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C. i. Ist.

The Sept. and Ar, read » 71 'yana, in the fourth Month, which seems necessary.

2nd. else.

Sixteen MSS. read 703997", and thus it is written everywhere

8th. More than forty MSS. read, with the Keri and Chald. "7'), which is necessary.

9th. Fourteen MSS, have onaba in the masculine, which accords better with the preceding pronouns; and it may be observed, once for all, that the final feminine has been written, by mistake, for the final o masculine throughout this chapter, as several MSS. evince, together with the context.

and ) ; פניהם פנים פני אדם had four faces

I think we should read

10th. -- As it is evident, from v. 6th, that each of the four beasts

, I D ; “ the likeness of their faces, eastward, was the face of a man;" for, DD, which denotes the east, might easily be dropped from its similitude, or, rather, sameness, to the words foregoing and following it; and then, of course, the faces of the lion were towards the south, the faces of the ox towards the north, and the faces of the eagle towards the west: for, as I apprehend, the faces of each creature looked in the same direction; i. e. the four faces of the man to the east, and so on. Which direction they never altered, for they went straight forward; so that this seems to have been their position; (the letters, on the sides of the squares, denoting the aspect of each creature; H, man; L, lion; B, ox; and A, eagle.) See Junius, in Poole's Synopsis.

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And, as the word signifying the west is not mentioned, and the word ON'3D), in the beginning of the next verse, is entirely omitted by the Sept. and the sense is as complete without it, might not this be written by mistake for 71083, as opposed to D'Id, see c. ii. 10; or some such word, which seeins wanting at the end of v. 10? And these four beasts were probably intended to represent the people of Israel, according to A a


the form of their encampment in four square divisions, when they went, under the command of JEHOVAH, to take possession of the Holy Land. And the reason why each creature had four faces, resembling the man, the lion, the ox, and the eagle, was, because these were the standards of the four principal tribes, which were at the head of each division; the lion representing the tribe of Judah; the ox the tribe of Ephraim; the man the tribe of Reuben; and the eagle the tribe of Dan. And that the order in which they stood is changed by the prophet, the lion appearing thien in the cast, and now the man, is probable for this reason, that then they were going to victory, and now to punishment

12th. — For v. 12, 16, 17, 18, see note on v. I.


27th. - I very strongly suspect that ob n'a is a corruption of some other word; most probably nians. See Ps. cv. 32.

C. iii. 6th. Should we not read Dx before the first 8%, by which repetition the expostulation of the prophet would be much heightened:

if I had sent thee to a people,” &c. if I had sent thee to them,”


9th. — Twenty-two MSS. read 7150, which is preferable.

12th. The Sept. Chald. and Ar. read the word bainox before 7992, which is requisite.

Three MSS. give inunk, which is the truest reading. See

18th. Masclef.

Thirty MSS. have 'IT'DYN), which is more regular. See

24th. c. ii. 2.

25th. - It strikes me, that, instead of baina, by transposing most of the letters, we should read 70:3s, “and thou shalt not go out of thy house." See the former verse.

C. iv. 5th. For the chronological difference between the present text and the Sept. see Gen. Dissert. of the Collat. of MSS. sect. 80, ni.

· 6th. One MS. and the Sept. Syr. and Ar. omit the second ses O1', which appears to be altogether redundant.

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C. v. Ist. - Three MSS. read onlayn)," and thou shalt cause it," &c. So, also, the Sept. Syr. and Chald. .

6th. - The Sept. and Ar. probably read 'nann, but might not the text be originally 10871, and the sense of the words be this: and she shall speak of my judgements for her wickedness in the nations, and my statutes in the lands that surround her, because they have refused my judgements, and my statutes they have not walked in them?” The judgements and statutes first mentioned being to be understood of the punishments inflicted on the Jews for their violation of the Divine laws; in which sense they seem to be taken, c. xx. 25. See Glassius, in Poole's Synopsis, and v. 8 of this chapter.

7th. As the learned collator of the MSS, has observed, the omission of the negative adverb x5, in the third place, is justified by twenty-six MSS. and the parallel place in c. xi. 12.

One MS. omits 07172, which is not necessary to com

C. vi. Sth. plete the sense.

10th. There is no occasion for supposing any ellipsis in this verse. " And they shall know that I, Jehovah, have not spoken to them in vain to do unto them this evil.” See the Sept. and other versions. One MS. has by for 58.

C. vi. 5th. — The Chald. reads 778, “ malum post malum;” but it appears very probable, that, instead of any, we should read rox, “the evil cometh, behold the evil cometh;" which emphatical repetition, as the learned Bishop Lowth observes, (see Præl. sac.) is very usual in this prophet. See, also, the following verse, where we should

. , “ the end cometh, the end cometh, behold the end cometh to thee;" and it is observable, that, though the Sept. preserves the present reading, it adds also the supposed

,הקיץ instead of הקץ .read

with two MSS


and no one " ,הרוס or ולא היד הרים that the original text might be

7th. — Though the sense put upon these words, D'777777857, may be admitted, yet it does not seem very pertinent; and I am apt to think

m , “ lifted up a hand, or there was not a hand lifted up.” See v. 17, and Mich. v. 9.

1 Kings, xi. 27. Heb. xii. 12.

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13th. Two MSS. have 1777 instead of 17in, which seems to be justified by the preceding and following verses.

“ For wrath is upon all,” &c.

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