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Good High-priest is come

Ah! lovely Appearance of
Alas! and did our Saviour bleed
All Glory to God, and Peace
All-wise, all-good, Aimighty Lord
And are we Wretches yet alive
Array'd in mortal flesh
Attend while God's eternal Son
Awake, and fing the Song
Awake, our Souls, away our Fears
Away from every mortal Care
Away with our Fears

Efore Jehovah's awful Throne

Begin my Tongue me
Begin, ye Saints; the happy Song
Behold how Sin.76.s disagree
Behold what woud'rous Grace
Be present at our Table, Lord
Blesed are the Sons of God.
Bless, O my Soul, the living God
Bleil are the Souls that hear and
Bleft be the dear uniting Love
Bleft be the Father and his Love
Bluft by Jesu's Providence
Bleft morning whese youngdawniig
Blood has a Voice to pieice the Skies
Biood of Jesu's Wounds, how good
Blow ye the Trumpet, blow
Brethren, let us join to bless
Brethren (ing, 'tis right you shou'd
Buried in Shadows of the Night
Hildren of Israel, fue wh:10

Children of the heav'nly King
Chrift from whom all Blesangs flow
Christ whose Glory fills the skies
Clap your Hands, ye People all
Come, all harmonious Tongues

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Come, and let us sweetly join
Come, deareft Lord, descend and
Come, descend, O heav'nly Spirit
Come, divine Immanuel, come
Come, guilty Souls, and flee
Come, happy Souls, approach
Come, holy Ghost, our Hearts
Come, holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove
Come, let us adore
Come, let us ascend
Come, let us join our chearful Songs
Come, let us lift our joyful Eyes
Come, my Brethren, Israel's Race
Come, my Fathers Family
Come, my Sul, before the Lamb
Come, thou Almighty King
Come, thou Fount of ev'ry Blefling
Com', thou long-expected Jesus
Come', we that Love the Lord
Come, worship at Immanuel's Feet
Come, ye Lovers of the Lamb
Come, ye Sinners, poor and wretched
Creator, Spirit, by whole Aid

Earest of all the Names above

Dearest Saviour, help thy
Deep in the Duil, before thy Throne
Descend celestial Dove
Descend from Heav'n, immortal
Disciples of Chriit
Dismiss us with thy Blessing, Lord
Down headlong from the native

RE I llcep for ev'ry Favour

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Aithful Bridegroom, holy Lamb

Far from our Thoughts, vain
Father, cur Hearts, we lift
Father, Son and Holy Ghost

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