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Their vast appointments reach it not; they see
On earth a bounty not indulged on high,
And downward look for Heaven's superior praise ! 440
Firstborn of Ether! high in fields of Light !
View man, to see the glory of your God!
Could angels envy, they liad envied here :
And some did envy; and the rest, though gots,
Yet still gods unredeem’d (there triumphs man,

Tempted to weigh the dust against the skies,)
They less would feel, though more adorn my theme.
They sung Creation (for in that they shared ;)
How rose in melndy that child of love!
Creation's great superior, man! is thine ; 450
Thine is Redemption! they just gave the key;
"Tis thine to raise and eternize the song,
Though human, yet divine ; for should not this
Raise man o'er man, and kindle seraphs here?
Redemption ! 'twas Creation inore sublime ; 455
Redemption ! 'twas the labour of the skie's ;
Far more than labour-it was death in Heaven !
A truth so strange, 'twere bold to think it true,
If not far bolder still to disbelieve.

459 Here pause and ponder. Was there death in Heaven? What then on earth » on earth, which struck the blow? Who struck it? Who-- how is man enlarged, Seen through this medium ! How the pigmy towers ! How counterpoised his origin from dust! How counterpoised, to dust his sad return! 465 How voided his vast distance from the skies! Hlow near he presses on the seraph's wing! Which is the seraph? which the born of clay ? Ilow this demonstrates, through the thickest cloud Of guilt and clay condensed, the Son of Heaveu ' 470 The double Son: the made, and the remade ! And shall Heaven's double property be lost ? Man's double madness only can destroy. To man the bleeding Cross has promised all ; The bleeding Cross has sworn eternal grace. 475

Who gave his life, what grace shall He deny ?
Oye ! who from this rock of ages leap
Apostates, plunging headlong in the deep!
What cordial joy, what consolation strong,
Whatever winds arise, or billows roll,

Our interest in the Master of the storm !
Cling there, and in wreck'd Nature's ruins smile ;
While vile apostates tremble in a calm.

Man! know thyself: all wisdom centres there To none man seems ignoble, but to man.

485 Angels that grandeur, men o'erlook, admire. How long shall human nature be their book, Degenerate mortal ! and unread by thee? The beam dim Reason sheds shows wonders there; What high contents ! illustrious faculties ! 490 But the granci comment, which displays at fiill Our human height, scarce sever'd from divine, B: Heaven composed, was publish'd on the Cross.

Who looks on that, and sees not in hiinself An awful stranger, a terrestrial god ?

495 A glorious partner with the Deity In that high attribute, immortal life? It a God bleeds, le bleeds not for a worm. I gaze, and, as I gaze, my mounting soul Catches strange fire, Eternity! at thee,

500 And drops the world--or, rather, more enjoys. How changed the face of Nature! how improved ! What seem'd a chaos, shines a glorious world; Or what a world, an Eden; heighten'd all' It is another scene! ancther self!

505 And still another, as time rolls along, And that a self far more illustrious still. Beyond long ages, yet roll'd up in shadës Unpierced by bold Conjecture's keenest ray, What evolutions of surprising Fate !

510 How Nature opens, and receives my soul, In boundless walks of raptured thought! where gods Encounter and embrace me! What new birth

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Of strange adventure, foreign to the sun,
Where what now charms, perhaps, whate'er exists
Old Time and fair Creation, are forgot.

Is this extravagant ? of man we form
Extravagant conception, to be just :
Conception unconfined wants wings to reach him;
Beyond its reach the Godhead only more. 520
He, the great Father ! kindled at one flame
The world of rationals : one spirit pour'd
From spirits' awful Fountain ; pour'd Himself
Through all their souls, but not in equal stream,
Profuse, or frugal, of the' inspiring God,

525 As his wise plan demanded ; and when pass'd Their various trials, in their various spheres, If they continue rational, as made, Resorbs them all into Himself again, His throne their centre, and his smile their crown. 530

Why doubt we, then, the glorious truth to sing, Though yet unsung, as deem'd, perhaps, too bold ? Angels are men of a superior kind; Angels are men in lighter habit clad, High o'er celestial mountains wing’d in flight; 535 And men are angels, loaded for an hour, Who wade this miry vale, and climb with pain, And slippery step, the bottom of the steep. Angels their failings, mortals have their praise : While here, of corps ethereal, such enroll’d, 540 And summond to the glorious standard soon, Which flames eternal crimson through the skies. Nor are our brothers thoughtless of their kin, Yet absent; but not absent from their love. Michael has fought our battles ; Raphael sang 545 Our triumphs ; Gabriel on our errands flown, Sent by the Sovereign : and are these, O man ! Thy friends, thy warm allies ? and thou (sljame burn The cheek to cinder !) rival to the brute ?

Religion's all. Descending from the skies 550 To wretched man, the goddess in her loft

Holds out this world, and in her right the next
Religion ! the sole voucher man is man;
Supporter sole of man above himself;
E’en in this night of frailty, change, and death, 555
She gives the soul a soul that acts a god.
Religion! Providence ! an after state !
Here is firm footing ; here is solid rock;
This can support us; all is sea besides ;
Sinks under us ; bestorms, and then devours. 560
His hand the good man fastens on the skies,
And bids earth roll, nor feels her idle whirl.

As when a wretch, from thick polluted air,
Darkness and stench, and suffocating damos,
And dungeon horrors, by kind Fute discharged, 565,
Climbs some fair eminence, where ether pure
Surrounds him, and Elysian prospects rise ;
His heart exults, his spirits cast their load,
As if newborn he triumphs in the change :
So joys the soul, when from inglorious aims 570
And sordid sweets, from feculence and froth
Of ties terrestria! set at large, she mounts
To Reason's region, her own element,
Breathes hopes immortal, and affects the skies
Religion! thou the soul of happiness,

575 And, groaning Calvary! of thee: there shine mhe noblest truths ; there strongest motives sting; There sacred violence assaults the soul; There nothing but compulsion is forborne. Can love allure us! or can terror awe ?

580 He weeps !--the falling drop puts out the Sun : He sighs !--the sigh earth's deep foundation shakes. If in his love so terrible, what then His wrath inflamed ? his tenderness on fire ? Like soft, smooth oil, outblazing other fires ? 585 Can prayer, can praise, avert it?--Thou, my ali ! My theme! my inspiration! and my crown? My strength in age ! my rise in low estate ! Dly soul's ambition, pleasure, wealth !--my world'

My light in darkness! and my life in death! 590
My boast through time! bliss through eternity!
Eternity, too short to speak thy praise,
Or fathom thy profound of love to man!
To man of men the meanest, e'en to me ;
My sacrifice! my God !--what things are those ! 595

What then art Thou? by what name shall I call thee)
Knew I the name devout archangels use,
Devout archangels should the name enjoy,
By me unrivald; thousands more sublime,
None half so dear as that which, though unspoko, 600
Still glows at heart. O how Omnipotence
Is lost in love ! thou great Philanthropist !
Father of angels! but the friend of man!
Like Jacob, fondest of the younger born!
Thou who didst save him, snatch the smoking brand
From out the flames, and quench it in thy blood! 606
How art thou pleased by bounty to distress!
To make us groan beneath our gratitude,
Too big for birth! to favour and confound;
'To challenge and to distance all return!

610 Of lavish love stupendous heights to soar, And leave Praise panting in the distant vale ! Thy right, too great, defrauds thee of thy due ; And sacrilegious our sublimest song ! But since the naked will obtains thy smile, 615 Beneath this monument of praise unpaid, And future life symphonious to my strain, (That noblest hymn to Heaven!) for ever lie Entomb'd my fear of death! and every fear, The dread of every evil, but thy frown.

620 Whom see I yonder so demurely smile ? Laughter a labour, and might break their rest. Ye Quietists ! in homage to the skies ! Serene ! of soft address ! who mildly make Au unobtrusive tender of your hearts,

625 Abhorring violence! who halt indeed, But, for the blessing wrestle not with Heaven'

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