Letters and Literary Memorials of Samuel J. Tilden, Volume 1

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Page 126 - The capacity to contract and be contracted with, and to sue and be sued gives the implied power to settle disputed claims, controversies and matters in litigation.
Page 252 - IT is so long since I have heard from you, that I suppose Rome engrosses every moment of your time ; and if it engrosses it in the manner I could wish, I willingly give up my share of it. I would rather prodesse quam conspici.
Page 124 - Dues from corporations shall be secured by such individual liability of the stockholders and other means, as may be prescribed by law; but in all cases each stockholder shall be liable, over and above the stock by him or her owned, and any amount unpaid thereon, to a further sum at least equal in amount to such stock.
Page 34 - And the said party of the second part further covenants that he will not assign this lease, nor let or underlet the whole or any part of the said premises, nor make any alteration therein, without the written consent...
Page 125 - Constitution were, that the General Assembly shall pass no special act conferring corporate powers.
Page 273 - If the Bar is to be merely an institution that seeks to win causes, and win them by back-door access to the judiciary, then it is not only degraded, but it is corrupt.
Page 34 - ... at the expiration of the said term, or other determination of this lease, the said party of the second part will quit and surrender the premises hereby demised, in as good state and condition as reasonable use and wear thereof will permit, damages by the elements excepted...
Page 22 - If you wish to be immortal, take this home with you, complete it, revise it, put it into proper shape, and give it to the public.
Page 282 - ... would not take an actual part in the saturnalia were content to be silent spectators or consenting witnesses. I never for a moment supposed that the knife and the cautery would be agreeable remedies, or that the silent partners of prosperous criminals would fall in love with those whose duty it is to detect and punish. I knew, therefore, that obstructions, under every pretext, were to be met at every step and to be overcome. Let us thankfully accept what has been accomplished; and let us here...
Page 234 - ... under the 10th section of the act of 4th September, 1841. It is not necessary, in my view of the matter, to discuss the question how far a free man of color may be a citizen, in the highest sense of that word — that is, one who enjoys in the fullest manner all the jura civitatis under the constitution of the United States.

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