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Bow down, dear Land, for thou |

CHICAGO. hast found release! Thy God, in these distempered

OCT, 10, 1871. days,

BLACKENED and bleeding, helpless, Hatli taught thee the sure wis

panting, prone, dom of his ways,

On the charred fragments of her And through thine enemies hath

shattered throne wrought thy peace!

Lies she who stood but yesterday Bow Town in prayer and praise !

alone. O Beautiful! my Country! ours once more!

Queen of the West! by some enSmoothing thy gold of war-di

chanter taught shevelled hair

To lift the glory of Aladdin's court, O'er such sweet brows as never Then lose the spell that all that other wore,

wonder wrought. And letting thy set lips, Freed from wrath's pale Like her own prairies by some eclipse,

chance seed sowi, The rosy edges of their smile lay Like her own prairies in one brief

day grown, What words divine of lover or of Like her own prairies in one fierce poet

niglit mown. Cowd tell our love and make thee kuow it,

She lifts her voice, and in her pleadAmong the Nations bright be

ing call yond compare?

We hear the cry of Macedon to What were our lives without

Paul, thee?

The cry for help that makes her kin What all our lives to save

to all, thee? We reck not what we gave But haply withi wan fingers may sle thee;

feel We will not dare to doubt The silver cup hid in the proffered thee,

meal, But ask whatever else, and we will The gifts her kinship and our loves dare!

reveal. J. R. LOWELL.






" Who will not honor noble numbers, when

Verses outlive the bravest deeds of men'-HERRICK.



But this thy countenance, still

locked in steel, THERE was a king that much might, | I never saw till now. Who Nabugodonosor higlit.

Let an old man embrace thee: To his empire and to his laws,

And, worthy warrior, welcome to As who saith, all in thilke dawes

our teuts. Were obeisaut, and tribute bear,

As tho* God of earth he were:
Till that the high king of kings
Which seeth and knoweth all things,

Whose eye may nothing asterte,
The privates of man's heart

Cominis. - I shall lack voice; the They speken and sound in his ear

deeds of Coriolanus As though they loud winds were, - Should not be uttered feebly. — It is He took vengeance of his pride.

held, GOWER: Confessio Amantis. That valor is the chiefest virtue,

and Most dignifies the haver: if it be,

The man I speak of cannot in the NESTOR TO HECTOR.


Be singly counterpoised. At sixteen Nestor. -- I have, thou gallant Tro

years, jan), seen thee oft,

When Tarquin made a head for Laboring for destiny, make cruel

Rome, he fought way

Beyond the mark of others: our Through ranks of Greekish youth:

then dictator, and I have seen thee,

Whom with all praise I point at, As hot as Perseus, spurthy Phrygian

saw him fight steed,

When with his Amazonian chin he Despising many forfeits and subdue

drove ments,

The bristled lips before him: he beWhen thou hast hung thy ad

strid vanced sword i' the air,

An o’erpressed Roman, and in the Not letting it decline on the de

consul's view clined:

Slew three opposers: Tarquin's self That I have said to some my stand

he met, ers-by,

And struck him on his knee: in that Lo, Jupiter is yonder, dealing life!

day's feats, And I hare seen thee pause, and take When he might act the woman in thy breath

the scene, When that a ring of Greeks have le proved best man of the field, and hemmed thee in,

for his meed Like an Olympian wrestling: This Was brow-bound with the oak. His have I seen

pupil age

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