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Abandoned Canals: See Public Works, dept. of.

Absentee voters:

Chap. Page.
voting at general elections, election law, article 15a, §§ 523-539 added. 875 2219
voting, return and canvass of votes, constitutional amendment, adopted
Nov. 4, 1919....

Abstracts of title:

title company's abstracts, use in actions and proceedings, effect, insur-
ance law, § 182a added....




842 2160

accident inspectors, appointments, salaries, public service commissions
law amended, § 47..

862 2194

Accountants, certified public:

appropriation for examiners and employees, salaries...

Acknowledgments: See Oaths and acknowledgments.

Actions: See also Code headings; General construction law amended;
Limitation of actions; Real property.

165 332

notice of revival of action or proceeding, service, code of civil pro-
cedure, § 766a added...

[blocks in formation]

Active Militia: See National guard; Naval militia; New York guard.

Adirondack state park: See Forest preserve; Forestry headings; Parks,

Adjutant-General: See also National guard.

reservations, historic places and memorials, state.

[blocks in formation]

printing, employees in military service, reappropriation.
retired veterans


state council of defense, destruction of certain records.

Administrators and executors: See also Code of civil procedure amended;
Decedent estate law amended; Fiduciaries; Surrogates' courts; Wills.
action by or against executor or administrator; practice regulations,
decedent estate law, article 6, §§ 140-160 added..

[blocks in formation]

perpetual care of decedent's burial lot, payment as part of funeral
expenses, code of civil procedure amended, § 2686..
Queens county, salary of public administrator..

494 1259

778 1910

wills, petitions for probate by public administrator or county treas-
urer, code of civil procedure amended, § 2609...

477 1242

Adoption: See Children.

abrogation of adoption, place of application, consents, domestic
relations law amended, §§ 116-118..

287 835


adult person may be adopted, domestic relations law amended, § 110.. 433

Sec Oaths and acknowledgments.


Agricultural corporations:

amount of capital stock, membership corporations law amended, § 194.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Agricultural lands:

drainage, allowances for benefits, conservation law amended, article Sa
(§§ 495-500) re-enacted and amended, § 501 repealed....

Agricultural law amended: See also Agriculture headings following;
Farms and markets law, amended; Table of amendments preceding
index, p. 3.

apples in closed packages, face end, composition, § 262, subds. 2, 4, 5.
agricultural seeds, labeling, analysis, sale, §§ 340, 341, §§ 342-346

bees, registration, transportation, treatment of foul brood bees, pen-
alties, §§ 300, 303 amended, §§ 300a, 303a added..

concentrated commercial feeding stuffs, sale, analysis, article 7 repealed,
new article 7, §§ 160-167 added...

[blocks in formation]

milk and cream fat tests, preparation of data § 35a.

dogs, licensing and protection of domestic animals, article 5b repealed,
new article 5b, §§ 131-139m added.....

767 1874

insecticides and fungicides, labeling of packages, definitions, §§ 140,
144, § 141 repealed..

118 195

227 728

265 793

755 1851

269 798

756 1352

milk statements from purchasers to producers, contents, § 33...
public institutions, condensed milk from which butter fat has been
removed, use prohibited, § 53..

skimmed milk and whey, sterilization, § 33a added..
tuberculous cattle, compensation for killing, § 107, subd. 4.....

Agriculture: See also Agricultural headings preceding and following;
Farms and markets law amended; State fair commission.
appropriation for agriculture and dairying exhibit at New York city.
education dept., agricultural and industrial education division..
farms and markets council salaries..

farms and markets dept., co-operative farm and home bureaus..
maintenance and operation


Indians, agriculture and home economics, extension work.
state fair commission...

Agriculture, commissioner of:

distribution of dog license fees, appropriation....

Agriculture, department of: See Agricultural headings preceding; Farms
and markets law amended.

Agriculture, state schools of: For items of appropriation in detail see
under names of particular agricultural schools throughout index.
appropriation for agricultural experiment station.

Alfred University


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New York city, conveyance of lands and lands under water to U. S. for
harbor defense purposes..

Albany: City second class; See also City headings.

715 1772

appropriation for improvement to Hudson bridge, western approach,
acquisition of land....

police pension fund, establishment, certain acts repealed.

586 1510
375 972

street improvements, zone where no petition required, publication of

[blocks in formation]

Albany appellate division library: See Libraries, subtitle law.

Albany county: See also County headings.

appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair...
county court, compensation of stenographer, judiciary law amended,
§ 319, subd. 2.

deputy sheriffs, attendance at chambers of resident justices and county

[blocks in formation]

Albany Diocese Mission Aid:

incorporation, purposes, powers..

331 904


Albany Home School for the Oral Instruction of the Deaf: See also Deaf
and dumb; State charitable institutions, general.

[blocks in formation]

Albion House of Refuge: See Western House of Refuge for Women, Albion.

Alden village:

officers, building permits, licenses, water rents..

street lighting contracts, annual cost.....

Chap. Page.

410 1027

332 906

Aldermen: See also Municipal officers and employees, local laws affecting.
Olean, compensation increased...

43 84

Alfred University:

appropriation for agricultural school, maintenance and operation.... 165 370

clay-working and ceramics school, maintenance and operation..
second appropriation

Aliens: See also Illiterates; Labor law amended; Nonresidents.
appropriation for state board of charities, poor, transportation....
state hospital commission, deportation bureau.

Alignment of dangerous conditions:

highways, improvement, highway law, § 181 added.....

Allegany county: See also County headings.
appropriation for highways, improved, maintenance and repair....
supervisors, compensation, county law amended, § 23, subd. 2.

Allegany reservation: See Parks, reservations, historic places and
memorials, state.

165 370

165 353

[blocks in formation]

Allen, William:

appropriation for services rendered Hon. M. J. Healy....

165 547

Amendments to Constitution: See Concurrent resolutions; Constitution of
New York.

American Baptist Education Society:

name changed to Board of Education of the Northern Baptist Conven-
tion, board of managers, meetings....

341 917

American Legion: See Soldiers and sailors.

American Seamen's Friend Society:

appropriation for loan for maintenance.

901 2265

Amusement places:

children under 16, admission with adult person, penal law amended,
§ 484, subd. 1.....

849 2169

Anarchy: See Criminal anarchy.

Ancillary letters:

service on persons within state, code of civil procedure amended,
§§ 2632, 2633..

495 1261

Animals: See Agricultural law amended; Conservation headings; Dogs;
Domestic animals; Names of particular animals.

Annulment of marriage: See Marriage.

Appeals: See also Court of appeals; Supreme court headings, subtitle,
appellate division.

right of city or municipal employees to appeal, civil rights law, § 15

805 2103

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