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19th. more usual.

Forty-seven MSS. read, with the Keri, baina, which is

See v. 18.

21st. - In the third line forty-two MSS. read , which is better. See c. iii. 43. So the Syr. Chald. and Ar.

18th. — non, “ O wall of the daughter of Zion," does not afford a very striking sense. May not this word be written, through mistake, for nion, which seems to agree better with the foregoing words; • their heart cryeth unto the Lord, shall the daughter of Zion die?See V. 21.

C. iii. 2d. — Twenty-eight MSS. have 75794.

12th. - Twenty-nine MSS. read 70s, and so we have it, Jerem. xxxii. 2.

13th. — Fifty-four MSS. have 'mossa, as it is generally written.

18th. Instead of rendering 171719, “ from Jehovah,would it not be better to translate it, with Vatablus, “ in Jehovah:66

my strength and my hope in Jehovah is perished?"


Fifty MSS. read, with the Keri, hwny.


Ninety-two MSS. read, with the Keri, yony, which the preceding verb justifies. See the Sept. Syr. Vulg. and Chald.

25th. Eleven MSS. have ph, which is a better reading; and so the Sept. Vulg. Chald, and Ar. Z 2


27th. — Forty-two MSS. read by.

31st. which makes a good sense.

.with the Chald ,אדני before עבדיו Bishop Lowth reads

32d. — Seventy-five MSS. read, with the Keri, 90701.

39th. Forty-four MSS. read, with the Keri, Ron in the plural, with the Syr. but the Sept. Chald. and Ar. retain the singular.

or ליהוה it seems to me that we should read ,עד יהוה For


, 771779 be, as the verb requires one of those prepositions.

43d, 44th. Would it not be more grammatical to read, in both places, nigd, or nd as one MS. has it in v. 43 ? Thirty-nine MSS. read, also, in v. 43, oben by, “ and thou,” &c. Sec c. ii. 21.


,ולשועתי Sixteen MSS


. , and at my cry,” which is


59th, 60th.

Twenty MSS. read, in both places, 1987, which is more grammatical. See v. 43, 44,

.מגרת I should think we should read ,מגנת Instead of

, I

See c. ii. 22. The Syr. with our version, renders the word tristitiam cordis.

C. iv. Ist. The Sept. and Ar. read 903M for Onan, “ the fine silver;" which is probably the true reading, as gold is mentioned before.

3d. Fifty-three MSS, read, with the Keri, Dygyny instead of Disy , and that is certainly to be preferred.


Should we not read Dosy, as in v. 8; or, rather, binsy, to

, ), “ "

" .as sapphire " ,כספיר and ,אדמו agree with

[blocks in formation]

16tb, 17th. For the transposition of these verses see Gen. Dissert. of the Collat. sect. 23.

16th. In the order it stands at present, might not the first line be better rendered thus: the face of Jehovah, their portion, will no more regard them.” See the Sept. and Ar, and c. iii. 24. Twenty-six MSS. read, with the Keri, Spr.

18th. For 13943, the Sept. Syr. and Ar. read 13'999, “ they hunt our young ones when they walk in the streets.” But the present text seems preferable, alluding to dogs following the scent; similar to which is Ps. lvi. 6, which also preserves a beautiful paronomasia.

19th. So all the versions.

Fifty-two MSS. read 191857, which the context requires.

21st. — Thirty MSS. have navi', which is more grammatical.

C. v. 2d. In the second line of this verse there appears to be a word wanting to complete the sense and the metre: it is probable it may


be 1203, which should be inserted after 13'02 ; " our houses are left to strangers.” See Jerem. vi, 12.

3d. – Twenty-eight MSS. have, with the Keri, 1'87.

5th. Should we not read by by, “ with the yoke upon our necks we are persecuted.” See, Deut. xxviii, 48, Thirty-seven MSS. read 9887873 in the plural; so the Vulg. and Syr. Forty-two MSS. have, with the Keri, , which is a better reading. And should we not read 1137 instead of 1317, in which form I believe this word never appears elsewhere : and thirty-three MSS. read 137.

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Should we not read, with the Vulg. and Chald. the 5 before

? , .

.See our version ? ואשור Or

, should we not read ? אשור and מצרים

7th. — Thirty MSS. read, with the Keri, I'X1, " and are not;" and twenty-six MSS. read, with the Keri, 131381.

9th. — Thirty-three MSS, have, with the Sept. Vulg. Chald. and Ar.


10th. Twenty-four MSS. read, with the Syr, Chald. and Ar. 93999, which agrees better with the verb following; but the Sept. and Vulg. have the verb singular.

11th. — Fifteen MSS. have nybina, which is more grammatical.


Should we not read grob, “ ad molendum?”

22d. Would it not be better to read N7, interrogatively? “ But hast thou,” &c.


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