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3 No more let sins and sorrows grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make his blessings flow

As far as sin is found.
4 He rules the world with truth and grace,

And makes the nations prove
The glories of his righteousness,

And wonders of his love.


C. M.

John the Herald of Christ.
1 John was the prophet of the Lord

To go before his face;
The herald which the Prince of Peace

Sent to prepare his ways. .
2 “ Behold the Lamb of God,” he cries,

- That takes our guilt away;
I saw the Spirit o'er his head,

On his baptizing day.
3 " Be every vale exalted high,

every mountain low;
The proud must stoop, and humble souls

Shall his salvation know.
4. “Behold the Morning Star arise,

Ye that in darkness sit;
He marks the path that leads to peace,

And guides our doubtful feet.'


C. M.

The Baptism of Jesus.
1 See, from on high, a light divine

On Jesus' head descend !
And hear the sacred voice from heaven
That bids us all attend.

2. This is my well-beloved Son,"

Proclaimed the voice divine ;
“ Hear him," his heavenly Father said,

" For all his words are mine."
3 His mission thus confirmed from heaven,

The great Messiah came,
And heavenly wisdom showed to man

In God his Father's name.
4 The path of heavenly peace he showed

That leads to bliss on high;
Where all his faithful followers here

Shall live, no more to die.


S. M.

Christ the Light of the World.
1 Behold! the Prince of Peace,

The chosen of the Lord,
God's well-beloved Son, fulfils

The sure prophetic word.
2 No royal pomp adorns

This King of righteousness :
Meekness and patience, truth and love,

Compose his princely dress.
3 The spirit of the Lord,

In rich abundance shed,
On this great Prophet gently lights,

And rests upon his head.
4 Jesus, the light of men,

His doctrine life imparts ;
0, may we feel its quickening power

To warm and glad our hearts.
5 Cheered by its beams, our souls

Shall run the heavenly way;
The path which Christ has marked and trod,
Will lead to endless day.


L. M.

BOWRING. Jesus Preaching the Gospel. 1 How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound

From lips of gentleness and grace, When listening thousands gathered round,

And joy and reverence filled the place! 2 From heaven he came -of heaven he spoke

To heaven he led his followers' way;
Dark clouds of gloomy night he broke,

Unveiling an immortal day. 3 “Come, wanderers, to my Father's home,

Come, all ye weary ones, and rest!”
Yes! sacred teacher, — we will come —

Obey thee, love thee, and be blest ! 4 Decay, then, tenements of dust!

Pillars of earthly pride, decay!
A nobler mansion waits the just,

And Jesus has prepared the way.


L. M.

BUTCHER. Miracles of Christ. 1 ON

eyes that never saw the day Christ pours the bright celestial ray; And deafened ears, by him unbound,

Catch all the harmony of sound.
2 Lameness takes up its bed, and goes

Rejoicing in the strength that flows
Through every nerve; and, free from pain,

Pours forth to God the grateful strain. 3 The shattered mind his word restores,

And tunes afresh the mental powers ;
The dead revive, to life return,
And bid affection cease to mourn.

4 Canst thou, my soul, these wonders tface,

And not admire Jehovah's grace ?
Canst thou behold thy Prophet's power,
And not the God he served adore ?


L. M.

That ye through his poverty might be rich."
1 O’Er the dark wave of Galilee

The gloom of twilight gathers fast,
And on the waters drearily

Descends the fitful evening blast.
2 The weary bird hath left the air,

And sunk into his sheltered nest;
The wandering beast has sought his lair,

And laid him down to welcome rest.
3 Still, near the lake, with

weary tread, Lingers a form of human kind; And on his lone, unsheltered head,

Flows the chill night-damp of the wind. 4 Why seeks he not a home of rest?

Why seeks he not a pillowed bed? Beasts have their dens, the bird its nest;

He hath not where to lay his head.
5 Such was the lot he freely chose,

To bless, to save the human race;
And through his poverty there flows

A rich, full stream of heavenly grace.


C. M.

" Peace! be still !"
1 Fear was within the tossing bark,

When stormy winds grew loud,
And waves came rolling high and dark,
And the tall mast was bowed.

2 And men stood breathless in their dread,

And baffled in their skill-
But One was there, who rose and said
To the wild sea,

6 Be still !" 3 And the wind ceased; it ceased! that word

Passed through the gloomy sky,
The troubled billows knew their Lord,

And sank beneath his eye.
4 Thou that didst rule the angry hour,

And tame the tempest's mood
Oh! send thy Spirit forth in power

O'er our dark souls to brood !
5 Thou that didst bow the billows' pride,

Thy mandates to fulfil-
Speak, speak to passion's raging tide,

Speak and say—“Peace, be still!”

L. M. 61.

BARTON The Pool of Bethesda. 1 Around Bethesda's healing wave

Waiting to hear the rustling wing,
Which spoke the angel nigh, who gave

Its virtue to that holy spring,
With patience, and with hope endued

Were seen the gathered multitude.
2 Had they who watched and waited there

Been conscious who was passing by,
With what unceasing anxious care

Would they have sought his pitying eye
And craved with fervency of soul,

His Power Divine to make them whole ! 3 Bethesda's pool has lost its power! No angel, by his glad descent,

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