Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener and Home Farmer

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Journal of Horticulture Office, 1888 - Agriculture

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Page 2 - Leaves have their time to fall, And flowers to wither at the north wind's breath, And stars to set, but all — Thou hast all seasons for thine own, O Death...
Page 141 - Whether clear or cloudy, a rosy sky at sunset presages fine weather ; a red sky in the morning, bad weather or much wind (perhaps rain) ; a gray sky in the morning, fine weather ; a high dawn...
Page 141 - After fine clear weather, the first signs in the sky of a coming change are usually light streaks, curls, wisps, or mottled patches of white distant clouds, which increase, and are followed by an over-casting of murky vapor that grows into cloudiness.
Page 141 - Light, delicate, quiet tints or colours, with soft, undefined forms of clouds, indicate and accompany fine weather ; but gaudy or unusual hues, with hard, definitely outlined clouds, foretell rain, and probably, strong wind.
Page 141 - ... wind. Misty clouds forming, or hanging on heights, show wind and rain coming — if they remain, increase, or descend. If they rise or disperse, the weather will improve or become fine.
Page 141 - High upper clouds crossing the sun, moon, or stars in a direction different from that of the lower clouds, or the wind then felt below, foretell a change of wind.
Page 174 - ... They then crawl along in the water towards the anterior side of the bucket, where there is a passage for them between the opening of this and the column. If one is early on the look-out, as these Hymenopterae are early risers, one can see in every flower how fecundation is performed.
Page 141 - Soft-looking or delicate clouds foretell fine weather, with moderate or light breezes; hard-edged, oily-looking clouds, wind. A dark, gloomy, blue sky is windy; but a light, bright blue sky indicates fine weather. Generally the softer clouds look, the less wind (but perhaps more rain) may be expected; and the harder, more "greasy," rolled, tufted, or ragged, the stronger the coming wind will prove.
Page 89 - Vanda coerulea grows in profusion, waving its panicles of azure flowers in the wind. As this beautiful orchid is at present attracting great attention, from its high price, beauty, and difficulty of culture, I shall point out how totally at variance with its native habits, is the cultivation thought necessary for it in England.f The • Notes on the Khasia mountains and people; by Lieutenant H.
Page 141 - Remarkable clearness of atmosphere near the horizon, distant objects, such as hills, unusually visible, or raised (by refraction), and what is called " a good hearing day," may be mentioned among the signs of wet, if not wind, to be expected.

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