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I Then the Minister shall say, no health in us. But thou, o DEARLY beloved brethren, LORD, have mercy upon us, the Scripture moveth us, in miserable offenders. Spare thou sundry places, to acknowledge those, O God, who confess their beja and confess our manifold sins faults. Restore thou those who and wickedness, and that we are penitent; According to thy should not dissemble nor cloak promises declared unto manthem before the face of Al-kind, in Christ Jesus our mighty God, our heavenly Fa- Lord. And grant, О most merther, but confess them with an ciful Father, for his sake; That humble, lowly, penitent, and we may hereafter live a godly, obedient heart; to the end that righteous, and sober life; To we may obtain forgiveness of the glory of thy holy name. the same, by his infinite good- Amen. ness and

mercy. And although I The Declaration of Absolution, or Remis we oughts at all times, humbly sion of Sins; to be made by the Priest alone, to acknowledge our sins before standing; the People still kneeling. God; yet ought we chiefly so ALMIGHTY God, the Fato do, when we assemble and ther of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, meet together, to render thanks who desireth not the death of a for the great benefits that we sinner, but rather that he may have received at his hands, to turn from his wickedness and set forth his most worthy praise, live, hath given power and comto hear his most holy word, mandment to his ministers to and to ask those things which declare and pronounce to his are requisite and necessary, as people, being penitent, the Ab well for the body as the soul. solution and Remission of their Wherefore, I pray and beseech sins. He pardoneth and abyou, as many as are here pre- solveth all those who truly resent, to accompany me, with a pent, and unfeignedly believe pure heart and humble voice, his holy Gospel. Wherefore, unto the throne of the heavenly let us beseech him to grant us grace, saying

true repentance, and his Holy 9 A general Confession, to be said by the Spirit; that those things may whole Congregation after the Minister, all please him which we do at kneeling

this present, and that the rest ALMIGHTY and most mer- of our life hereafter may be ciful Father; We have erred pure and holy; so that at the and strayed from thy ways like last we may come to his eternal lost sheep. We have followed joy, through Jesus CHRIST our too much the devices and de Lord. sires of our own hearts. We T The People shall answer here, and at the have offended against thy holy end of every Prayer, Amen. laws. We have left undone those things which we ought to ALMIGHTY GOD, our heahave done; And we have done venly Father, who, of his great those things which we ought mercy, hath promised forgivenot to have done : And there isness of sins to all those who,

T Or this.


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of a may and

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with hearty repentance and joice in the strength of our

true faith, turn unto him; have salvation. 238, mercy upon you, pardon and

Let us come before his preLou

deliver you from all your sins, sence with thanksgiving, and he

confirm and strengthen you in show ourselves glad in him thy

all goodness, and bring you to with psalms. everlasting life, through Jesus For the Lord is a great God; CHRIST our Lord. Amen. and a great King above all gods. Then the Minister shall kneel, and say the

In his hand are all the corber Chat

Lord's Prayer; the People still kneeling, ners of the earth; and the

and repeating it with him, both here, and dly, wheresoever else it is used in Divine Ser. strength of the hills is his also. TO

The sea is his, and he made OUR Father, who art in hea- it; and his hands prepared the ven, Hallowed be thy Name; dry land.

Thy kingdom come; Thy will O come, let us worship, and Remis alone

be done on earth, as it is in fall down, and kneel before the

heaven; Give us this day our Lord our Maker. Fadaily bread; And forgive us our For he is the Lord our God; 187, trespasses, as we forgive those and we are the people of his

trespass against us; And pasture, and the sheep of his lead us not into temptation; But hand. deliver

us from evil: for thine O worship the LORD in the is the Kingdom, and the Power, beauty of holiness ; let the

and the Glory, for ever and whole earth stand in awe of his ever. Amen.

him. T Then likewise he shall

For he cometh, for he cometh say, open thou our lips;

to judge the earth; and with Ans. And our mouth shall righteousness to judge the show forth thy praise.

world, and the people with his

truth. Fere 1 Here, all standing up, the Minister shall say, ore,

Glory be to the Father, and I Then shall follow a Portion of the Psalms, tus to the Son, and to the Holy

as they are appointed, or one of the Selec tions of Psalms set forth by this Church :

and at the end of every Psalm, and likewise pay Ans. “As it was in the begin

at the end of the Venite, Benedicite, Jubi. ning, is now, and ever shall be,

late, Benedictus, Cantate Domino, Bonuni rest

est confiteri, Deus misereatur, Benedic world without end.

Anima mea-MAY be said or sung the be. Min. Praise ye the LORD.

Gloria Patri; and at the end of the whole the Ans. The LORD's name be

Portion, or Selection of Psalms for the day,

SHALL be said or sung the Gloria Patri, praised.

or else the Gloria in Excelsis, as follow1 Then shall be said or sung the following Anthem ; except on those days for which

Gloria in Excelsis. other Antherns are appointed ; and except algo, when it is used in the course of the

GLORY be to God on high, on the nineteenth day of the and on earth peace, good will

towards men. We praise thee, Venite, erultemus Domino. we bless thee, we worship thee,

O COME, let us sing unto we glorify thee, we give thanks the Lord, let us heartily re-l to thee for thy great glory, O

Ab heir ab.


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Psalms, month.

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LORD God, heavenly King, GOD The holy Church, throughthe Father Almighty.

out all the world, doth acknowO Lord, the only begotten ledge thee, Son, JESUS CHRIST; O LORD The FATHER, of an infinite God, Lamb of God, Son of the majesty ; FATHER, that takest away the

Thine adorable, true, and sins of the world, have mercy only Son ; upon us.

Thou that takest Also the HOLY GHOST, the away the sins of the world, Comforter. have mercy upon us.

Thou Thou art the King of Glory, that takest away the sins of O CHRIST. the world, receive our prayer.

Thou art the everlasting Son Thou that sittest at the right of the FATHER. hand of God the FATHER, have

When thou tookest upon mercy upon us.

thee to deliver man, thou didst For thou only art holy; thou humble thyself to be born of a only art the LORD; thou only, 0 virgin. Christ, with the Holy Ghost,

When thou hadst overcome art most high in the glory of the sharpness of death, thou God the FATHER. Amen. didst open the kingdom of heaI Then shall be read the first Lesson, ac

ven to all believers. cording to the Table or Calendar ; after Thou sittest at the right hand which shall be said or sung the following of God, in the glory of the Hymn. Note

, That before every Lesson, the Minis. FATHER. ter shall say, Here beginneth such a Chap We believe that thou shalt ter, or Verse of such a Chapter, of such a Book: And after every Lesson, 'Here end come, to be our Judge. eth the first, or the second Lesson.

We therefore pray thee, help Te Deum laudamus. thy servants, whom thou hast WE praise thee, O GOD; we redeemed with thy precious acknowledge thee to be the blood. LORD.

Make them to be numbered All the earth doth worship with thy saints, in glory everthee, the Father everlasting. lasting.

To thee all Angels cry aloud; O LORD, save thy people, and the Heavens, and all the Pow- bless thine heritage. ers therein.

Govern them, and lift them To thee, Cherubim and Sera- up for ever. phim continually do cry, Day by day we magnify thee;

Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God And we worship thy name of Sabaoth.

ever, world without end. Heaven and earth are full of Vouchsafe, O LORD, to keep the majesty of thy glory. us this day without sin.

The glorious company of the O LORD, have mercy upon Apostles praise thee.

us, have mercy upon us. The goodly fellowship of the O LORD, let thy mercy be Prophets praise thee.

upon us, as our trust is in thee. The noble army of Martyrs O LORD, in thee have I trustpraise thee.

ed; let me never be confounded

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him for ever.

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1 Or this Canticle.

ye the LORD; praise him, and Benedicite, omnia opera

magnify him for ever. Domini.

0 ye Light and Darkness,

bless ye the LORD; praise him, O ALL ye Works of the and magnify him for ever. LORD, bless ye the LORD; praise O ye Lightnings and Clouds, him, and magnify him for ever. bless ye the LORD; praise him, O ye Angels of the LORD, and magnify him for ever. bless ye

the LORD; praise him, 0 let the Earth bless the and magnify him for ever. LORD; yea, let it praise him,

Oye Heavens, bless ye the and magnify him for ever. LORD; praise him, and magnify O ye Mountains and Hills, him for ever.

bless ye the LORD ; praise him, O ye Waters that be above and magnify him for ever. the Firmament, bless ye the O all ye green Things upon LORD; praise him, and magnify earth, bless ye the LORD; praise

him, and magnify him for O all ye Powers of the Lord, ever. bless ye the LORD; praise him, O ye Wells, bless ye the and magnify him for ever. Lord; praise him, and magni0

ye Sun and Moon, bless ye fy him for ever. the Lord; praise him, and O ye Seas and Floods, bless magnify him for ever.

ye the LORD; praise him, and 0 ye Stars of heaven, bless magnify him for ever. ye the LORD; praise him, and 0 ye Whales, and all that magnify him for ever.

move in the waters, bless ye Oye Showers and Dew, bless the LORD ; praise him, and ye the LORD ; praise him, and magnify him for ever. magnify him for ever.

O all ye Fowls of the air, Oye Winds of God, bless ye bless ye the LORD; praise him, the LORD ; praise him, and and magnify him for ever. magnify him for ever.

O all ye Beasts and Cattle, O ye Fire and Heat, bless bless ye the LORD; praise him, ye the LORD ; praise him, and and magnify him for ever. magnify him for ever.

O ye Children of Men, bless O ye Winter and Summer, ye the LORD ; praise him, and bless

ye the LORD; praise him, magnify him for ever. and magnify him for ever.

o let Israel bless the LORD; Oye Dews and Frosts, bless praise him, and magnify him ye the LORD ; praise him, and for ever. magnify him for ever.

O ye Priests of the LORD, 0

ye Frost and Cold, bless bless ye the LORD; praise him ye the Lord; praise him, and and magnify him for ever. magnify him for ever.


Servants of the LORD, ye Ice and Snow, bless bless ye the LORD ; praise him, ve the Lord; praise him, and and magnify him for ever. magnify him for ever.

Oye Spirits and Souls of the
Oye Nights and Days, bless righteous, bless ye the LORD

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praise him, and magnify him I BELIEVE in God the for ever.

Father Almighty, Maker of O ye holy and humble Men heaven and earth": of heart, bless ye the LORD;. And in JESUS CHRIST his praise him and magnify him for only Son our Lord; Who was

conceived by the Holy Ghost, I Then shall be read, in like manner, the born of the Virgin Mary, Sufsecond Lesson, taken out of the New Tes- fered under Pontius Pilate, Was tament, according to the Table or Calendar; crucified, dead, and buried; and after that, the following Psalm. Jubilate Deo. Psalm c.

He descended into hell; The O BE joyful in the LORD, all He ascended into heaven, And

third day he rose from the dead; ye lands; serve the LORD with sitteth on the right hand of God gladness, and come before his

the Father Almighty ; From presence with a song.

thence he shall come to judge Be ye sure that the LORD he

the quick and the dead. is God, it is he that hath made

I believe in the Holy Ghost; us, and not we ourselves; we The holy catholic Church ; are his people and the sheep of The communion of saints; The his pasture.

forgiveness of sins; The resurO go your way into his gates rection of the body, and the life with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise ; be thankful everlasting. Amen.

T Or this. unto him, and speak good of his name.

I BELIEVE in one God, the law For the Lord is gracious, his Father Almighty, Maker of mercy is everlasting ; and his heaven and earth, and of all truth endureth from generation

things visible and invisible : to generation.

And in one

Lord JESUS 1 Or this Hymn

CHRIST, the only begotten Son Benedictus. St. Luke i. 68.

of God, begotten of his Father BLESSED be the LORD God before all worlds ; God of God, of Israel ; for he hath visited Light of Light, very God of and redeemed his people ;

very God, begotten, not made, And hath raised up a mighty being of one substance with salvation for us, in the house the FATHER, by whom all things of his servant David ;

were made ; who for us meng As he spake by the mouth of and for our salvation, came his holy Prophets, which have down from heaven, and was been since the world began;

incarnate by the Holy Ghost That we should be saved of the Virgin Mary, and was from our enemies, and from the made man, and was crucified hand of all that hate us.

also for us under Pontius Pilate. I Then shall be said the Apostles' Creed, by He suffered and was buried,

the Minister and the People, standing : And and the third day he rose again,
any Churches may omit the words, He
descended into hell, or may, instead of according to the Scriptures, and
them, use the words, He went into the place ascended into heaven, and sit-
of departed Spirits, which are considered
as words of the same meaning in the Creed. Steth on the right hand of the

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