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2 Haste thee on from grace to glory, Armed with faith,

and winged with prayer; Heaven's eternal day's before thee,

God's own hand shall guide thee there:
Soon shall cease thine earthly mission,

Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days;
Hope shall change to glad fruition,

Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.


S. M.

For a Holy Heart.
1 GREAT Source of life and light,

Thy heavenly grace impart,
And by thy holy spirit write

Thy law upon my heart.
My soul would cleave to thee;

Let nought my purpose move;
0, let my faith more steadfast be,
And more intense



2 Long as my trials last,

Long as the cross I bear,
O, let my soul on thee be cast
In confidence and prayer !
Conduct me to the shore

Of everlasting peace,
Where storm and tempest rise no more,

Where sin and sorrow cease.

8s. & 7s. M.

As for the truth, it endureth and is always strong
1 THEORIES, which thousands cherish,

Pass like clouds that sweep the sky;
Creeds and dogmas all may perish;
Truth herself can never die.

2 From the glorious heavens above her,

She has shed her beams abroad,
That the souls who truly love her,

May become the sons of God.
3 Worldlings blindly may refuse her,

Close their eyes and call it night;
Learned scoffers may abuse her,

But they cannot quench her light!
4 Thrones may totter, empires crumble,

All their glories cease to be;
While she, Christ-like, crowns the humble,

And from bondage sets them free,
5 God himself will e'er defend her

From the fury of her foe,
Till she, in her native splendor,

Sits enthroned o'er all below.


7s. M. 61. ANONVIOUS.

Active Benevolence.
1 In the morning sow thy seed,

Nor at eve withhold thy hand;
Who can tell which may succeed,

Or if both alike shall stand,
And a glorious harvest bear
To reward the sower's care ?

2 Sow it 'mid the haunts of vice

Scenes of infamy and crime;
Suddenly, may Paradise

Burst, as in the northern clime
Spring, with all its verdant race,
Starts from Winter's cold embrace.

3 Sow it with unsparing hand;

'T is the kingdom's precious seed,
'Tis the Master's great command,

And his grace shall crown the deed;
He hath said, the precious grain
Never shall be sown in vain.


H. M.

J. G Adaus.
Death of a Magistrate or Public Man.
1 Death moves with victor's tread

In our high places, Lord!
The honorable dead

We mourn with one accord;
Our souls, oppressed, before thee bow,

Heed thou the prayer, accept the vow.
2 While thus we feel the rod

Of thine afflictive love,
Teach us, our fathers' God,

Thy justice to approve.
Though all thy ways we cannot trace

May we not doubt thy guardian grace.
3 O keep us in thy hand,

A chosen race for thee;
And make our own loved land

The true home of the free;
Where sin shall cease, and righteousness
Forever dwell, forever bless.



True Prayer.
1 The Lord is on his holy throne,

He sits in kingly state ;
Let those who for his favors seek,

In humble silence wait.

2 True prayer is not th' imposing sound

That clamorous lips repeat;
But the deep silence of a soul

That clasps Jehovah's feet.


H. M.

GLORY to God on high !

Forever bless his name;
Let earth, and seas, and sky
His wondrous love proclaim;
To him be praise

And glory given
By all on earth,
And all in heaven.


7s. M.

The Same.
Praise to God! immortal praise
From the heavens, the earth, the seas !
All in one vast chorus join,
To extol the name divine !


L. M.

The Same.
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!
Praise him, all creatures here below!
Praise him, above, ye heavenly throng!
Praise God, our Father, in your song!


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