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starry skies ;

L. M.

The Solace of Faith.
1 When human hopes and joys depart,

I give thee, Lord, a contrite heart;
And on my weary spirit steal

The thoughts that pass all earthly weal.
2 I cast above


And muse upon

the And think that He who


Still keeps me in his guardian care.
3 I gaze upon the opening flower,

Just moistened with the evening shower ;
And bless the love which made it bloom,

To chase away my transient gloom.
4 I think, whene'er this mortal frame

Returns again to whence it came,
My soul shall wing its happy flight
To regions of eternal light.


C. M.

For Purity of Ileart.
1 0, for a heart to praise my God,

A heart from sin set free;
A heart that always feels how good,

Thou, Lord, hast been to me.
-2 O for a humble, contrite heart,

Believing, true, and clean,
Which neither life mor death can part

From him who dwells within ;-
3 A heart in every thought renewed,

And full of love divine,
Perfect, and right, and pure and good,
Conformed, O Lord, to hine.

4 Thy temper, gracious Lord, impart ;

Come quickly from above;
O, write thy name upon my heart,

Thy name, O God, is Love.

L. M.

BOWRING God's sustaining Presence. 1 FATHER and friend, thy light, thy love

Beaming through all thy works we see;
Thy glory gilds the heavens above,

And all the earth is full of thee.
2 Thy voice we hear, thy presence feel,

Whilst thou, too pure for mortal sight,
Involved in clouds, invisible,

Reignest the Lord of life and light. 3 We know not in what hallowed part

Of the wide heavens thy throne may
But this we know,- that where thou art,

Strength, wisdom, goodness, dwell with tnee. 4 Thy children shall not faint nor fear,

Sustained by this delightful thought, -
Since thou, their God, art everywhere,

They cannot be where thou art not.



S. M.

Ark of Safety.
1 O, CEASE, my wandering soul,

On restless wing to roam ;
All this wide world, to either pole,

Has not for thee a home.
2 Behold the ark of God;

Behold the open door ;
O, haste to gain that dear abode,

And rove, my soul, no more.

3 There, safe thou shalt abide,

There, sweet shall be thy rest,
And every. longing satisfied,

With full salvation blest.

C. M.

O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes."
1 0 tilat the Lord would guide my ways

To keep his statutes still !
O that my God would grant me grace

To know and do his will !

2 O send thy Spirit down to write

Thy law upon my heart!
Nor let my tongue indulge deceit,

Nor act the liar's part.
3 Order my footsteps by thy word,

And make my heart sincere ;
Let sin have no dominion, Lord,

But keep my conscience clear.
4 Make me to walk in thy commands, -

'Tis a delightful road;
Nor let my head, or heart, or hands,

Offend against my God.


C. M.

Lord, remember me."
1 O THOU, from whom all goodness flows,

I lift my soul to thee;
In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,

Good Lord, remember me.
2 When on my aching, burdened heart

My sins lie heavily,
Thy pardon grant, new peace impart:
Good ord, remember me.

:3 When trials sore obstruct my way,

And ills I cannot fee,
O let my strength be as my day:

Good Lord, remember me.
4 And when before thy throne I stand,

And lift my soul to thee,
Then, with the saints at thy right hand,

Good Lord, remember me !


L. M.

Prayer for Divine Guidance.
1 Teach me, O teach me, Lord! thy way;

So, to my life's remotest day,
By thy unerring precepts led,

My willing feet its paths shall tread.
2 Informed by thee, with sacred awe,

My heart shall meditate thy law;
And with celestial wisdom filled,

To thee its full obedience yield.
3 Give me to know thy will aright,

Thy will, my glory and delight, -
That, raised above the world, my mind

In thee its highest good may find.
4 O turn from vanity mine eye;

To me thy quickening strength supply,
And with thy promised mercy cheer
A heart devoted to thy fear.


78. M.

The Repose of Faith.
1 HAPPY soul, that safe from harm

Rests within his Shepherd's arm!
Who his quiet shall molest?
Who shall violate his rest ?

2 Seek, O Lord, thy wandering sheep;

Bring me back, and lead, and keep
Take on thee my every care ;

Bear me, on thy bosom bear.
3 Let me know thy gracious voice;

More and more in thee rejoice;
More and more of thee receive ;

Ever in thy spirit live :-
4 Live, till all thy love I know,

Perfect in my Lord below;
Gladly then from earth remove,
Gathered to the fold above.


C. M.

A Rest Remaineth.
1 LORD! we believe a rest remains

To all thy people known;
A rest where pure enjoyment reigns;-

For thou art served alone :

2 A rest where all our souls desire

Is fixed on things above;
Where fear, and sin, and grief expire,

Cast out by perfect love.
3 0 that we now that rest might know,

Believe and enter in !
Thou Holiest! now the power bestow,

And let us cease from sin.

4 Romove this hardness from our heart,

This unbelief remove :
The rest of perfect faith impart,

The sabbath of thy love.

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