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topher, son of John [Plunket], in tail of Joan Bellewe his wife; and with contingent remainders to the heirs of his body, to Elizabeth, daughter of said John, and her heirs, to Christopher, Thomas, Robert, Roland, and Edward, sons of

Sir Christopher, and their heirs male, to said Sir Christopher

and his heirs, by Joan his late wife, Lady of Killene, and to
said Joan's right heirs. Dated 9 May, 13 Hen. WI.
(With a sketch of the pedigree.)

38. Grant by Gerald Courcey, Baron and Lord of Chrithchr. siagh (sic), to John, son of Robert Myaghe of Cork, merchant, of exemption from serving the office of portreve in the town of Kinsal, even though he should be elected by the town-council. Kinsall, 2 Nov. 1559, 1 Eliz.

“The seal of this Gerald Lord Courcy, which was fixed to this deed, had impressed in it an eagle displayed, doubleheaded, and the inscription about it was : Sigillum Patricij filij Nicholai Courcye.”

39. Inspeximus by Edw. III. of a fine in the Chancery of Ireland made at Dublin 32 Edw. III. between Miles, son of Miles de Courcy, and John de Roche. The former acknowledges the manor of Rincorne, with the homages and services of William, son of John de Barry, knight, Philip, son of William, son of John de Barry, Gerald FitzHenry, Edmund Herford, Rob. FitzJohn, John de la Mare, and Walter Cogan, to be the right of the latter, who holds of his gift; and for this acknowledgment Roche grants the same to Courcy in tail male, to hold of the King ; with contingent remainders to Nicholas, son of John de Courcy in tail male by Anastasia, formerly his wife, and John son of Edmund de Courcy, John son of Miles de Courcy, Patrick son of Nicholas de Courcy, John son of Nicholas de Courcy, Patrick son of David de Courcy, Henry son of Edmund de Courcy, Philip son of Patrick de Courcy, Almaric son of Philip de Courcy, Patrick son of Edmund de Courcy, and the heirs male of each of them respectively; and with further remainder to [the said] Miles, son of Miles de Courcy, and his heirs. (Unfinished.)

Headed: “Amno, 34 E. III., in Castro Dublin.”

40. Writ to Roger de Hakensewe, escheator of Ireland, to : seize into the King's hand the lands of Miles de Courcy, deceased, who held of the King in chief, and to make inquisition as to what lands he held of the King, and what of others, their value, the date of his death, his next heir, the heir's age, and whether the heir be married or not. Witness, Maurice FitzThomas, Earl of Kildare, keeper of the land of Ireland, at Cork, 28 June, 46 Edw. III.

f. 23 b.

Headed: “In Castro Dublin.”

f. 24.

41. Licence by Ric. II., with the assent of his Council, to William Lord and Baron of Courcye, to purchase a ship in England, and to use it for his passage to and fro between England and France, paying the same sum to the Kiug as is paid for other ships; provided that he carry no merchandise or other prohibited things to foreign parts. Westminster, 16 Feb., 20 Ric. II. Patent Roll, 20 Ric II.

“Here followeth certain deeds and grants of lands made by sundry persons of Mounster.”

42. “A true and perfect copy of an entail deed, whereby it is supposed that the lands of Knockmoane were anciently entailed.”

Indenture made at Waterford 22 June the 32 Hen. WI., between Morris FitzJohn FitzThomas of the Geraldines and Pierce FitzJames Bottiller. Morris shall have for (from ?) Pierce “these Lordships following, the both Ballymaclelodys and Bullygoner;” also Assecorne in co. Waterford; to hold to him, his heirs and assigns for ever. Pierce shall have for (from ?). Morris these Lordships—Burryne, “the both Doghaghes,” Kyllcapp, Ballynbeverly, Dremeyenagh, Ballynglannye, Gragervells, Cullaghbegge, Ferneyvaggan, Ballynville, and Knokyngrontie; to hold to him, his heirs and assigns for ever. “Morris hath grant to the said Pierce all other Lordships that Dame Katherine his mother had in possession, peaceable from Mahyn to Passage,” except the both Ballymacclodeys, Ballygoner, and Assecorre; also all lordships that Dame Katharine had in cos. Kilkenny and Tipperary Pierce hath released to Morris all lordships that Dame Katherine had from the water of Awynemore to the water of Mahyn. “And if any other lands which as yet be not known of the purchase of the said Dame Katherine may be recovered by deeds in the county of Waterford, that two parts of the said lands remain to the said Morris, and the third part to the same Pierce, for ever.” If Pierce die without issue male, all lordships granted to him by Morrison to remain to said Morris in tail male; and if Morris die without issue male, the lordships purchased by Dame Katherine [in] the time of the Earl of Ormond, to remain to Pierce. If the Earl of Ormond vex Morris about any of said lordships, Pierce and his heirs shall put him to silence. If Pierce cannot so do, and the Earl recover by law or by strength any portion of said lordships, Pierce shall deliver to Morris all the lordships which Morris now grants him. For the observance of these covenants Morris and Pierce have sworn on the Holy Gospel, “in the Dean's house of Waterford,” in presence of the said Dean, Thomas Prindergast, Morris Englishe, Richard Fitz Nicholas Poer, and Walter Boye Poer. Both parties put their seals hereto; and as they have no authentic seals of their own, “they have prayed the Mayor of Waterford, to the more credence, to put his seal of office to these indentures.”

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43. “A true and perfect copy of a deed delivered by the Lord of Cahir to commissioners, to be perused; and it concerneth the lands of Knokmoane.”

Grant by Richard [Fitz]Thomas [Fitz]Maurice FitzThomas of the Geraldings, lord of Ballykerok, to Thomas his son and heir, of all his possessions in Ballykerok, Insula-Hobuck, Ballenawlorty, Balleglassyn, Ballynoye, Cassan, Nesynnagh, Fohagh, Ballen, Cnoke, Dromlowan, Gragetorsay, Ayte, Neynwooddy, Ballewalloun, Balligowyn, Garrywolowne, Rathe, Enskeloke, Balleleyane, Curragharnyle, Stradbally, Bege, Stradbally-mowre, Seskenredy, Ganyduff alias Bollykemowre, Belyebegge, Bolyebrowne, Torkera, Ballemacclode, Ballygonner, Ascowe, and Kyllmanyhin, in co. Waterford; and Pallish, Balleloccan, Forty-acres, Kylmydye, Balledegan, Ballecahill, Ballerowan, Clowneynagh, Clownpastyne, Tollogermyke, Clownequeripe, Clownconerith, Ballenekille, Lysnesspinan, Balleheynyn, Balleconnell, Breadagh, Ballefeyrode, Ballemartyn, Ballebrowne, Balleferryn, Rosuereyland, Ballynlaugh, Mowayne, Balle-Nelacken, Caherowgoreygh, Ballems acj-Thomas, Ballebege McThomas, and Ballebussher, in co, Limerick; to hold after grantor's death in tail male; with contingent remainders to Maurice, Philip, and Gerald, other sons, in tail male of each of them; and further remain

der to Sir Thomas Butler, baron of Cahir-Duneske, and Peter

[Fitz] Edmund Butler, in tail male of each. If said Richard or his sons leave only issue female, said Thomas and Peter Butler shall provide them with honorable sustentation. As his seal is unknown to many, the grantor has procured the seal of Nicholas, bishop of Lismore and Waterford, to be affixed, 20 July 35 Hen. VIII.

44. Inspeximus by Master Maddy, official general of the court and of spiritual causes in the diocese of Limerick, and Master Creagh, sovereign of the town of Killoe, of the following documents:—

I. Grant by Robert son of Geoffrey Cogan, captain of his nation, to James FitzGerald, Earl of Desmond, his heirs and assigns, of all his possessions in co. Cork, viz., the manors of Carrigrothan-more, Downdrinan, Rathcogan, the New-town of Monmor Mustri-Myttyn, Beaver, Coulmore, Duffglas, Shandon, O'Corblethan, Flanluo, Kerycurthy, Kynnalbeke, and Mustrelyn, and the reversion of Mustricogan, viz., Rathcogan, Beablachatha, and Jerell; together with a rent of six marks to be paid annually from the manors of Mustri-cogan, by the hands of Maurice Roche, lord of Fermoy, and his heirs; and the manor of Cogan in Glamorgan, in Wales, with advowsons of churches and chapels, services of free tenants, etc. As the grantor's seal was unknown to many, the seals of the staple and of the mayoralty of the city of Cork were affixed at his request.

Dated at Cork, 12 June, 17 Hen. VI.

f. 27.

II. Release by Maurice FitzJohn de Roche, lord of Fermoy, to Robert and Miles, sons of Geoffrey Cogan, their heirs and assigns, of the manors of Moretowne, Carrocroghan, Cowlemore, Beover, Doffglas, Shandon, and Downdrinan, and all lands, etc., in the same, from the water of Awnmor, as far as the South Sea in the county of Cork. Sealed by the grantor's seal and that of the town of Kilkenny, 4 January, 6 Hen. IV.

III. Grant by Richard de Burgh Earl of Ulster and Lord of Connaught to the Lord Maurice FitzThomas and Katharine his wife of all his lands and tenements in Keppakenroys, Ballisowan, Ballimyghan, Athbliard, Goutstenbeigh, Glasomore, Ballysufyn, Rathomnan, and Athmethun, together with all lands and tenements which he had of the gift and feoffment of John FitzWarrin, knight, and William Delafield, in Tilaghenan and Bally mighehan; to hold to them and the heirs of the said Lord Maurice of the chief lords of that fee. Athishell, 12 January, 16 Edw. II. Witnesses:—The Lord John son of Peter le Poer de Donneill, John son of Robert le Poer, Reginald Russell, Richard Le Wallis, Thomas FitzGilbert, Philip Christopher, knights, Philip Le Brett, Walter de Maundevill, David le Blound, William English, and others. Sealed and verified by the aforesaid [official general and sovereign], at Killock, 22nd May, 34 Hen. VIII. With the notarial attestation of William Gowles, priest, notary public of the diocese of Limerick.

45. Power of attorney from Robert FitzGeoffrey Cogan, captain of his nation, to Maurice Starkke, clerk, and James Gowles, to place James FitzGerald Earl of Desmond in full and peaceful seizin of all his lands in the county of Cork, viz., Carrygrochanmore, Dondrinan, Rathecogan, Noueville de Moumore, Mystymyltin, Bever, Cowlemore, Doffglas, Shandon, Ocorbbelethan, Flanlo, Kyrrycurthy, Kenalbethe, and Mustylyn; and the reversion in (sic) Mustrycogan, viz., Rathecogan, Beallachath, and Jerell, with a rent of six marks anuually from the said manors in Musticogan, by the hands of Maurice Roch lord of Fermoy, and the manor of Cogan in Glamorgan in Wales, as in the charter made to him is more fully contained.

In testimony whereof he affixed his seal; but his seal being unknown to many, he procured the seal of the staple of the city of Cork as well as the seal of office of the mayor of the said city to be affixed hereto; and John Murwach, mayor, affixed his seal accordingly.

Dated at Cork, 12 June, 17 Henry VI.

46. Inquisition post mortem taken at Toly, Monday next after the feast of St. James, 10 Edw. [I.] before the Lord S., Bishop of Waterford, justiciary of Ireland, the Lord F. Le Brun, chancellor of Ireland, John de Sandford, escheator

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of Ireland, and the lord Robert de Exeter, as to the pos-
sessions of John FitzThomas, deceased, in the county of
Kildare; viz., Reginald de Typsperary], Richard de Burleyn,
Tancred Dullard, Thomas de St. Michael, Robert de Lond,
John de Punchardon, Laurence Sweyn, John Russell, Martin
de Offelmythe, Robert FitzOdo, Gerald de Prendergast, and
William de la Muntayne; who say that FitzThomas held
nothing of the King in Capite, but one “theodwm " of land
called Oregna, in Ofaly, of Maurice FitzGerald, by the moiety
of one knight's service, as often as summoned for royal ser-
vice, and doing suit at the court of said Maurice at Gesit;
and that the same “theodum was only worth 45l. per annum,
as it was totally destroyed and wasted by the war of the
Irish ; but in time of peace it was worth 90l. 13s. 4d. per
annum. Nicholas FitzAlexander holds of the heir five caru-
cats in fee, doing the above knight service to said Maurice
FitzGerald for said John FitzThomas.
(Name of heir, etc. not given).

47. Creation of Gerald FitzGerald as Earl of Kildare and baron of Ophaly, in tail male, with 20l. a year out of the custom in the port of Dublin.

Westminster, 13 May, 1 Mary.

48. Pardon to John FitzThomas (in consideration of his services to Edw. I. in Scotland and Flanders, and to Edw. II. in Ireland, and of a fine), for intrusion upon certain lands without licence. It appears by inquisitions made by Nigell le Brun, escheator, and by deeds and writings exhibited by said John FitzThomas before John Wogan, justiciary, and the Council, that a certain John de Verdon in the time of Henry III. enfeoffed Maurice FitzGerald and Agnes Valentia his wife of the manors of Adare, Cronnith, Athleicah, Wrigeda, Grene, and Esgrene, in co. Limerick, which said John held of the King in Capite; to hold to said Maurice and Agnes and their heirs; and after said Maurice's death Gerald his son and heir enfeoffed John FitzThomas of the manors of Mayneth, Rathingham, and Legh, with the reversion of the manors of Geshall and Rathmore in co. Kildare, and with the reversion of said manors in co. Lymerick, which said Agnes at that time held for her life of the inheritance of said Gerald; and that after the death of said Gerald without an heir, a certain Juliana de Cogan, aunt of said Gerald and sister of said Maurice, entered upon said manors of Rathmore, Adare, etc., but soon after enfeoffed said John FitzThomas thereof, who continued his seizin for a year and more, and then demised them to said Agnes for life, on whose death he entered into the same without the King's licence. Witness, the aforesaid justiciary at Dublin, 11 July, 4 Edw. II.

County Placita, 3 (sic) Edw. II. folio 33. “Concordat cum recordo. Ex. Dan. Molyneux, Ulster, rex armorum.”

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