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Characters of some of Mrs. Day's most inti-

mate Friends, written when she was
comment cite's fourteen sá.
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A PURE exalted Soul, that's richly fraught
With native sense, and dignity of thought:
Tun’d to those finer feelings of the brenst,
By numbers feign'd, but ah! by few possest:
Her's, tender softness mix'd with gen'rous fire,
And all that heartfelt goodness can inspire.
Her friendship strong, and ardent as her soul,
Fix'd as magnetic needle to the Pole;
Whilst scorning all the varying forms of ast,
Truth is the sacred inmate of her heart.
Thus would my pen that mental image trace,
Which nothing e'er can from my mind efface.

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IN her the head and heart their treasures blend,
With sense to charm, and worth to fix the friend,
Enlighten'd knowledge, deep reflexion join'd
To polish'd taste, and elegance of mind.
Her virtues slow, pure from their parent source,
Religion's vital, animating force ;
And all her passions Reason's voice obey,
The willing captives of such gentle sway.
Thoʻoft unable to relieve distress,
She feels the warm expanded wish to bless, i
That sacred wish ascends the realms above,
A grateful cfl'ring to the Gud of Love.




HER breast is Virtue's mansion, where we find
Each bright intrinsic jewel of the mind.
There humble wisdom, piety reside,
Sweet artless goodness, unalloy'd with pride,
Indulgent candour, which delights to praise,
To veil a weakness, and a virtue raise,
A patient mildness, from resentment free,
Quick to forgive offence, and slow to see.
A Christian temper, studious to compose
The jarring passions of mistaken foes ;
Blest by the lips of him whose soul was love,
And all the gentle meekness of the dove;
This groupe of moral graces, to complete,
Her heart is love's, maternal friendship's scat,

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BLEST with a spotless heart, a judgment clear,
Tho' learned humble, tho' polite sincere ;
Chearful as sprightly youth, discreet and sage
As deep discerning, all experienc'd age; E A
Tender and soft as woman ought to be,

Jon And yet from ev'ry female weakness free;

la foi Her soul adorn’d with native strength of thought, FH And with each elegant refinement fraught. Her piety a principle divine, Which does in living, active goodness shine, No rigid melancholy aspect wears, But drest in smiles, its genuine garb, appears. How sweetly she exerts her utmost pow'rs, To gild an aged parent's joyless hours, Tries with endearing heart to soothe her pains ! And bless declining worn-out life's remains : Such Delia is, oh! be she ever blest! But blest she must be, her applauding breast, That pleasing source of ev'ry new delight, Will brighten weeping sorrow's dismal night, Or the dull languid bed of sickness cheer,

.. Sqften each pang, and tranquillize each fear.**



Rev. MR. T.

A SOUL enlarg’d, above each selfish aim,
Which soars to loftier views than mortal fame ;
In whom the various sciences unite,
To beam with soften’d, and instructive light;
The Saint, and the Philosopher combine,
And all Religion's mildest beauties shine.
While from his lips, fair truth and knowledge flow,
Too great, too wise, for learned pomp, and show,
-We see the Christian's unassuming grace,
Adorn his manners, stampt upon his face.

The warm diffusive love of human kind,
Sweetens, expands, and elevates his mind.
He can with noble scorn of baseness glow, ma
Yet melt with pity for another's woe.
A faithful pattern of his heav’nly Lord,
At once he teaches, practises his Word.

i st The man, the preacher, both conspire to prove, The Gospel breathes Benevolence, and Love. 'n ongo


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