New and Old: A Volume of Verse

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J. R. Osgood, 1880 - 248 pages

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Page 228 - They shall be gentle, brave, and strong To spill no drop of blood, but dare All that may plant man's lordship firm On earth, and fire, and sea, and air. Nation with nation, land with land, Unarmed shall live as comrades free; In every heart and brain shall throb The pulse of one fraternity.
Page 229 - New arts shall bloom of loftier mould, And mightier music thrill the skies, And every life shall be a song When all the earth is paradise.
Page 228 - These things shall be ! A loftier race Than e'er the world hath known shall rise With flame of freedom in their souls, And light of knowledge in their eyes.
Page 121 - It is the centre of the soul that ails : We carry with us our own heart's disease ; And craving the impossible, we freeze The lively rills of love that never fails. What faith, what hope will lend the spirit sails To waft her" with a light spray-scattering breeze From this Calypso isle of phantasies, Self-sought, self-gendered, where the daylight pales?
Page 216 - Life ! All names for Thee alike are vain and hollow — Lead me, for I will follow without strife ; Or, if I strive, still must I blindly follow.
Page 8 - LOVE IN DREAMS LOVE hath his poppy-wreath, Not Night alone. I laid my head beneath Love's lilied throne: Then to my sleep he brought This anodyne — The flower of many a thought And fancy fine: A form, a face, no more; Fairer than truth; A dream from death's pale shore; The soul of youth: A dream so dear, so deep, All dreams above, That still I pray to sleep — Bring Love back, Love!
Page 120 - NAY, soul, though near to dying, do not this! It may be that the world and all its ways Seem but spent ashes of extinguished days And love, the phantom of imagined bliss; Yet what is man among the mysteries Whereof the young-eyed angels sang their praise ? Thou know'st not. Lone and wildered in the maze. See that life's crown thou dost not idly miss. Is friendship fickle ? Hast thou found her so ? Is God more near thee on that homeless sea Than by the hearths where children come and go ? Perchance...
Page 229 - And light of scieuce in their eyes. They shall be gentle, brave, and strong, — To spill no drop of blood, but dare All that may plant man's lordship firm On .,,nil and tire and sea and air.
Page 139 - Tis the greed To grasp, the hunger to assimilate All that earth holds of fair and delicate, The lust to blend with beauteous lives, to feed And take our fill of loveliness, which breed This anguish of the soul intern parate.

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