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C. M.


The Pure Heart.

1 WHATEVER dims thy sense of truth,

Or stains thy purity,
Though light as breath of summer air

Count it as sin to thee.
2 Preserve the tablet of thy thoughts

From every blemish free,
While the Redeemer's lowly faith

Its temple makes with thee.
3 And pray of God, that grace be given

To tread time's narrow way:
How dark soever it may be,

It leads to cloudless day.


S. M.


Blessed are the Pure in Heart."

1 Blest are the


in heart For they shall see our God; The secret of the Lord is theirs,

Their soul is Christ's abode.

2 Still to the lowly soul

He doth himself impart,
And for his temple and his throne

Chooseth the pure in heart.


C. M.

1 0, 't is a lovely thing to see

A man of prudent heart,
Whose thoughts and lips and life agree
To act a useful part.

2 When envy, strife, and wars begin,

In fierce, contentious souls,
Mark how the sons of peace come in,

And quench the kindling coals.
3 Their minds are humble, mild, and meek,

Nor let their anger rise ;
Nor passion moves their lips to speak,

Nor pride exalts their eyes.
4 Their lives are prudence mixed with love

Good works employ their day ;
They join the serpent with the dove,

But cast the sting away.


L. M. 61.


1 The bird that soars on highest wing

Builds on the ground her lowly nest;
And she that doth most sweetly sing

Sings in the shade when all things rest •
In lark and nightingale we see

What honor hath humility.
2 When Mary chose the better part,

She meekly sat at Jesus' feet;
And Lydia's gently opened heart

Was made for God's own temple meet:
Fairest and best adorned is she

Whose clothing is humility. 3 The saint that wears heaven's brightest crown

In deepest adoration bends;
The weight of glory bows him down

Then most when most his soul ascends :-
Nearest the throne itself must be
The footstool of humility.


C. M.

Humility and Submission.
I Is there ambition in


heart? Search, gracious God, and see ; Or do I act a haughty part ?

Lord, I appeal to thee.
2 I charge my thoughts, be humble still,

And all my carriage mild;
Content, my Father, with thy will

And quiet as a child.
3 The patient soul, the lowly mind,

Shall have a large reward :
Let saints in sorrow lie resigned,

And trust a faithful Lord.

L. M.

Love to God and our Neighbor.
1 Thus saith the first, the great command,
“Let all thy inward powers

To love thy Maker and thy God

With utmost vigor and delight.
2 «Then shall thy neighbor next in place

Share thine affections and esteem;
And let thy kindness to thyself

Measure and rule thy love to him.”
3 This is the sense that Moses spoke ;

This did the prophets preach and prove , For want of this the law is broke,

And the whole law's fulfilled by love. 4 But, O, how base our passions are !

How cold our charity and zeal !
Lord, fill our souls with heavenly fire,
Or we shall ne'er perform thy will.



Active Piety.
1 SERVANTS of Christ, arise,

And gird you for the toil;
The dew of promise from the skies

Already cheers the soil.
2 Go where the sick recline,

Where mourning hearts deplore;
And where the sons of sorrow pine,

Dispense your hallowed lore.
3 Urge, with a tender zeal,

The erring child along,
Where peaceful congregations kneel,

And pious teachers throng.
4 Be faith, which looks above,

With prayer, your constant guest,
And wrap the Saviour's changeless love
A mantle round


5 So shall you share the wealth,

That earth may ne'er despoil,
And the blest gospel's saving health

Repay your arduous toil.


L. M.

STEELB. Example of the Saviour. | And is the gospel peace and love?

So let our conversation be ;
The serpent blended with the dove,

Wisdom and meek simplicity.
2 Whene'er the angry passions rise,

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife,
On Jesus let us fix our eyes,
Bright pattern of the Christian life!

3 () how benevolent and kind !

How mild ! how ready to forgive !
Be this the temper of our mind,

And his the rules by which we live.
4 Dispensing good where'er he came,

The labors of his life were love;
If, then, we love our Saviour's name

Thus let us our relation prove.


S. M.

Again, I say Watch !"
1 Ye servants of the Lord,

Each in his office wait,
Observant of his heavenly word,

And watchful at his gate.
2 Let all your lamps be bright,

And trim the golden flame;
Gird up your loins, as in his sight,

For awful is his name.
3 Watch, - 't is your Lord's command

And while we speak, he's near;
Mark the first signal of his hand,

And ready all appear.
4 O, happy servant he,

In such a posture found !
He shall his Lord with rapture see

And be with honor crowned.

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S. M.

The Use of Present Opportunities
1 CHILDREN of light, awake,

At Jesus' call arise,
Forth with your leader to partake
His toils, his victories,

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