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In case the two livings happen to be in different dio- !f the two ceses, a separate certificate of residence or performance in different of duty, in respect of each living, must be produced, making up together the full period of nine months, and not less than four months at each living. Each of the two certificates to be in the following form:

ter case.

To the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty. Form of

certificate We do hereby Certify, that A-, Rector, Vicar, or in the latPerpetual Curate, of, in the County of and Diocese of —, resided on (or peformed the duty in person of his said of — for the space of months, in the year ending on the 31st day of December last.

Witness our hands, this day of — in the

year 18

To be signed and countersigned as the before-mentioned form.

of Parlia.

grants, in


The Governors allow the Treasurer to pay to licenced Living

se Curates serving vacant cures under sequestration, perkataa which have been augmented out of the Parliamentary mented out grants, interest on such augmentations, provided they mentary severally produce, on their first application to him, a terest to

be paid to certificate under the hand of the Bishop of the diocese sequestraof his approval of such payment of interest : and on production whenever application is made for payment of such interest by every such Curate, of a certificate of his constant performance of duty, and residence either in the parish or chapelry, or within five miles of his church or chapel, signed by two Clergymen of the diocese, and countersigned by their diocesan.

Note.--Mr. Paterson the Treasurer, (who is directed

not to pay interest, except on the receipt or order in writing of the Incumbent for every sum to be received,) attends daily at his office, No. 68, Old Broad-street, to pay interest from Lady-day to Midsummer, and from Michaelmas to Christmas, (holidays excepted) between the hours of ten and two.

Purchases of Houses, Lands, or Tythes, with Monies

appropriated to Livings.




The first rule in the second charter prescribes, Ist rule, 2d

“ That the augmentation to be made by the Corporation shall be by way of purchase, and not by the way of pension."

The Governors have ever been anxious to observe to desirous to the letter this main regulation, and they have from mentation time to time taken measures accordingly; such as remoney in

ducing the rate of interest allowed to Incumbents in respect of augmentations which have fallen to their livings, to induce them to be diligent in looking out for suitable purchases. The Governors allow of pur

chases of houses for residence, and also farm-houses, chases allowed by

and lands of freehold tenure, or copyhold, where the the Gover- fine is certain, and the lord of the manor consents to

the admission of the Incumbent, and of purchases of certbee resi- tythes. The first desire of the Governors where there of lucum- is no house of residence for the Incumbent of a living,

is, to invest money appropriated to such living in the purchase of a house, or of land conveniently situated



nors. Purchases of houses


whereon a house may be built. They are desirous that General purchases to be made of lands should, if possible, be as to purconvenient for the Incumbent's occupation; but if that chases. is not practicable, it is their wish that lands should be purchased so near to the livings as that the Incumbents may without inconvenience superintend the occupation thereof by their tenants. There is no prescribed rate of interest, nor is there any defined general rule laid down by the Governors with regard to purchases, further than what has been remarked as to purchases of houses of residence and scites, and of lands situate near the livings for which they are intended; but the Governors decide, after mature consideration, on each separate proposal for a purchase according to its own circumstances and merits.

In order to obtain full information respecting estates When a proposed to be purchased, a commission is issued with proposed, a special queries annexed, addressed to commissioners sion of en

quiry is as aftermentioned, requesting them to make enquiry issued. as to the proposed purchase, and to return specific answers to the queries. Whenever such answers are returned to the Bounty Office, they are laid before the Board, and according as they are deemed satisfactory or otherwise, the purchases either receive the sanction of, or are disapproved by the Governors.

When an Incumbent wishes to offer a purchase to Directiuns the Governors, it is necessary for him to send the par- bents havticulars thereof to their Secretary, and to state the chases to amount of money remaining appropriated to his living, and to propose the names of three beneficed Clergymen of the diocese; adding the names of their benefices, and the names and places of residence, and descriptions of three neighbouring laymen of respecta


bility, to be inserted by the Bishop of the diocese, if he approves,

in a commission of enquiry. If purchase

In case the proposed purchase is disapproved by the disapproved. Governors, the Incumbent is informed thereof by the

Secretary If approved. If it is approved, the Secretary sends the commission

with the returns thereto, and the correspondence, to the Solicitor of the Governors, who then sends all necessary instructions to the Incumbent. The Solicitor, assisted by the Govenors' Counsel, and at the expense of the Corporation, examines into the title,

and if that proves satisfactory, he prepares the conamined, and veyance

of the purchased estate, also at the Governors’ pared, at

expense, unto and to the use of the Incumbent of the the expense living for which the purchase is made, and his sucporation. Deeds, &c. If at any time after the purchase is completed, refertary's cus- ence is wanted to the conveyance, the title-deeds, the tody.

abstract, or other documents in the possession of the Governors, application must be made to the Secretary, to whose care all the records of the Governors are committed.

Titles ex

conveyances pre


in Secre

Exchanges of Houses and Lands belonging to Aug

mented Livings, whether purchased with Bounty money or not, for other Ilouses or Lands.

Acu Geo.l. cb. 10. authorizes exchanges of land bought by the Governors.

By the before-mentioned Act of Parliament, passed in the 1st year of the reign of his Majesty King George the First, chap. 10. (sec. 13.) it is enacted as follows: And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid,

that it shall and may be lawful, with the concurreuce of the said Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne, for the augmentation of the maintenance of the Poor Clergy, and the Incumbent, Patron, and Ordinary of any augmented living or cure, to exchange all or any part of the estate settled for the augmentation thereof for any other estate, in lands or tythes of equal or greater value to be conveyed to the same uses.”

And by the before-mentioned Act of Parliament, Act 43.G. 3. passed in the 43rd year of the reign of his late Majesty tends the King George the Third, chap. 107. (sec. 2.) it is exchange

to all lands (after reciting the above clause) enacted, “ that the said

belonging power shall be and is hereby extended to all the mes

to aug.

mented suages, buildings and lands, belonging to every aug- livings. mented living or cure.” The Governors are disposed to sanction exchanges The Gover.

nors disof houses or lands in those cases where permanent advantage or convenience is afforded to Incumbents and their successors; and especially where proposed atferd perexchanges may conduce to enable them to reside on manent. their benefices, by their obtaining houses or lands or which more convenient for their occupation, but they fre- the resi. quently object to exchanges where no particular ad- Incum

bents. vantage in point of annual value or greater convenience is likely to result from the measure.

When an Incumbent wishes to propose an exchange of a house or land to the Governors, it is expedient that he first obtain the consent of the Patron and Ordi- Consent of

Patron and nary to the measure, as they are necessary parties to Ordinary. the deeds of exchange to be executed, if the proposal be approved ; and then it is necessary for him to give to the Secretary of the Governors, accurate particulars Particulare

of Estates of the respective estates to be exchanged; and to pro- to be ex


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