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2 Angels, strike the golden lyre !

Mortals, catch the heavenly fire !
Thousands ransomed from the grave,

Millions yet our pledge shall save!
3 Save from sin's destructive breath,

Save from sorrow, shame and death-
From intemperance and strife,

Save the husband, children, wife!
4 Courage ! let no heart despair

Mighty is the truth we bear!
Forward then, baptized in love,
Led by wisdom from above !


L. M.

SARGENT The Same. 1 SLAVERY and death the


contains ; Dash to the earth the poisoned bowl! Softer than silk are iron chains

Compared with those that chafe the soul. 2 Hosannas, Lord, to thee we sing,

Whose power the giant fiend obeys.
What countless thousands tribute bring,

For happier homes and brighter days! 3 Thou wilt not break the bruised reed,

Nor leave the broken heart unbound:
The wife regains a husband freed!

The orphan clasps a father found ! 4 Spare, Lord, the thoughtless; guide the blind;

Till man no more shall deem it just
To live, by forging chains to bind
His weaker brother in the dust.

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8s. & 7s. M.

Morning Hymn for Family Worship.
1 Pillows, wet with tears of anguish,

Couches, pressed in sleepless woe,
Where the sons of Belial languish,

Father, may we never know!
2 For, the maddening cup shall never

To our thirsting lips be pressed,
But, our draft shall be, forever,

The cold water thou hast blessed.
3 This shall give us strength to labor,

This, make all our stores increase;
This, with thee and with our neighbor,

Bind us in the bonds of peace.
4 For the lake, the well, the river,

Water-brook and crystal spring,
Do we now, to thee, the Giver,

Thanks, our daily tribute, bring.

L. M.

God's Blessing Implored on the Temperance Cause.
1 For all who love thee and thy cause,

O Lord, thy blessing we implore;
Who fear thy name, obey thy laws,

From this to earth's remotest shore.
2 O grant, that, freed from low desire,

And filled with joy, and love, and fear,
Each breast may glow with holy fire,

While seeking heaven, to serve thee here. 3 Pity, O God, the heedless wretch,

Who staggers to a dreadful grave;
Thy arm of love around him stretch,
And show that thou art strong to save.

4 Breathe upon those who scorn our cause

Thy cause, O Lord, for thou hast blest;
Show them he honors most thy laws

Who loves his God and neighbor best.


L. M.

MRS. SIGOURNES. The Upas Tree. 1 THERE sprang a tree of deadly name:

Its poisonous breath, its baleful dew
Scorched the green earth like lava-flame,

And every plant of mercy slew.
2 From clime to clime its branches spread

Their fearful fruits of sin and woe;
The prince of darkness loved its shade,

And toiled its fiery seeds to sow.
3 Faith poured her prayer at midnight hour;

The hand of zeal at noon-day wrought;
An armor of celestial power

The children of the cross besought. 4 Behold the axe its pride doth wound;

Through its cleft boughs the sun doth shine; Its blasted blossoms strew the ground:

Give glory to the arm divine.
5 And still Jehovah's aid implore,

From isle to isle, from sea to sea,
From peopled earth's remotest shore,

To root that deadly Upas Tree.

75. & 6s. M.

Dedication of a Temperance Hall.
1 'Mid homes and shrines forsaken

Of joy and peace divine,

hearts new strength have taken,
A light is seen to shine!

Its beaming revelations

Are shed in mercy far ;
A guide to all the nations

The glorious Temperance star!
2 Hushed be that wail of sadness,

Life, life has come again;
Awake the song of gladness,

Swell high the choral strain !
The lost returns from straying

In sin's destructive way;
That curse is turned to praying,

That night to blissful day!
3 God of this day! Our Father!

In humble praise to thee,
Within these walls we gather-

The spared, the blest, the free;
To hail thy grace far-sounding-

Our Temple dedicate
To hope and life abounding

In Man regenerate!
4 Rest thou within it ever,

As o'er the ark of old ;
And here, O may we never

In our great strife wax cold.
Nerve every arm and spirit

For each successful blow,
Till Temperance shall inherit

All temples here below!



6s. & 4s. M.
Prayer for the Abolition of Slavery.
1 WITH thy pure dews and rains,
Wash out, o God! the stains
From Afric's shore ;

And while her palm trees bud,
Let no: her children's blood,
With her broad Niger's flood,

Be mingled more.
2 Quench, righteous God! the thirst,
That Congo's sons hath cursed-

The thirst for gold;
Shall not thy thunders speak,
Where Mammon's altars reek,
Where maids and matrons shriek,

Bound, bleeding, sold?
3 Hear'st thou, O God! those chains,
That clank on Freedom's plains,

By Christians wrought ?
Those who these chains have worn,
Christians from home have torn,
Christians have hither borne,

Christians have bought!
4 Lord! wilt thou not, at last,
From thine own image cast

Away all cords,
Save those of love, which brings
Man, from his long wand'rings,
Back-to the King of kings,-

The Lord of lords?


L. M.

For Faithfulness in the Cause of Human Freedom.
1 O God of freedom ! hear us pray

For steadfast hearts to toil as one;
Till thy pure law hath boundless sway-

Thy will in heaven and earth be done.
2 A piercing voice of grief and wrong

Goes upward from the groaning earth;
Most true and holy Lord ! how long ?.
In majesty and might come forth.

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