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Oliver and Boyd's New Code Olass-Books.

In the THIRD STANDARD, as the child will 'now have acquired considerable Auency in easy reading, a varied selection has been made from authors that have long been favourites with the young. In the Dictation all the difficulties in spelling monosyllables and easy dissyllables have been anticipated, and the Exercises, which are partly in Script, have been constructed so as to foster the habit of observing words and their distinctions.

II. GEOGRAPHY. Text-books have been prepared by Mr WILLIAM Lawson, F.R.G.S., St Mark's College, Chelsea; Author of " Geography of the British Empire," etc.

1. The GEOGRAPHICAL PRIMER will be found adapted to the requirements of Standard IV. The meaning of a Map is clearly explained; an outline is given of the Chief Divisions of the World; while the numerous facts have been selected and arranged to suit the age of the pupils.

2. The GEOGRAPHY OF ENGLAND meets the requirements of Standard V., and is intended to succeed the “Geographical Primer.” The style and subject are a little in advance, and there is some attempt to show the dependence of one part of the geography upon another. A Chapter on the principal Railways will be found to meet the increasing desire for information on this subject.

3. The GEOGRAPHY OF SCOTLAND AND IRELAND; with Notes on Railways.

4. The GEOGRAPHY OF EUROPE. Adapted to Standard VI.

5. ELEMENTS OF PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. This work has been written as a “Specific Subject,” with special reference to the New Code. The language and illustrations are simple, and suited to the capacity of pupils of from ten to fourteen years of age.

This subject has been undertaken by Mr ALEXANDER TROTTER,
Teacher of Mathematics, etc., Edinburgh; Author of " Arithmetic for
Advanced Classes,” etc.

PART I. embraces Standards 1 and 2.

3 and 4.

5 and 6.

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