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4 But for a being without end

This vow of love we take;
Grant us, O God, one home at last,

For thy great mercy's sake.



78. & 6s. M.

The Same.
1 When on her Maker's bosom

The new-born earth was laid,
And nature's opening blossom

Its fairest bloom displayed ;
When all with fruits and flowers,

The laughing soil was dressed,
And Eden's fragrant bowers

Received their human guest, –
2 No sin his face defiling,

The heir of nature stood,
And God, benignly smiling,

Beheld that all was good.
Yet in that hour of blessing

A single want was known,-
A wish the heart distressing,

For Adam was alone.
3 O God of pure affection,

By men and saints adored,
O, give us thy protection

Around this nuptial board.
May thy rich bounties ever

To wedded love be shown,
And no rude hand dissever
Whom thou hast linked in one.



L. M.

Por the Blessing of Schools.
1 0 Tuou, at whose dread name we bend,

To whom our purest vows we pay,
God over all, in love descend,

And bless the labors of this day.
2 Our fathers here, a pilgrim band,

Fixed the proud empire of the free;
Art moved in gladness o'er the land,

And Faith her altars reared to thee.
3 Here, too, to guard, through every age,

The sacred rights their valor won,
They bade instruction spread her page,

And send down truth from sire to son.
4 Here still, through all succeeding time,

Their stores may truth and learning bring And still the anthem-note sublime

To thee from children's children sing.


L. M.

J. G. ADAMS Dedication of a School-house. 1 God of our fathers ! from whose hand

Cume all our lights and blessings down, Who this devoted, favored land

Dost with thy choicest mercy crown!
2 To Learning and to Knowledge reared-

We dedicate with prayer and praise
This edifice, to thee, revered

Above all gods, through endless days ! 3 Accept the offering - deign to dwell

With thy confiding children here;
The shades of Ignorance dispel,
In Truth's omnipotence appear!

4 Here through successive years may come

The youthful mind — fair Wisdom's guest ; Long be this house Instruction's home,

When those who reared it sink to rest.

6s. & 4s. M.

The Same.
1 Raise the adoring song!
Praises to God belong,

In this glad hour!
He who from worlds on high,
Spreads over earth and sky
Proofs of his majesty,

Goodness and power !
2 Praise, that Instruction's voice
Bids the young heart rejoice

In this fair land;
Praise, that the humblest mind
Wisdom's true light may find,
Ground on which all inclined

Freely may stand.
3 Source of all holiness!
With thy rich favor bless

This house of thine;
Here be true knowledge sought,
Here purest wisdom taught,
Wisdom with Freedom fraught,

Freedom divine !


C. M.

The Same.
1 Let monumental pillars rise

In majesty sublime
Their granite columns shall decay
Before the touch of time.

2 But mind, enlightened and refined,

Shall live beyond the sky,
And heavenly sciences explore,

When time itself shall die!

3 A nobler monument we raise

Than costly marble pile —
A beacon light to lead the way

From ignorance and guile.
4 This house, with prayer, O God, we give

To truth's supreme control;
To virtue and progressive thought,

The riches of the soul.


L. M.

The River of Life.
1 There is a pure and peaceful wave,

That issues from the throne of love,
Whose waters gladden as they lave

The bright and heavenly courts above. 2 In living streams behold that tide

Through Christ the rock profusely burst; And in his word, behold supplied

The fount for which our spirits thirst.
3 The pilgrim faint, who seems to sink

Beneath the sultry sky of time,
May here repose, and freely drink

The waters of that better clime.

4 And every soul may here partake

The blessings of the fount above;
And none who drink will e'er forsake
The crystal stream of boundless love.

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8s. & 7s. M.

The Soldier of the Cross.
1 SOLDIER, to the contest pressing,

Onward, let thy watchword be;
God upon thee pours his blessing;

What though man derideth thee!
2 Onward, though the fagot's burning

By thy pathway's only light;
Onward, death and danger spurning;

Onward in the path of right!
3 God, for all thy wants providing,

Armor trusty hath for thee;
Gird thyself, in him confiding,

With the goodly panoply:
4 Righteousness thy breast defending,

And thy feet with justice shod:
Onward; with the foe contending,

Wield thy sword, the word of God.
5 Thine the helmet of salvation,

Faith thy mighty shield shall be ;
And let prayer and supplication,

Lance and glorious falchion be;
6 Onward then, with bold contending,

In the path the martyrs trod :
God to thee his strength is lending ;

Onward, in the strength of God.


C. M.

On Occasion of a Destructive Fire.
1 ETERNAL God, our humbled souls

Before thy presence bow;
With all thy wasting magazines,
How terrible art thou !

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