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and escheator, and liberties usurped there [in Ireland].-Claus.
18 Edw. III., p. 2, m. 20, 17, 9, dorse; and 2 Edw. III., p. 1,
m. 5, dorse; and 25 Edw. III., m. 30.
“The Commons in Parliament desire that it may be enquired
how it comes to passe that the King hath no benefit of his
land of Ireland, considering that he had more lands therein
than any of his ancestors.”—“Ammo 21 Edw. III., m. 40.”
Appointment of John de Pembroke as Chancellor and Third
Baron of the Exchequer, receiving for both offices the same fee
as he had hitherto had for that of Chancellor, only because
there are more Barons in the Exchequer than necessary, and
the King reduces their number to three; Westminster, 12 July.
—Pat. 29 Edw. III., p. 2, m. 10.
“De feodis pro officio Marescalli Angliae in Hibernia colli-
gendis.”—Pat. 27 Edw. III., p. 1, m. 13.
Grant to John Bottleton of the constableship of Wexford
Castle, and the chief serjeantcy of co. Wexford, during the
minority of the heir of John De Hastings, Earl of Pembroke—
Pat. 1 Ric. II., p. 2, m. 23.
“German Linch made master and guardian of the King's
mint and money in Ireland, with a limitation of such sorts
and kinds of coin as he ought to make.”—Pat. 4 Edw. IV.,

p. 2, m. 25.

George, the King's son, made Lieutenant of the King in Ireland.—Pat. 18 Edw. IV., p. 2, m. 28.

Licence to transport 100 weighs of beans into Ireland.— “Franc. Claus.” [French Roll] 22, 23 Edw IV.

“In anno 1170, Robert FitzStephens built the castle of Carricke, near unto Wexford.”—Lib. Scaccar. Anglia.

Grant to Thomas De Stafford of the office of Marshal in Ireland.—[Pat. Al 38 Edw. III., p. 1, m. 39.

Charters and liberties [in Ireland?] granted by the King to be surveyed and examined.—[Pat. 1 38 Edw. III., p. 2, am. 27.

John FitzMorris, Earl of Desmond, made Justiciary of Ireland.—[Pat.?] 41 Edw. III., p. 1, m. 29, and p. 2, m. 20.

8. “Briefs of Evidences concerning Darcy of Ireland.”

Final concord 6 Edw. III, between John Darcy le Cosin, knight, and John de Finchenden, concerning the manor of Knayth; to be enjoyed by said Darcy in tail male, with various remainders.

Philip and John Darcy le Cosin, summoned to Parliament.* —Claus. 6 Edw. III., m. 9, dorse, and m. 36.

Grant to John Darcy le Cosin and his heirs of the manors of Louth and Ballygary.—Pat. 18 Edw. III., p. 2. m. 2.

* All the summonses to Parliament are printed by Dugdale.

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f. 50 b.

Confirmation to same, and Joan his wife, of the manors of Rathwyre and Kildalke, granted 9 Edw. III.-Ib. (same memb.)

[Order] respecting the dower of Joan, wife of John Darcy le Pere, formerly wife of Thomas FitzJohn, late Earl of Kildare. —Claws. 20 Edw. III., m. 18.

Livery to William, son of John, son of John Darcy, (which last held in chief of King Henry VI.,) of the manors of Rathwyre and Kildalke, and all other lands of his said father and grandfather in Ireland. Westm., 8 May, 1 Hen. VII.-[Patent Roll.]

9. “Sheriffs' accounts for sundry years remaining in Archivis Casti Dubliń.”

I. Account of the county of Kerry for the whole of the 38th and 39th years of Henry III., by Walter de Brackleger, then sheriff. Rents and other things received during the war and after the war, and after the proclamation of the King's peace. Aids to the King from various cantreds, &c. for sustaining the war. Fines for licences of concord. A loan from the bishopric of Ardfert, which went to the Exchequer at London. Moneys received from various persons for wines wrecked for the King's last army, for [using] false weights and measures, etc. Pleas and perquisites of the county, and farm of the serjeantcy of the same. [Total not specified.]

II. Account of co. Limerick for 39 Hen. III., by Walter Wansell, sheriff. Moneys received from various persons and places, viz., for 55 ounces of gold (price of each ounce, 10s); “ for the war of Marshal; for not coming at the King's summons against Richard Mareschall; for the escape of a thief; for a relief; as an aid for the war in France; for arrears of accounts; from a coroner [for the goods () of a man hanged; as security for delivering hostages; for various fines; for the ward of the castle of Mayncoud; as fines for [false] weights and measures, and for selling wheat at mills without regard to the price fixed by the assize, etc. Total, 3,486. 1s. 4d., whereof there was delivered into the Treasury that year 1,0231.4s. 8d.

III. Account of co. Waterford with the honor of Dungarvan from the Invention of the Holy Cross, 38 Hen. III. to the same feast 39 Hen. III., by William Rupell (Roche :), sheriff. Money received from said honor, “cum duabus fabricis ibidem et piscariis,” etc. Expenses of the sheriff in remaining at Waterford 28 days for the purpose of delivering “fanes” (fines') to John FitzWalter, Justiciary of Ireland, and others, who were crossing the sea to the King in Gascony. Moneys received from two persons (according to the number of their services) for the army of the Bann and for the army of Kenell.

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f. 53 b.

Iv. Account of Meath for 37, 38, and 39 Hen. III., by Ric. de Wodeton and Henry de Stratton, seneschals there. From the heirs of Walter de Lacy, 2,747. 1s. 10d., for two fines of the same Walter; and 100l. for an aid from 50 services to the King for marrying his sister to the Emperor, viz., from every shield 40s. An aid for the war in France from the Barons of Meath. An aid for the war in Wales from the town of Athlone. A fine paid for having a suit removed from Dublin to Tipperary. 200l. levied on the heirs of Walter de Lacy, for the armies of the Bann and Kennell; and 201, which they were bound to pay to the King during the vacancy of the bishopric [of Meath], and which the bishop had been accustomed to pay every year.

v. Account of co. Tipperary for the year 39 Hen. III. by William de Waylande, sheriff. An aid from the Abp of Dublin for the war in France, 33s. 5d. The manors of Clonmell and Kilsilan in the King's hands. Margaret Butler paid part of a fine of 500 marks for licence to marry. Arrears of the goods late of Theobald Butler. Fine for selling wine contrary to the assize, and for false weights and measures. Moneys paid [by] various persons for repair of the pond (stagmum) of Dufuskie. Fine of 31. 148, levied on the town of Cashel for the escape of a thief from the prison of the parish church, for default of custody. Several persons fined for promising [to allow 7) a thief to go from the church of Ardfinnan. Walter de Burgh was in the King's wardship. Names of persons owing services to Theobald Butler, whose heir was in the King's wardship.

v1. Account of co. Cork from Whitsunday, 38 Hen. III., to St. Simon and St. Jude's Day next following, and for the whole of the 39th year, by Wm. de Rupell (Roche), sheriff. Aids for the war in Poitou, for the King's last army of Kennelin, etc. Farm of co. Cork for the 33rd year, 10l. Farm of the serjeantcy of co. Cork, for Michaelmas, 34th year, 4 marks. 100l. paid by Miles son of Patrick de Courcy, for his relief, and 100 marks for having seisin of his lands. Farm of Kilmehallocke. Issues of the wear at Cork, 58. Moiety of the manor of the Island in the King's hand by the death of Stephen de Cerbroyt. Other entries as in the preceding accounts.

v11. Account of the city of Dublin for the 39th year [of Henry III.], by William the Clerk, [sheriff ol Farm of the city, 200 marks. 10 marks paid for the freight of three ships carrying 2,000 “craiñ” of wheat from Dublin to Bordeaux, for the Castle of the Lord [Prince] Edward in Gascony. An aid from the city for marrying the King's eldest daughter, 77l. 6s. 8d. ; and for the war in Gascony, 100l. The city also paid 20l. “ne occasionaretur.” Farm of Ballymacdou. Prises of wines.

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VIII. Account of the borough of Drogheda on the side of Meath, for 38 and 39 Hen. III., by Walter Wyvien, [sheriff.] Farm, 40 marks a year. An aid for the war in Gascony. prise of wine.

IX. Account of the borough of Drogheda on the side of Uriel, for 38 and 39 Hen. III, by John le Taylor, [sheriff?]. Wine and wheat sent by the bailiffs of the borough for provisioning the castle[s] of Athlone, Molionoth, and Rendon 200 cran of wheat and 100 bacons sent by the same to the King in Gascony; and wages of two “lodemen" and of masters and sailors conveying said provisions to Bordeaux. 46s. 8d. paid for one day's food of 2,000 soldiers (satellit'), who were sent to Kennelin to (against () Brian O'Neale and his accomplices in rebellion, according to [the King's writ.]

x. Account of Ulster from Easter 38 to Easter 39 Hen. III., by Peter de Repentenye, seneschal there. Rent of Carrickfergus. Rent of a house there. Rent of two ploughlands. 100l. granted by the King to said Peter to sustain him in the seneschalship of Ulster. 30l. allowed for custody of Carrickfergus Castle, and other sums for other castles. Repair of the houses of the said castle.

10. Inquisitions, 34 & 35 Edw. III. .

Walter de Birmingham died seized of the manors of Kenlis, Castle-Carbye, Curry, Tathmelin, Stathuclegh, Arthuredishe, Ledone, Leckagh, and Shenbath, and other lands in various places. Some are held of the King in capite; others of the abbess of St. Mary's of Kilkenny, Joan de Carru (as of the manor of Odrone), Eleanor Countess of Ormond, Maurice FitzThomas Earl of Kildare, John de Birmingham (whose court is at Rathtowne), John son of Miles Cantwell, and the Bishop of Lismore; and others of the inheritance of Elizabeth formerly wife of said Walter, the reversion thereof belonging to John son of Robert Haverington, and son and heir of said Elizabeth. Margaret sister of said Walter, married to Robert de Preston, eight years ago, is next heir.

11. Copies from the Close Rolls, &c."

Summonses to various noblemen, etc. of Ireland (mannes given) to come to Carlisle for the Scotch war, with horses and arms. Claus. 16 Edw. II. m. 18.

Similar summonses for the defence of Aquitaine. (A long list of names.) Vascom, 18 Edw. II. in. 25. dorse.

* Probably all of these will be found printed in Dugdale’s “Summonses.”

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Letters deprecatory to the magnates of Ireland, [commanding them] to do fealty. (Names not given.) Claus. 1 Edw. III. p. 1. m. 26.

Similar letters (names given.) Ib., m. 16 dorse.

Similar letters (names given.) 1b., p. 2. m. 21.

Mandates to numerous magnates of Ireland to be assistant to the Justiciary with their counsels and aids. Claus. 5 Edw. III. p. 1. m. 22 dorse, and p. 2. m. 12.

Mandates to Wm. de Burgh Earl of Ulster, Sir William de Birmingham, and Walter de Burgh, touching the King's intended visit to Ireland. Claws. 5 Edw. III. p. 2. m. 12 dorse.

12. “Records remaining in the Castle Tower of London.”

Grant to Edmund le Botteler of Karrick-ma-Griffin, with the honor of Carricke Ormond, [and] Eli O'Kerroll. Chart. 9 Edw. II. m. 5. Grant to Morrice FitzThomas (FitzGerald) of “Desmond, Rerry, comitat', et regales libertates. Chart. 3 Edw. III. m. 28. Grant to Roger de Mortimer of Trym, with royal liberties. Chant, 4 Edw. III. m. 7. Donomasse and the honor of Leys (Leix) found to be Roger Mortimer’s. “Escheat. et Inquis.” 11 Edw. III. No. 28. “All the particular honors and manors and their knights' fees in Thomond, expressed at large.” Escheat. Inquis. 16 Edw. I. 71. “Idowgh mentioned to be the land of William de Valence Earl of Pembroke.” Escheat. Inq. 24 Edw. I. 56. Thomas de Carrew held the lordshipss] of Desmond and Dunemarke. “Esch. Inq.” 5 Edw. III. No. 104. “William de Burgo found to die seized of all his lands in Ulster and Connaught; [viz.] 15 cantred in Connaught. The several septs of the Burkes entered after his death.” Esch. Inq. 7 Edw. III. No. 39. “An office after the death of Lionel Duke of Clarence, [in which *) many of the honors and manors found after the death of William Bourke de Connaught are omitted, for the rebels had overrun that province, and held those lands by force.” Esch. Inq. 43 Edw. III. No. 23. “Drofida hath a grant of the river de Boyne ex parte Urielis; ergo, the Boyne a royal fishing.” Pat. 16 Edw. II.

p. 2. m. 1.

The Bishop of Durham has all pleas before him in his temporalities, except treasure [trove], etc. “Ammo 6 E 2. Clas. 23. Escheat.”

Creation of the Earl of Desmond, with great liberties. Pat. 28 Edw. III. [m] 28.

oonimation of those liberties.” Pat. 10 Edw. III, p. 2. 777, Z3.

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