A Copious Latin Grammar, Volume 2

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Page 348 - ... ends with a consonant and the next word begins with a consonant, it may be considered a spondee ; whereas the former line
Page 396 - ... the drying process takes place in the stuff of a poem just as in that of a violin. Here is a Tyrolese fiddle that is just coming to its hundredth birthday,— (Pedro Klauss, Tyroli, fecit, 1760,) — the sap is pretty well out of it.
Page 396 - Poscimur. si quid vacui sub umbra lusimus tecum, quod et hunc in annum vivat et plures,', age/ die Latinum, barbite, carmen...
Page 397 - Lmmchen schlachten. 18 Non ebur neque aureum Mea renidet in domo lacunar, Non trabes Hymettiae Premunt columnas ultima recisas Africa neque Attali Ignotus heres regiam occupavi Nee Laconicas mihi Trahunt honestae purpuras clientae.
Page 51 - Haec praescripta servantem licet magnifice graviter animoseque vivere atque etiam simpliciter, fideliter, vitae hominum amice.
Page 379 - Synaloepha is the elision of a vowel at the end of a word, before another word beginning with a vowel.
Page 230 - Liv. xxi. 41. non vereor ne quis me hoc vestri adhortandi causa magnifice loqui existimet, ipsum aliter ammo affectum esse.
Page 397 - Soracte, nee iam sustineant onus silvae laborantes, geluque flumina constiterint acuto? dissolve frigus ligna super foco 5 large reponens atque benignius deprome quadrimum Sabina, o Thaliarche, merum diota. permitte divis cetera, qui simul stravere ventos aequore fervido 10 deproeliantis, nee cupressi nee veteres agitantur orni. quid...
Page 396 - Nirea, heu heu translates alio maerebis amores: ast ego vicissim risero. 16 Altera iam teritur bellis civilibus aetas, suis et ipsa Roma viribus ruit...
Page 375 - Us is long in nouns of the third declension which increase long, and in the genitive singular, and the nominative, accusative, and vocative plural of the fourth declension ( 89, REM., and 283, III.) ; as, tellus, virtus, incus ; — -fructus.

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