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Org. Farewell, fair spring of manhood! henceforth welcome 71 Best expectation of a noble sufferance.*""'* I'll lock the bodies safe, till what must follow Shall be approved.—Sweet twins, shine stars forever !—

In vain they build their hopes whose life is shame: No monument lasts but a happy name. 76

[Locks the door, and exit. ACT THE FIFTH.

Scene I. A Room in Bassanes' House.

Enter Bassanes. 7 ,

* . - V f / Bass. Athens—to Athens^I have sent, the nursery

Of Greece for learning and the fount of knowledge;

For here in Spartathere's" not left amongst us

One wise man to direct; we're^all turrfed madcaps.

'Tis safd Apollo is'fhe g"bd of herbs, 5

Then cerffainl/ he Icnows the virtue of 'em:

To Delphos I have sent too. If there can be

A help for nature, we are sure yet.

Enter Orgilus.

Org. Honour Attend thy counsels ever!

Bass. I beseech thee

With all my heart, let me go from thee quietly; 10
I will not aught to do with thee, of all men.
The doubles of a hair,—or, in a morning,
Salutes from a splay-footed witch,—to drop
Three drops of blood at th' nose just and no more,—
Croaking of ravens, or the screech of owls, 15
Are not so boding mischief as thy crossing
My private meditations: shun me, prithee;
And if I cannot love thee heartily,
I'll love thee as well as I can.

Mistake me not.
Bass. f

Phew! then we shall be troubled. 20

Noble Bassanes,

Thou wert ordained my plague—heaven make me thankful,

And give me patience too, heaven, I beseech thee.

Org. Accept a league of amity; for henceforth, I vow, by my best genius, in a syllable, Never to speak vexation; I will study 25 Service and friendship, with a zealous sorrow For my past incivility towards ye.

Bass. Hey-day, good words, good words! I must believe 'em, And be a coxcomb for my labour.

Org. Use not

So hard a language; your misdoubt is causeless: 30
For instance, if you promise to put on
A constancy of patience, such a patience
As chronicle or history ne'er mentioned,
As follows not example, but shall stand
A wonder and a theme for imitation, 35
The first, the index pointing to a second,
I will acquaint ye with an unmatched secret,
Whose knowledge to your griefs shall set a period.

Bass. Thou canst not, Orgilus; 'tis in the power
Of the gods only: yet, for satisfaction, 40
Because I note an earnest in thine utterance,
Unforced and naturally free, be resolute.
The virgin-bays shall not withstand the lightning
With a more careless danger than my constancy
The full of thy relation; could it move 45
Distraction in a senseless marble statue,
It should find me a rock : I do expect now
Some truth of unheard moment.

Org. To your patience

You must add privacy, as strong in silence
As mysteries locked-up in Jove's own bosom. 50

Bass. A skull hid in the earth a treble age
Shall sooner prate.

Org. Lastly, to such direction

As the severity of a glorious action
Deserves to lead your wisdom and your judgment,
You ought to yield obedience.

Bass. With assurance 55

Of will and thankfulness.

Org. With manly courage

Please, then, to follow me.

Bass. Where'er, I fear not. [Exeunt.

Scene II. A State-room in the Palace.

A flourish. Enter Euphranea led by Groneas and Hemophil; Propiiilus, led by Christalla and Philemon ; Nearchus supporting Calantha; Crotolon and Amelus.

Cal. We miss our servant Ithocles and Orgilus; On whom attend they?

Crot. My son, gracious princess,

Whispered some new device, to which these revels
Should be but usher : wherein I conceive
Lord Ithocles and he himself are actors. 5

Cal. A fair excuse for absence : as for Bassanes, Delights to him are troublesome : Armostes Is with the king?

Crot. He is.

Cal. On to the dance !—

Dear cousin, hand you the bride; the bridegroom must be

Intrusted to my courtship. Be not jealous, 10 Euphranea; I shall scarcely prove a temptress.— Fall to our dance.

The Revels.

Music. Nearchus dances with Euphranea, Pro. Philus with Calantha, Christalla with HemoPhil, Philema with Grone'as.

They dance the first change; during which Armostes enters.

Arm. [whispers Calantha] The king your father's dead.

Cal. To the other change.
Arm. Is't possible?

They dance the second change.
Enter Bassanes.
Bass. [whispers Calantha] O, madam!

Penthea, poor Penthea's starved.

Cal. Beshrew thee !—

Lead to the next.
Bass. Amazement dulls my senses. 15

They dance the third change.

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