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solid, firm, of a rich dull scarlet, with a small core. Juice dark, high-flavoured.

12. Blood PINE. Hort. Soc. Cat. No. 61.

This is a subvariety of the Old Pine, or Carolina. The scapes are considerably stronger; and is distinguishable by its leaves being of a darker colour and thicker texture, with stronger footstalks.

13. Bostock. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. p. 187.
Beattie's Seedling.


Rostock Pine.

Rostock Scarlet.

Rostock Seedling

New Bath.

Prolific Bath.

Whitley's Pine. Fruit very large, slightly hairy, nearly round, with a small neck; the largest fruit irregularly swelled towards the base, terminating in an obtuse point, of a dark shining red next the sun, light scarlet on the other side. Seeds prominent, brown on one side of the fruit, yellow on the other. Flesh pale scarlet, firm, coarse, with a small hollow arid core, without any particular flavour.

14. BULLOCK's Blood. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. p. 199.

Fruit large, ovate, of a light shining red. Seeds dark red on the sunny side, yellow on the other, projecting from a polished surface. Flesh pale red, firm, juicy, with but indifferent flavour.

15. Chinese. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. p. 191.
North's large Scarlet. Red Chili.
North's Seedling.

Fruit apparently compressed, nearly round, middlesized, of a pale varnished red.

Seeds brown and prominent. Flesh soft, light pink, with a large core, woolly; flavour indifferent. 16. Durch. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi.

. p. 195.

Fruit large, round, of a bright shining red. Seeds projected from a polished smooth surface. Flesh pale red, woolly, hollow in the centre, with a core; flavour indifferent.

17. DWARF WHITE CAROLINA. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. p. 206.

Fruit large, irregularly ovate, brownish next the sun, white on the other side, hairy. Seeds scarcely embedded, prominent, darker than the fruit. Flesh white, soft, woolly, with a large core ; flavour indifferent.

18. Elton SEEDLING. Pom. Mag. 135.

Fruit large, ovate, often compressed, or cockscombshaped, of a rich, shining, dark red.

Seeds yellow, regularly embedded between ridged intervals. Flesh firm, with a small core, deep red, juicy, and having a sharp rich flavour.

19. GLAZED PINE. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. p. 198. Knott's Pine.

Scarlet Pine Apple. Fruit variable in shape; the largest frequently appear as if compressed, but they are generally conical, with a neck, large, hairy, of a darkish shining scarlet. Seeds prominent. Flesh pale scarlet, firm, with a large core; flavour good, but inferior to that of the Old Pine. 20. KEEN'S IMPERIAL. Hort. Trans. Vol.ü.


101. t. 7. Black Imperial.

Keen's Black. Black Isleworth. Keen's Black Pine. Imperial.

Keen's Large-fruited. Imperial Pine.

Large Black. Isleworth Pine.

Large Black Imperial. Fruit very large, roundish, somewhat bluntly pointed, of a very deep purplish red. Seeds projecting from the surface, which is shining. Flesh not juicy, but very firm, coarse, hollow in the centre, with a core; the flavour tolerable, not high-flavoured.

21. KEEN'S SEEDLING. Hort. Trans. Vol. v. p. 261. t. 12, Pom. Mag. 91.

Keen's Black Pine. Keen's New Seedling.
Keen's New Pine. Murphy's Child.

Fruit very large, round, or ovate, some of the largest assuming a cockscomb shape, of a dark purplish scarlet, slightly hairy. Seeds a little embedded in a polished surface, which has usually a furrow at the


Flesh firm, solid, scarlet, without any separable core. Juice high flavoured.

22. MULBERRY. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. p. 203.


Fruit middle-sized, ovate, with a short neck, of a dark purplish red. Seeds embedded slightly in the skin. Flesh soft, coarse, red, with a long core; the flavour but moderate.

23. OLD PINE, or CAROLINA. Hort. Trans.

p. 195.

Old Pine. Pom. Mag. 47.
Barham Down.

North’s Seedling
Black Carolina.

Old Carolina.
Cockscomb Pine.

Old Scarlet Pine.
Devonshire Scarlet Pine. Pine.
Kew Pine.

Regent's Favourite.
Large Carolina.

Scarlet Pine.
Large Pine.

Miss Gunning's.

Windsor Pine. Fruit large, slightly hairy, with a neck of an uniform bright scarlet, ovate-conical, occasionally compressed, and when luxuriant the early fruits are cockscombshaped. Seeds slightly embedded. Flesh pale scarlet, rich, and juicy, with a very grateful flavour.

24. Round WHITE CAROLINA. Hort. Trans.

p. 205.


Large White Chili.
Large Blush Pine. White Bath.
Large Flesh-coloured White Carolina.

White Chili.
Large Pale Chili. White Pine.
Large White.

Fruit large, irregularly ovate, sometimes roundish, having a tendency to form a neck, of a brownish colour towards the sun, the other side white. Seeds deeply embedded, with ridged intervals. Flesh soft, white, woolly, with a large core ; flavour indifferent.

25. SURINAM. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. p. 193.
Devonshire Scarlet. Red Pine.
Oldaker's New Pine. Red Pine Apple.
Red Chili.

Sutton's Large. Fruit very large, irregularly ovate or round, without a neck, of a light shining red next the sun, pale on the opposite side.

Seeds yellow and prominent. Flesh firm, pale red, with a large core ; flavour indifferent. The fruit is entirely concealed by the leaves.

26. VARIEGATED PINE. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi.

p. 192.

A Strawberry having leaves much variegated with white, is often seen in the gardens of the curious.

As a fruit it has no merit, the plants being weak and very shy bearers.

Class IV.- Chili Strawberries.

The character of this class is to have the leaves very villous, hoary, with small leaflets, of thick texture, with very obtuse serratures; the fruit very large and pale ; the seeds prominent; the flesh insipid in the type — the True Chili. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi. 27. TRUE Chili. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi.


206. Fraisier du Chili. Duhamel, No.9. t. 3.

p. 148.

Greenwell's French. Patagonian.
Greenwell's New Giant.

Fruit particularly large, irregularly shaped, but usually ovate or bluntly conical; when ripe, of an uniform dull varnished brownish red. Seeds dark brown and projecting. Flesh slightly tinged with red near the outside, the rest whitish, very firm, hollow in the centre, with a small core.

The fruit ripens late, and the foliage mostly perishes in the winter ; but the succeeding varieties, which have been bred from it, keep their leaves.

28. WILMOT's SUPERB. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi.

p. 208.

The first fruits are very large, irregularly rounded, ovate, or flattened, sometimes growing of a cockscomb shape; the other berries are invariably round; all are hairy, pale scarlet, appearing as if polished. Seeds projecting, brown. Flesh very firm, pale scarlet next the outside, within whitish, with a small hollow in the centre, and a core; flavour very good, buttery, and rich, mixed with acid.

29. Yellow Chili. Hort. Trans. Vol. vi.

Fruit very large, irregularly ovate, frequently compressed, and sometimes cockscombed brown ; on the exposed side, and yellow on the other. Seeds brown, slightly embedded, with flat intervals. Flesh very firm, buttery, yellowish, with a core ; flavour very rich, with some acidity.

p. 209.

Class V.-Green Strawberries. The French cultivate several kinds which appear to be varieties of this Strawberry; the one at present much known with us is called the Green Pine, which, generally speaking, is kept in gardens more as an object of curiosity than of use, for it rarely produces perfect fruit, though in some particular situations it bears well.

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