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3 Holy pilgrim . what for thee,

In a world like this, remains ?
From thy guarded breast shall flee

Fear, and shame, and doubt and pains-
Fear - the hope of heaven shall fly,

Shame - from glory's view retire,
Doubt-in full belief shall die,

Pain in endless bliss expire.


C. M.

The Same.
1 Brigit was the guiding star that led,

With mild benignant ray,
The Gentiles to the lowly shed

Where the Redeemer lay.
2 But lo! a brighter, clearer light

Now points to his abode
It shines through sin and sorrow's night

To guide us to our Lord.
3 O haste to follow where it leads;

The gracious call obey,
Be rugged wilds, or flowery meads,

The Christian's destined way.
4 O gladly tread the narrow path

While light and grace are given;
We'll meekly follow Christ on earth,

And reign with him in heaven.


C. M.

Call to the Wandering.
1 RETURN, O wanderer, now return,

And seek thy Father's face;
Those new desires, which in thee burn,
Were kindled by his grace.

2 Return, 0.wanderer, now return;

He hears thy humble sigh ;
He sees thy softened spirit mourn,

When no one else is nigh.
3 Return, O wanderer, now return;

Thy Father bids thee live;
Go to his feet, and grateful learn

How freely he 'li forgive.
4 Return, O wanderer, now return,

And wipe the falling tear ;
Thy Father calls -no longer mour;

'Tis love invites thee near.


C. M.

MOORE. “ Her sins, rohich are many, are forgiven ; for she loved


1 WERE not the sinful Mary's tears

An offering worthy heaven,
When, o'er the faults of former years,

She wept, and was forgiven?
2 When, bringing every balmy sweet

Her day of luxury stored,
She o'er her Saviour's hallowed feet

The precious ointment poured ;
3 Were not those sweets so freely shed,

That shame, those weeping eyes,
And the sunk heart which inly bled,

Heaven's noblest sacrifice ?
4 Thou that hast slept in error's sleep,

O wouldst thou wake to heaven,
Like Mary kneel, like Mary weep;
“Love much," and be forgiven!


7. M.

To the Prodigal Son.
1 BROTHER, hast thou wandered far

From thy father's happy home ?
With thyself and God at war?

Turn thee, brother, homeward come .
2 Hast thou wasted all the powers

God for noble uses gave ?
Squandered life's most golden hours?

Turn thee, brother, God can save!
3 Is a mighty famine now

In thy heart and in thy soul?
Discontent upon thy brow?

Turn thee, God will make thee whole ! 4 Fall before him on the ground,

Pour thy sorrow in his ear,
Seek him, while he may be found,

Call upon him, while he's near.


S. M.

Gospel Invitations.
The Spirit, in our hearts,
Is whispering, “ Sinner, come !!!
The Bride, the Church of Christ, proclaims

To all his children, “ Come!”
2 Let him that heareth

To all about him, “Come!”
Let him that thirsts for righteousness,

To Christ, the Fountain, come!
3 Yes, whosoever will,

0, let him freely come,
And freely drink the stream of life;
"T is Jesus bids him come.

4 Lo, Jesus, who invites,

Declares, “ I quickly come:”
Lord, even so! I wait thine hour :

Jesus, my Saviour, come!


C. M.

The Blessings of the Gospel.
1 Blest are the souls that hcar and know

The gospel's joyful sound;
Peace shall attend the paths they go,

And light their steps surround.
2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up,

Through their Redeemer's name;
His righteousness exalts their hope,

Nor dares the world condemn.
3 The Lord, our glory and defence,

Strength and salvation gives;
Israel, thy King forever reigns,

Thy God forever lives.


C. M.

AU Things Ready.
1 The King of heaven his table spreads,

And dainties crown the board :
Not Paradise, with all its joys,

Could such delight afford.
2 Ye hungry poor, that long have strayed,

In sin's dark mazes, come;
Come from your most obscure retreats,

shall find you room.
3 Millions of souls, in glory now,

Were fed and feasted here;
And millions more, still on the way
Around the board appear.

4 Yet are his house and heart so large,

That millions more may come;
Nor could the whole assembled world

O’erfill the spacious room.

And cast your


S. M.

PRATT's Coll
Coming to Christ.
1 Ye sons of earth, arise,

Ye creatures of a day ;
Redeem the time be bold-be wise,


2 The year of gospel grace

With us rejoice to see,
And thankfully in Christ embrace

Your proffered liberty.
3 Blest Saviour, Lord of all,

God help us to receive ;
Obedient to thy gracious call,

0, bid us turn and live.


S. M.

Saviour's Voice.
1 Hear what a Saviour's voice,

To sinners, does proclaim;
O, all ye ransomed souls, rejoice

Redeemer's name.
2 Where sin and death have reigned,

And all their power employed,
There are his love and light maintained,

And heavenly truth enjoyed.
3 The needy, starving poor

Are filled with living bread;
The opening of the prison door
Proclaims the captive freed.

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