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Calendar of Flora Fauna and Pomona compared with the Journal of the Weather, extracted from a Latin Journal, recording Observations of Seventeen Years.


MARCH 8.A flock of Wild Fowls flew over towards the South East.

30th.-The Green Woodpecker Picus viridis seen in the garden.

APRIL 2d.-Two Swallows seen at Woodford, in Essex. 26th.-Swallows again appear in London Fields.

28th.-The Thrush singing.

MAY 1st.-The Wryneck Jyax torquilla first heard. 3d. The Cuckoo first heard.

20th.-I noticed this evening, at Clapton, an immense

quantity of small Flies flying in a vortex.

31st.-Iris lurida in flower.

JULY 4th. The Cuckoo still heard: Strawberries very plentiful.

AUG. 10th. Falling Stars numerous to-night.

OCT. 5th.-Picus minor seen.

29th.-Leaves begin to fall.

* 1807. APRIL 29th.-The Cuckoo heard, no leaves on the

trees yet.

30th.-The Wryneck first heard.

MAY 1st.-Swallows as well as Martins first seen at Wal


9th. The Sparrow has a brood in her nest under the gutter above closet window.


10th. The Raven flies high, indicating fair weather.

11th. The Owls hoot in Walthamstow Grove.

16th. The Swifts first seen and numerous.

JUNE 10th.-Blustering S. W. wind, quite shakes the house. 14th.-The Yellow Flag Iris pseudacorus, and the Lurid Iris Iris lurida in full blow.


JULY 2d. The large White Poppy Paparer somniferum in flower.

SEP. 3d.-Swallows congregate as if about to depart.
OCT. 6th.-The Comet distinctly seen to-night.

18th.-Viola odorata still in blow.

NOV. 19th. The first Snow fell to-day.

DEC. 2d. The Snow lies thick: the birds come about the house for shelter and food.

* 1808. APRIL 18th.-The Swallow Hirundo rustica first seen at Barking, in Essex. From the 24th to the 29th no Swallows were seen, the wind being Northerly and cold.

MAY 1st. The Wryneck first heard near Lea Bridge. The Martin Hirundo urbica seẹn.

14th. The Swift Hirundo apus seen to-day in great numbers, as usual, at once.

21st.-A pale and lambent light of an electric kind was seen about the plants this evening, which I have already described in the foregoing pages.

29th. I noticed Starlings at Hampton Court.

..JUNE 3d. The Iris Germanica in flower at Walthamstow, The Sparrow has young ones again in her nest above my window..

7th.-The Monkey Poppy Papaver orientale in blow at Clapton, but not yet at Walthamstow.

10th.-Scilla Peruviana, Sarracenia purpurea, and the Purple Goats Beard, Tragopogon porrifolius, in flower.

11th.-Iris lurida in flower.

20th.-The Monkey Poppy in flower in M. Forster's garden at Walthamstow. The Red Poppies P. Rhaeas and P. Dubium; and also garden varieties of P. somniferum in full blow.

23d. The Scilla Peruviana gone out of flower and bearing seed. Lucanus cervus frequently caught flying this year at Clapton, though not in general, common like Scarobaeus fimetarius.

24th. Sonchus coeruleus flowering in the garden.

JULY 14th. The weather for several days has been very hot; to-day the thermometer stood at 96° of Farenheit's scale, at Ryegate.


Sonchus coeruleus in seed.

27th. Sparrows begin to congregate in flocks.

28th. The Sunflower Helianthus annuus in blow.

AUG. 7th.-The Sparrow Fringilla domestica has a second brood in her nest over the window.

11th. Martins congregate: Swifts departing fly high in the air in circles.

24th. Although there be many Sunflowers in the garden, I could never observe their alledged property of turning round with the Sun.

25th.-The Goldcrest Motacilla regulus seen at Clapton.

SEP. 10th.-Large congregations of Martins noticed. Willow Wrens observed in the Larch Trees at Walthamstow. Marsh Titmouse seen.

11th. I found in the garden at Clapton that rare Fungus the Tremella purpurea. Water Wagtails congregate in flocks. 14th.-Martins alight and sit on the roof of the house. 19th.-Mustela nivalis crossing the Lea Bridge Road. M. Benjamin M. Forster and myself found to-day in Wanstead Forest the following Fungi:-Agaricus campestris, A. deliciosus, A. stipitis, A. verucosus, A. fascicularis, A. integer purple, pale, and red varieties. A. squmosus, A. amethistinus, A. farinaceus, A. lactifluus, Boletus bovinus, and severa] others.

OCT. 14th.-Swallows last noticed by me at Chapel Field, near Norwich.

18th.-Martins last seen.

NOV. 14th. The Owl heard at midnight.


* 1809. JAN. 29th.-Extensive floods in the marshes of the The waters were so much out at Hackney as to cover the bridge over the brook.

APRIL 10th.—The Bat first seen; it was caught flying in the house.

28th. I noticed the first Swallow at Colnbroke, in my way to Bath.

MAY 1st. I saw a vast quantity of torpid Bats in Wokey Hole, near Wells.

5th. The Martin seen at Melksham, in Wiltshire.

17th.-The Monkey Poppy P. orientale in blow in the garden of T. F. Forster, Esq. at Clapton.

JUNE 11th.-Scilla Peruviana in full flower at Clapton: it has been in flower about ten days.-Purple Goat's Beard in flower. The Sparrow has young in her nest over my window.

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