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Cellerier’s Authenticity of the New

Testament, 268,
Aimé Martin on the education of Chandler's Hymns of the Primitive
Mothers, reviewed, 44. — Three Church, reviewed, 1.
systems of education described. Channing, Rev. W. E., Discourse
The old fashioned, 44 — the mod- of, occasioned by the death of
ern, 45 — the masculine, 51 – Dr. Follen, 68-87.
Eclectic, 52. — Aimé Martin's Channing, W. H.; his Translation
work analyzed with quotations, of Jouffroy's Introduction to
53 - 63.

Ethics, reviewed, 137 — an anal-
Analyst, the, a collection of mis ysis of the work, 138-147 -
cellaneous pieces, 402.

Reasons why such a work is im-
Antiquities, Christian, in Rome, portant, 144 - Want of a true
335, 339.

system of Christian Ethics, 146.
Atonement, Magee on, reviewed, Charles Elwood, or the Infidel Con-

verted, reviewed, 180.
Chapel Hymn Book, 404.
Chicago, Annals of, by J. R. Bales-

tier, 269.
Bardesanes, an early writer of Christian Antiquities in Rome,
hymns, 11.

325 - 339.
· Beard on Owenism, noticed, 255. Christianity, historical, article on,
Bible Reader, the, 404.

Blind, principles of the instruction Christian Layman, the, reviewed,
of the, 262.

Blodgett, Levi, on the previous Crania Americana ; or a compara-

question between Mr. Andrews tive view of the skulls of vari-

Norton and his Alumni, 400. ous Aboriginal nations of North
Board of Education, third annual and South America, by Sam-
report of, noticed, 253.

uel George Morton, reviewed,
Bowring's account of the present 248.

state of the Samaritans, 150,

Brownson, 0. A., his Charles El-

wood, or the Infidel Converted, Daubigné's History of the Refor-
reviewed, 180.

mation, 20 — Account of the

author and general character of

his work, 21 -An analysis given

of it, 22 – 44.
Cabiro, a Poem, by George H. Cal- Dean's Philosophy of Human Life,
vert, 403.


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Education of Mothers, by L. Aimé
Martin, reviewed, 44.

Infidelity, Modern, characteristics
Elwood, Charles, or the Infidel and causes of, 181 - 186.

Converted, reviewed, 180.
Ephrem, the Syrian, a voluminous

writer of hymns, 11.
Evil, its true office and end, a Dis. Jesus, life of, by Strauss, reviewed,
course by Dr. Channing, 68 - 78. 273 - 316.

Jouffroy's Introduction to Ethics,

translated by W. H. Channing,

reviewed, 137.
Faerie Queene, Spenser's, re- Julian, Count, a tragedy, 403.

viewed, 208.
Follen, Rev. Charles, Discourse

occasioned by the death of, 68 —

Sketch of the Life of, 87, 88. Laura Bridgman, an account of,
Folsom's, Nathaniel S., Scriptural 367 - 375.

Doctrine of our Lord and Saviour Layman, the Christian, reviewed,
Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, 122.
noticed, 396.

Lee, Thomas, a Discourse on the
Footsteps of Angels, Longfellow's, life and character of, by Rev.
quoted, 247.

Samuel Gilman, 398.
Fowle's Bible Reader, 404.

Life of Jesus, by Strauss, reviewed,
Frithiof's Saga; or Legend of Fri- 273 - 316.

thiof. By Esaias Tegner, review- Local Vestiges of the early propa-
ed, 339 - 358.

gation of Christianity in the
France, education in, 47-50.

city of Rome, 325-339.
Furness, W. H., his “ Domestic Longfellow's Voices of the Night,
Worship,” reviewed, 199.

reviewed, 242.
Lothrop, S. K., Sermon by, on the

destruction of the Lexington, no-

ticed, 130.
Gammer Grethel, by Mrs. Follen, Luther, sketch of the life of, from
noticed, 267.

Daubigné's history of the Refor-
German Literary Intelligence, 135. mation, 22 – 44.
Gilman's, Rev. Samuel, Discourse
• on the life and character of the

Honorable Thomas Lee, 398.

Macaulay, T. Babington, Critical

and Miscellaneous Essays by, no-

ticed, 395.
Historical Christianity, a defence Magee on the Atonement, reviewed,

of 166 - 171.
Hymns of the Primitive Church, Mants' Ancient Hymns, reviewed,

article on, 1- Chandler's col 1.




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Martin, Aimé, on the education of Poet's Tribute, by W. B. Tappan, mothers, reviewed, 44.

noticed, 128. Massachusetts Board of Education, Prayer, objections to, considered,

third annual report of, noticed, 199 - 202 — the nature and value 253.

of prayer, 203 — the duty of Miles, Henry A., on Natural The- family prayer urged, 205 - 207.

ology as a study in schools a Psalm of Life, Longfellow's quoted, Lecture by, 399.

244. Miracles, Mir. Brownson's view of,

194 - 196. Moore, Archy; or Memoirs of a Slave, noticed, 129.

Reformation, History of, by D’AuMorin, Father, his theory of the bigné, reviewed, 20.

Israelitish origin of the Samari. Rejected Addresses, 271. tan Pentateuch defended, 159 - Rome, Christian Antiquities in, 165.

325 – 339. Morton's Crania Americana, re- Rosanna ; or scenes in Boston, reviewed, 248.

viewed, 111. Music in the Ancient Christian Church, 7-9.



Samaritan Pentateuch, 147 — His

tory and present condition of the National Establishments of religion. Samaritan people, 148-151 ; By John Taylor, reviewed, 171. The Samaritan Pentateuch

known to tbe Fathers of the first centuries, 152 — Sketch of its

History to the present time, Obligations of the world to the 152 - 155 — Account of the con

Bible, a series of lectures to troversy concerning its origin young men, by Gardiner Spring, and character,, 156 – 158 - Řenoticed, 261.

marks on it, 158, 159 — ArguOwenism, Christianity defended ments in behalf of Father Mo

from the assaults of, by J. R. rin's theory of the Israelitish Beard, noticed, 255.

origin of the Samaritan Penta

teuch, 159 - 165. P.

Scenes in Judea, 89 -111, 224 - 241.

Singing in the ancient churches, 7. Palfrey, John Gorham, his Dud- Spenser's poetical works, reviewed,

leian Lecture on the theory and 208 — Characteristics of Spenser, uses of Natural Religion, noticed, and his poetry, 210 - 218 127.

Faults to be charged upon the Peabody's, Rev. W.B.O., Dudleian Faerie Queene, 218 — Minor Lecture, 317 - 325.

poems of Spenser, 219 — His Pebblebrook; or the Harding rank as a poet, 220 - Compared Family, 131.

with Shakspeare and Milton, Pebbles from Castalia, noticed, 265. 221 - 223. Pentateuch, Samaritan, article on, Spring's, Gardiner, Obligations of 147.

the world to the Bible, 261. Perkins Institution, and Massachu. Stephens, his visit to the Samari.

setts Asylum for the blind, eighth tans at Naplosa. annual report of the trustees of, Strauss's Life of Jesus, reviewed, reviewed, 359 – 378.

273 - not properly a life of JePhilosophy of Human life, by · sus, 274 — the introduction valu

Amos Dean, noticed, 263. . able to the student of the Scrip

tures, 274 - an abstract given of ary notice of, 131 — epitaph, it, 274 - 283 — Strauss's historical 134. difficulties and objections, exam- Transcendentalism of the Germans ples of, 283 - 305 — Concluding and of Cousin, two articles from treatise of Strauss, 305 — false the Princeton Review, noticed, principles of Strauss pointed out, 400. 307 - 312 - Concluding remarks, 313-316.


Voices of the Night, by H. W.

Longfellow, reviewed, 242. Tappan, William B., his Poet's Voluntaryism and its results comTribute, noticed, 128.

pared with compulsory support of Taylor on National Establishments Religion, 178.

of Religion, reviewed, 171. Taylor, Isaac, his Ancient Christ

W. ianity, and the Doctrines of the

Oxford Tracts, noticed, 257. White Slavery, 269. Teacher taught, by Emerson Davis, Winthrop, Robert C., his address noticed, 259.

delivered before the New EnTegner's, Frithiof's Saga, or Le- gland Society in the city of New gend of Frithiof, reviewed, 339 - York, 398.

Withington's review of late temTemperance Reform, 111 – Legis- perance movements, 269. lation, 114 - 121.

Worship, Domestic, by W. H. FurThacher, William Vincent, obitu. ness, reviewed, 199.


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