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Eight MSS. read, with the Sam. 1987, as it is


Several MSS. read, with the Sam. in each place, niyau.

.ויביא It would be more regular to read as ,בהם and the Sam . adds ,הארון and ,צלעות ,בטבעות

.with the Sam


. Several MSS. read, . , , , . , it is found in c. xxv. 14.

8th. — Twenty-nine MSS. read, with the Keri, 10713p, as in c. xxvi. 19, though, perhaps, the truest reading is in 18p : see Ps. xix. 7.

10th. Six MSS. read, with the Sam. 110p, which is more regular; and let it be observed once for all that the Sam. always preserves this reading.

13th. Several MSS. read, with the Sam. niyou and nikbn, which the grammatical construction requires : see the following verse.

14th. Four MSS. read Dinah, as it is found c. xxv. 27: see v. 27 of this chapter.

17th. - The Sam. reads 17:3p in the plural, which is followed by the Syr. Ar. and Vulg. and is justified by the following part of the context.


Thirty-three MSS. read, with the Sam. O'yila.


If Snipi is not written through mistake for another word, should we not here, and c. xxv. 26, read Di'p, conformably to all the


preceding words of the same signification? But, as branches do not seem to be here spoken of, I should think that the original word was

, “ their knops and their flowers," i. e. the flowers of the bowls were of the same.


C. xxxviii. 3d. The Sam. reads, with several MSS. all the feminine plural nouns with the 1, which the grammatical construction requires. But, in c. xxvii. 3, they appear in the other form with the final, though the former is certainly the most regular reading ; and I cannot but think that the 1 being omitted through neglect, the ' was afterwards added by mistake to denote the feminine plural.

4th. There is a difference in the order of the words here and in c. xxvii. 4, 5, occasioned by the different circumstances of direction and erecution.

5th. Five MSS. read, with the Sam. nway, which the grammatical construction requires. I think it would be better to read Dinas, as it is usually written.

7th. It would be more grammatical to read X!!!); for, though it is

very often written without the ', it is scarcely to be doubted that it was at first inserted. The Sam. supplies, with several MSS. the 1 in the plural feminine nouns, see v. 3; and there are ómissions in this, and the 7th verse of c. xxvii. which must be supplied from each other to complete the sense. Sce the comparison of them in the Collations.

8th, Nine MSS. read, with the Sam. 01879), and seven read 01828, which the grammatical construction requires.

9th. Either 1722), as the Sam. always gives this word, or no'n, seems to be redundant here, and when they occur together elsewhere; and one MS. omits may in this place. With respect to noxa, see c. xxvii. 9. The Sept. translated from some copy which read here 17822, centum per centum, and in the following verse; which, though manifestly wrong, proves that that copy is not now extant, as no such reading appears.

See c. xxxiv. 11. In c. xxvii. 10, at the end of the verse, are added these words ongn 7805 708, long for one side; but

, “ a hundred cubits the length of the hangings?" See.v. 12.

,לפאה האחת instead of הקלעים slhould we not read

קלעים מאה אמות ,probable that the words in both stood originally thus

11th. From comparing this verse with c. xxvii. 11, it appears

, 778 103 nnost; or, as the Sam. reads, 72103, “ and, to the side towards the north, the length of the hangings a hundred cubits.” For , see c. xxvii. I, &c. Compare v. 12 with c. xxvii. 12.

12th. -- The Sam. reads 10. There are four words at the end of this verse, which seem to be wanting in c. xxvii, 12. Forty-six MSS. read, with the Sam. Doponi, in which form it appears elsewhere.

13th. — There seems to be an error in the Vulg. translation, which makes the hangings of the tabernacle, on the east side, fifty cubits in length; whereas it is evident that they were divided into two parts, each fifteen cubits in length, which were hung on each side of the gate, as appears by the same translation in the following verses, the hangings of the gate being different. See v. 16.

,האחת לשער החצר it seems necessary to insert הכתף After

14th. “ of the one side of the gate of the court.

See the next verse.

15th. - If the above insertion be admitted, those four words, vind, &c. which are omitted c. xxvii. 15, are not requisite. See the Collat.

16th. This verse is omitted c. xxvii. 16, but it seems necessary to add it in order to distinguish the hangings of the court from the hangings of the gate, which, from the description in both places, seem to have been of a superior order, and are distinguished from the other in v. 18.

17th. - This verse is likewise omitted in c. xxvii. ; and, as the particulars are mentioned in v. 10, 11, of this, it seems superfluous; if it is retained, the five last words, by comparing them with v. 19, seem to be redundant.

18th. The latter part of this verse is not to be found in c. xxvii. 16, but it seems proper to be added, as it ascertains the exact dimensions of the gate, particularly in respect to its height, which had not been mentioned before here, but is implied c. xxvii. 18.

20th. — Four MSS. read, with the Sam. 0170717, which is proper.

21st. The copy which the Sept. and Vulg. followed omits the second qua, which appears to be redundant.

25th. As 118, which is the true reading, follows, should we not read so in the first place ? sce the following verses.

C. xxxix. lst. It is probable that 770 is here, and c. xxxi. 10, written by mistake for And: see Num. iv. 12.

2d. — The Sam. reads, with one MS. WV, conformably to most of the following verbs, which the Syr. and Ch, follow.

Six MSS, read, with the Sam. 710877: see c. xxv. 7.

3d. Twenty Mss. read Debons, which the grammatical construction requires. The Sam. reads 198p1. See v. 2, which the Syr., Chald. and Ar. follow.

4th. Five MSS, read, with the Sam. niond, and four, with the Sam. onan, which the grammatical construction requires; and one MS. 1015p, which seems to be the truest reading. See c. xxxvii. 8.

,אפודהו probably the true reading is ;אפודתו Two MSS

. read


6th. One Hebrew and six Sam. MSS. read 2013, which is the truest reading. The Sam. reads nisaun, and four, with the Sam. ninos, which are more regular.

7th. - The Sam. reads 100", see v. 2. Seven MSS. read, with the Sam. nions, which all the versions follow, and two, with the Sam.



Two MSS. read, with the Sam. Wy'), which the Syr.

8th. follows.


The last 603 is redundant, and is omitted' c. xxviii. 16. .

13th. Three MSS. read 012019, see. v. 6; and this word is necessary, c. xxviii. 20. Fifteen MSS. read, with the Sam. nivo. The Sam. reads, here and c. xxviii, 20, Dowboa, which is followed by the Chald. and Vulg.

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