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They say we are too young to love,

Too wild to be united;
In scorn they bid us both renounce

The fond vows we have plighted.
They send thee forth to see the world,

Thy love by absence trying :
Then go; for I can smile farewell, —

Upon thy truth relying.
I know that Pleasure's hand will throw

Her silken nets about thee;
I know how lonesome I shall find

The long, long days without thee.
But in thy letters there'll be joy;

The reading,—the replying :
I'll kiss each word that's traced by thee,-

Upon thy truth relying.
When friends applaud thee, I'll sit by,

In silent rapture gazing ;
And, oh! how proud of being loved

By her they have been praising!
But should Detraction breathe thy name,

The world's reproof defying :
I'd love thee,-laud thee, -trust thee still,-

Upon thy truth relying.
E'en those who smile to see us part,

Shall see us meet with wonder ;
Such trials only make the heart

That truly loves grow fonder.
Our sorrows past shall be our pride,

When with each other vying :
Thou wilt confide in him, who lives

Upon thy truth relying.

OH SAY NOT 'TWERB A KEENER BLOW. Oh say not 'twere a keener blow,

To lose a child of riper years, You cannot know a father's woe

You cannot dry a father's tears ;

The girl who rears a sickly plant,

Or cherishes a wounded dove,
Will love them most while most they want

The watchfulness of love!

Time must have changed that fair young brow,

Time might have changed that spotless heart; Years might have brought deceit,—but now

In love's confiding dawn we part ! Ere pain and grief had sown decay,

My babe is cradled in the tomb,Like some fair blossom torn away

In all its purest bloom.



Leigh Sent.

Forticia Armand — Coryline Scots I. CHE

Whhandon Ambota. I lantbelle Slimus Mazpulsustent

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Barnes Robert Bonkey

Hermos do

S. F. Choruses


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