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11th. — Fifty-four MSS. have 177'2', which is more grammatical.

15th. Twenty-five MSS. have Din3571, which seems to be the most exact reading.

16th. Fifteen MSS, read, in the first place, oxan; and thirty-six read thus in the second place, which seems to be the most regular.

22d. — Fifty MSS. read been in the third place, “ and let not," which is better; and thus the Sept. reads.

C. x. 5th.

Eleven MSS. give 18°9', which is more regular.

7th. It strikes me that we should read by instead of us, every one shall come unto thee:” similar to which is that passage, Ps. Ixv. 2.

",gold from Ophu" ,מאופר be written for מאופן May not

9th. both here and Dan. X. 5,?

11th. For the correction of this verse, see the Dissert. of the Collation of the MSS.

:17th. — The commentators vary:greatly in their interpretations of this verse; (see Poole's Synopsis;) and might not the words, by reading 700x instead of 50%, admit of this interpretation, which corresponds very well with what goes before; .collecting thee in the land of thy humiliation, when thou dwelledst in Egypt?For 7199 bears this sense in several places. Ten MSS. read, with the Keri, nawi.

that they may

6 ,ימצאוני or ימצאו Should ve not read



See Prov. i. 28.


25th. - Ten MSS. have best and seven 177531, which is more grammatical, but the Sept. omits the first verb, as does one MS. and one MS. is without both;, and the sense is complete without them, as the learned author of the Collations has demonstrated by comparing this passage with Ps. Ixxix. 6, 7; though, in his first Dissertation, he thinks that


.might be original ויכלוהו

C. xi. 2d.

:דברת and שמע .Should we not read

with the Syr


Twelve MSS, read 1731031, which is more usual.


Ten MSS. have '17'y77, which is still more grammatical.


Thirty-eight Mss. read you's, which is more regular.

13th. – The 3 seems to be wanting before 9002 in both places. See c. ii. 28.

14th. Fourteen MSS. read, together with the Sept. and other versions, nya instead of nya, and it affords the best sense; in the time of their trouble.”


The Sept. and Ar. read "1787, “then I saw their doings.”


If we retain the present reading 9158, we must supply the 1 before it, as in our own version, or give it a very

forced signification little applicable to the lamb. (See Poole's Synopsis.) The Sept. and other versions followed probably a different reading, what it might be is not easy to guess; but, if we might read Dibe with the alteration of one letter only, it gives a sense every way pertinent: " and I, as the



dumb lamb led to the slaughter,” &c. And the same epithet is attributed to it, Isai. liii. 7.

Sixty-thiee MSS. have bromybos, and thus it is

C. xii. 2d. generally written.

4th. One MS. has hand and another on, either of which agrees better with the verb preceding. Kennicott reads, with the Sept. 191078, nostras vias.

7th. Fifty-two MSS. have 017'7, which is the more usual reading. Perhaps it should be 07:7).

8th. Two MSS. read obup, and that this is the most grammatical construction appears from Prov. i. 20, viii. 1. Joel, i. 11.

9th. — Perhaps we should read prys in the first place.

12th. - _

- Twenty-four MSS. have "bW. See c. ii. 2.

C. xiii. 2d.

Two MSS. have "na, which is more grammatical.

9th. The last word in this verse, 277, seems to be better connected with the words following; “ this people hath multiplied evil, , refusing,” &c. See c. xiv. 7. Or, perhaps, we should read 2008, " I will make desolate."


Sixteen MSS. read, with the Keri, niwi.

20th. Twenty-six MSS. read, with the Keri, 18w; and twentyseven, with the Keri, 1877.

C. xiv. 1st.

The words 079778427 ought to begin the chapter.


Sixty-three MSS. have noisy at full.

3d. - Eight MSS. read, with the Keri, Dinys.

6th. — Twenty-one MSS. have D".

See c. xii. 12.


C. xv. lst. The marginal Sept. of Grabe reads yn789 instead of

; “ Moses and Aaron."

4th. – Twenty MSS. read, with the Keri, mwis.

8th. Neither the versions nor commentators give any very satisfactory interpretation of this verse; and I cannot help thinking that the present text is greatly corrupted, and conjecturing that it stood thus:

הבאתי להם לאם בחור שודד בצהרים עצמו להם אלמנות מחול ימים

הפלתי עליהמפתאם רעד ובהלות.

especially as the last word_had such an ;לאם for על אם ,writing

Their widows are increased to them above the sand of the sea. I have brought upon them a chosen people, (the Babylonians,) that wasteth at noon-day. I have caused to fall upon them suddenly, (two MSS. read Dresy,) trembling and terrors.” For it was very easy to mistake, in

, ; affinity to the pronoun going before. Unless we suppose the Sy to be erroneously inserted, or, instead of Og Sy, read only by, populus: for, in either case, the sense is the saine; and that 7'y was, through the carelessness of transcribers, put for. 777 seems evident from the Sept. version, which translates the word teónov. See also the Syr. and Ar.


Nine MSS. read, with the Keri, gesinn, which seems

11th. preferable.

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13th. – Twenty-four MSS. have, with the Keri, 707193989. Two MSS. omit they before the first ba, and the sense would be still better if it was omitted in both places; " for all thy sins in all thy borders."


Five MSS. read by ny instead of Daisy. See Kennic. first Dissertation.

differ very

15th. - By supposing 5x to be a negative particle, the commentators

much in their interpretation of these words; and would they not afford a better sense, if we were to make it the vocative case, God, through thy long suffering receive me?” See Ps. xlix. 15.

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16th. Twelve MSS. read, with the Keri, 7727 in the second place, and so did the Sept. and other versions; and this agrees better with the preceding verb.

,מאנה instead of מאין It appears to me that we should read

18th. “and my deadly wound without a healer."

and this sense agrees better with the following ,להם instead of לחם

C. xvi. 7th. The Sept. certainly, and probably one MS. read

, part of the context; “ neither shall they break bread for mourning," &c. This remark was made before I saw it confirmed by the authority of the learned collator of the MSS. in his Gen. Dissert. sect. 147, where he adduces other proofs of the truth of it.

18th. Should we not read 310892, “and I will recompense, as at the first, (to wit, the punishment of their fathers,) their iniquity,” &c. And so the Chald. seems to have read.

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