pleased the whole them with innocency of life, that multitude. And they chose both by word and good exam. Stephen, a man full of faith and ple they may faithfully serve of the Holy Ghost, and Philip, thee in this Office, to the glory and Prochorus, and Nicanor, of thy name, and the edification and Timon, and Parmenas, and of thy Church, through the me. Nicolas a proselyte of Antioch: rits of our Saviour Jesus Christ, whom they set before the Aposwho liveth and reigneth with tles; and when they had prayed, thee and the Holy Ghost, now they laid their hands on them. and for ever. Amen.

And the word of God increased,

and the number of the disciples · The Epistle. 1 Tim. iii. 8.

multiplied in Jerusalem greatly,

cons be grave, not double. Priests were obedient to the tongued, not given to much faith,

The Bishop:


1 Then shall the Bishop exa- he be admitted thereto by the

mine every one of those who are Bishop. And furthermore, it is to be Ordered, in the presence his Office, where provision is so of the People, after this man- made, to search for the sick, ner following:

poor, and impotent people of the DO

O you trust that you are Parish, to intimate their estates,

inwardly moved by the names, and places where they Hoiy Ghost to take upon you dwell, unto the Curate, that this Office and Ministration, to by his exhortation they may be serve God for the promoting of relieved with the alms of the Pa. his glory, and the edifying of his rishioners, or others: Will you people?

do this gladly and willingly ? Answer. I trust so.

Answer. I will so do by the The Bishop.

help of God. DO

O you think that you are ILL you apply all your

truly called, according to diligence to frame and fa. the will of our Lord Jesus shion your own lives, and the Christ, and according to the lives of your families, according Canons of this Church, to the to the Doctrine of Christ; and Ministry of the same?

to make both yourselves and Answer. I think so.

them, as much as in you lieth, The Bishop,

wholesome examples of the

flock of Christ? O you unfeignedly believe Answer. I will so do, the of the Old and New Testament?

The Bishop. Answer. I do believe them. ILL you reverently obey The Bishop.

your Bishop, and other

chief Ministers, who, according WILL you diligently

read to the

Canons of the Church, the same unto the people may have the charge and goassembled in the Church where vernment over you; following you shall be appointed to serve? with a glad mind and will their Answer. I will.

godly admonitions ?

Answer. I will endeavour The Bishop.

so to do, the Lord being my IT appertaineth to the Office helper. . of in

1 where he shall be appointed to Then the Bishop, laying his

Hands severally upon the serve, to assist the Priest in Di. vine service, and specially when

Head of every one of them he ministereth the Holy Com

humbly kneeling before him, mupion, and to help him in the

АКЕ holy Scriptures and Homilies ecute . in the Church; and to instruct con in the Church of God comthe Youth in the Catechism ; in mitted unto thee; In the name

1 the absence of the Priest to bap- of the Father, and of the Son, tize lufants; and to preach, if and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Dalhe Canten med Scriptures Loras being my helper.

shall say,

distribution thereof; and to read The Office of a Dea


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T Then shall the Bishop deliver to accept and take these thy Ser

to every one of them the New vants unto the Office of Deacons Testament, saying,

in thy Church; make them, we "AKE thouAuthority to read beseech thee, O Lord, to be

the Gospel in the Church modest, humble, and constant of God, and to preach the same, in their Ministration, to have a if thou be thereto licensed by ready will to observe all spiritual the Bishop himself.

Discipline; that they having 1 Then one of them appointed always the testimony of a good

conscience, and continuing ever by the Bishop shall read.

stable and strong in thy Son The Gospel. St. Luke xii

. 35. Christ, may so well behave LE

ET your loins be girded themselves in this inferior Of

about, and your lights burn- fice, that they may be found ing, and ye yourselves like unto worthy to be called unto the men that wait for their Lord, higher Ministries in thy Church, when he will return from the through the same thy Son our wedding; that when he cometh Saviour Jesus Christ; to whom and knocketh, they may open be glory and honour, world unto him immediately. Bles- without end. Amen. sed are those servants whom the

, Lord when he cometh shall find THE Peace of God, which watching : Verily I say unto

passeth all understanding, you, that he shall gird himself, the knowledge and love of God,

hearts and minds in and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and and of his Son Jesus Christ our serve them. And if he shall Lord: And the blessing

of God come in the second watch, or Almighty, the Father, the Son, come in the third watch, and and the Holy Ghost, be amongst find them so, blessed are those you, and remain with you al

ways. Amen. servants.

And here it must be declared unto the Then shall the Bishop proceed in the Com.

Deacon, that he must continue in that Ofmunion; and all who are Ordered, shall

fice of a Deacon the space of a whole Year tarry, and receive the Holy Communion

(except for reasonable causes it shall the same day with the Bishop.

otherwise seem good unto the Bishop) to I The Communion ended, after the intent he may be perfect, and well ex. the last Collect, and immedi

pert in the things appertaining to the Ec

clesiastical Administration ; in executing ately before the Benediction, whereof, if he be found faithful and dilishalt be said this Collect fol

gent, he inay be admitted by his Diocesan

to the Order of Priesthood, at the times lowing:

appointed in the Canon, or else, on urgent LMIGHTY God, giver of occasion, upon some other day, in the face

of the Church, in such manner and form

as hereafter followeth: great goodness hast vouchsafed

keep your

When the day appointed by the Bishop is come, after Morning Prayer is ended, there shall be a Sermon, or Exhortation, declaring the Duty and Office of such as come to be admitted Priests; how necessary that Order is in the Church of Christ, and also hork

the People ought to esteem them in their Office. T A Priest shall present unto God, and show what the crime

the Bishop, sitting in his Chair or impediment is. near to the Holy Table, all

And if any great Crime or Impediment

be. those who are to receive the objected, the Bishop shall cease from OrOrder of Priesthood that day,

dering that Person, until such time as the

Purty accused shall be found clear of that each of them being decently Crime. habited, and shall say:

9 Then the Bishop ( commending such as

shall be found meet to be Ordered, to the EVEREND Father in

Prayers of the Congregation ) shall, with

the Clergy and People present, say the God, I present unto you Litany, with the Prayers us is before apthese persons present, to be ad- pointed in the form of Ordering Deacons :

save only, that in the proper suffrage there. mitted to the Order of Priest

added, the word Deacons shati be omitted hood.

and the word Priests inserted instead of it, The Bishop.

Then shall be said the Ser

vice for the Communion, with AKE heed that the persons the Collect, Epistle, and Goswhom ye present unto us,

pel, as followeth. be apt and meet for their learn ing and godly conversation, to

The Collect. to



the honour of God, and the ed ALMIGHTY God, giver of

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fying of the Church.

Holy Spirit hast appointed di1 The Priest shall answer :

vers orders of Ministers in the

Church; mercifully behold Have inquired concerning these thy servants now called to

them, and also examined the Office of Priesthood; and them, and think them so to be. so replenish them with the truth 1 Then the Bishop shall say unto with innocency of life, that both

of thy doctrine, and adorn them the Poeple:

by word and good example they Gh1

OOD People, these are they may faithfully serve thee in this

whom we purpose, God Office, to the glory of thy name, willing, to receive this day unto and the edification of thy the Holy Office of Priesthood: Church, through the merits of For after due examination, we our Saviour Jesus Christ, who find not to the contrary, but liveth and reigneth with thee that they are lawfully called to and the Holy Ghost, world their Function and Ministry, without end. Amen. and that they are persons meet for the same. But yet if there

The Epistle. Ephes. iv. 7.

of us any impediment or

given to crime in any of them, for the the measure of the gift of Christ, which he ought not to be receiv. Wherefore he saith, When he ed into this holy Ministry, let ascended up on high, he led caphim come forth in the name of tivity captive, and gave gifts un

bey anymoeder man who knowietle UNTO every one ordings is

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