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tack him in so formidable a post. He the 26th he sent a detachment in the diwas protected by a reserve on the heights rection of Pinhel, which it reached after of the left bank of the Coa, but four co- a march of three hours by difficult roads. lumns marched direct for the enemy, The English had withdrawn from it at and closed with thein with the greatest two in the inorning. It appears that intrepidity, without returning their fire. they are concentrating at Celerico. That of the fortress, though badly The fortress of Almeida is defended enough directed, became extremely by four Portuguese regiments. It is well brisk at this moment. The 3d bussars, provided with stores and heavy artillery, supported by the rest of the cavalry, and has two governors, one of them an charged the English infantry at the gal. Englishman. The garrison made two lop, and sabred a great number of them. sorties on the 26th. One, consisting of

e ground, however, was so difficult, 600 infantry and 60 horse, which sallied that it was impossible for the rest of our upon the division of Loison, was descavalry to take part in this fine charge. tined to destroy the houses which are The enemy's cavalry unifornly declined within 200 toises of the place; the object to meet ours at the sabre, and after ral. of the other, consisting of 300 men lying under the ramparts of the place, and 40 horse, which directed itself upon hastened to re-pass the Coa. " the right of General Marchand, was to

In the mean time, the brigade of Ge- carry off a few sheaves of wheat lying neral Ferey having already out-flanked near the suburb; but both were rethe right of the enemy, was on the point pulsed, so as to frustrate the designs of of cutting off his retreat, or coinpelling ihe enemy. In the first they lost about him to throw blinself into Almeida, when 40 meo, who were shot with our pieces the English general felt the necessity of touching their breasts. We lost only falling back, which he could only effect two men of the legion of the Soutis. in great disorder; for our hattalions pur But the garrison tried the third-sortie to sued them at a running step, to such a carry off the same sheaves of wheat ; it distance as to enable the columns ap did not succeed better than the precepointed to invest Alineida to execute ding attempts. We took from them one. that operation without any difficulty. piece of cannon, and killed a few of

The troops of bis Majesty gave a fresh their men. The object of ail these sorproof upon this occasion, that there is ties seems to indicate that it is not so no position which can resist their intre- well supplied with provisions as with pidity. All of them perfectly performed artillery. their duty.

I have the honour to be, with respectThe English sustained a considerable ful regard, your bighness's most humble loss in this action. Their estafette-man, and obedient servant, or chief courier, has been taken, with Marshal the PRINCE of Esslino. all his dispatches; several of which, Commander in Chief of the dated the 25th and 26th, represent the

Army of Portugal, English army as in full route ; that it is

Massena, impossible to form an idea of its deplor Salamanca, Jaly 29, 1810. able condition; that the English never Paris, August 17.---Last Wednesday, were engaged in so brisk an affair; and, bis Imperial Majesty being seated on in short, that they had lost 60 officers, the throne, surrounded by the princes 24 of whom have been interred in the and great officers of state, the deputies field of battle; 400 rank and file killed, of Ilolland were presented to his Majesand 700 wounded. Among the slain ty, and their president, his excellency were the Colonel of the 43d, that of the Admiral Verhuel, delivered the follow16th dragoons, and Major Brown of the ing speech :-52d. We have taken from them one « SIRE,-Your very faithful subjects stand of colours, 400 men, and two of Holland, the members of the council pieces of cannon. Our loss amounted of state, of the legislative body, of the to nearly 300 killed and wounded. deputies of the land and sea forces and

On the 25th, Marshal the Duke of the deputies of the city of Ainsterdam, Elchingen regulated the investment of have the honour of presenting themselves Almeida, so as to render it complete, at the feet of your Majesty's tbrone, reHe caused Valverde to be occupied, and spectfully to declare the sentiments of the Englisb posted on the heights in admiration, confidence and obedience front of Pereiro to be dislodged. Qu with which they are animated. VOL. VIH.


“ The Dutch people, Sire, known in my lot to decide for ever the fate of the annals of history by the exploits of France, and of all the nations which their heroes, by the spotless character compose this vast empire; to bestow on of their statesmen, and the exertions all the signal advantages which arise made by them to obtain and maintain from firmness, consistency, and order, their independence, are still possessed and to destroy the baneful consequences of a strong recollection of the virtues of of irregularity and weakness. I put a their forefathers.

period to the wavering destinies of Italy, • " The great events which Europe has by placing the Iron crown on my own witnessed in the course of the present head. I annihilated the government century have completely changed the which ruled Piedmont. By my act of political supports and relations of states, mediation I justly appreciated the conand their independence, for the attain- stitution of Switzerland, and brought ment of which our ancestors sacrificed the local circumstances of the country their property, their blood, and all that in unison with the safety and rights of is most dear to men, from the pressure this imperial crown. I gave you a of circumstances could not but undergo prince of my blood for your ruler; this certain restrictions. At length united was intended as a bond to unite the with the first nation in the world, called concerns of your republic with the rights by the greatest prince in the universe to of the empire. My hopes have been share in the favour which his exalted deceived, and on this occasion I have genius and paternal solicitude liberally sbewn more forbearance than my chabestows on his happy subjects, and of racter generally admits, and my rights which Holland has already obtained so required. I have at length put a period many proofs, the Dutch continue to to the painful uncertainty of your future flatter themselves that by their loyalty, fate, and warded off the fatal blow their obedience, and their inviolable at which threatened to annihilate all your tachment to their prince and father, prosperity, all your resources. I have they shall deserve the protection of a opened the continent to your national mighty, generous, upright, and benevo. industry. The day shall come when lent government."

you are to conduct my eagles to the His Imperial Majesty returned the seas, celebrated by the exploits of your following answer:

ancestors. Then shall you shew your •« Gentlemen, deputies of the legisla- selves worthy of yourselves and of me. tive body, of the laud and sea forces of From this moment till that period all Holland, and gentlemen deputies of my the changes that take place in Europe good city of Amsterdam. For these shall have for their first motive the dethirty years you have experienced many struction of that tyrannical and irravicissitudes. You lost your liberty wben tional system which the English governone of the great officers of the republic, ment, unmindful of the pernicious confavoured by England, employed Prus- sequences which arise therefrom to its siap bayonets to interrupt the delibera own country, adopts, to outlaw comtions of your councils. It was then that merce and trade, and subject it to the the wise constitution handed down to arbitrary authority of English licences. you by your forefathers was destroyed “ Gentlemen, Deputies of the legis. for ever.

lative body, and of the land and sea “ You formed a part of the coalition, forces of Holland; and Gentlemen, dein consequence of which French armies puties of my good city of Anisterdam, conquered your country-an event which tell my subjects of Hollaod I feel perwas the unavoidable consequence of the fectly satisfied they possessed the sentialliance with England. After the con- ments they profess for me.--Tell them, quest, a distinct government was form- that I doubt not their loyal attachment, ed, yet your republic formed part of the and depend on their heartily joining empire. Your strong fortresses and the their exertions to those of the rest of principal positions in your country, were my subjects, to reconquer the rights of occupied by French troops, and your the sea, the loss of which five coalitions, government was changed according to incited by England, have inflicted on the opinions wbich succeeded each other the continent. Tell them, that in all in France.

circumstances they may reckon on my " When Providence placed me on peculiar protection." this first throne of the world, it fell to

VASSENA TO THE PRINCE OF WIGRAM. violate the law of nations and of war,

“ SIR-In my last dispatch, I had This nation is accustomed to respect the honour to acquaint you that on the nothing; its interest for the moment is 26th the fortress of Almeida returned its only law. our fire till four in the afternoon; that “ It is the division of Loison, of the then it ceased entirely; that at sevez a corps of the Duke Elchingen, which has considerable explosion took place in the carried on the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo fortress; and that the conflagration was and Almeida. The two other divisions kept up during the night by our bombs of that corps, the three divisions of the and howitzers. The state of things de second corps, and the three divisions of termined me to summon the governor to the corps of the Duke of Abrantes, have surrender, yesterday morning. He sent not yet fired a musket. The Duke of me some officers to ask a cessation of Abrantes is a: Ledesma; General Reghostilities. I made known to them the nier, commanding the second corps, is terms of capitulation which I should at Zarza Mayor. The soldiers are in offer. Several hours of the day were good health, the army is well proviemployed in negociation, which did not sioned, and burning with desire to teach produce the success which I desired. the English that which we have already I therefore ordered our fire to recom- taught the division of Craufurd. The mence at eight in the evening, and three Einperor may rely on the bravery and hours after the governor of the place dispositions of the army, as well as on signed a capitulation, of which I have my zeal and respectful devotion. I have the honour to send you a copy, toge- the honour, &c. ther with that of my summons. Al (Signed) “ MASSENA, Marshal, meida is thus in the possession of his « Prince of Essling, Commander in Majesty the Emperor and King. We Chief of the Army of Portugal." entered it this morning at nine o'clock. Fort Conception, Aug. 28. The garrison are prisoners of war, and COPY OF SUMMONS TO THE ENGLISH shall be conducted to France. We have

GOVERNOR OP ALMEIDA. found on the batteries of the place 98 Camp before Almeida, Aug. 27. pieces of cannon, and 17 requiring re « GOVERNOR—The town of Almeida pairs, 300,000 rations of biscuit, 100,000 is in flames; all my besieging artillery is rations of salted meat, and a great quan- battering it, and the English army cancity of other provisions.

not come to your relief. Surrender, “I think it my duty to say something then, to the generosity of the arinies of to your highness of the disposition of the his Majesty the Emperor and King: I garrison. The Marquis d'Alorma, a offer you bonourable terms. To induce general of division, a Portuguese, and you to accept them, consider what took several other generals or superior officers place at Ciudad Rodrigo, the deploof his nation, employed in the French rable state in which that town now is, army, approached the fortress while the and the misfortunes which are reserved negociation was going forward. They for Almeida, if you prolong an useless were recognised, from the walls, by a . defence. great pumber of their countrymen who “ Receive, Governor, the assurances loudly expressed their satisfaction at be- of my high consideration. ing freed from the yoke of the English;

(Signed) “ MASSENA." which was much increased, when they (Here follow the articles of capitulearned that the Emperor had attached lation.] to his service, and in their several ranks, List of stores found in the fortress of the Portuguese officers who were in Almeida :-20 bushels of flour, S00,000 France; and that far from having re rations of biscuits, 600 fanegas of coro, duced them to the state of humiliation 700 of rye, 2000 of Turkey corn, 500 which the English make them feel at quintals of rice, 400 arrobas of salt propresent, he had admitted them to the visions, 12 quintals of salt provisions in honour of fighting at his side, in his barrels, 34 tuos of wine, at 700 bottles great campaigns.

each, 2 pipes of brandy, about 700 ...“ The borrors committed by the Eng. bottles, 20 pipes of vinegar, 50 fanegas lish are deplorable: they cut down the of beans, 2000 fanegas of barley, 300 corn, destroy mills, houses, and make a fanegas of bran, 3000 quintals of straw, desert of that unfortunate country which 5000 quintals of wood, and about 1000 they were invited to defend. They thus coverlids.

Paris, Aug. 22. —The decree of the ready for service on their arrival in 5th inst. increasing the duties on the the ports of France. colonial goods therein mentioned, is to The ports into which importation be put in force at the moment that it is officially received. The duties are pay

is to be permitted, are limited, by able without any exception whatever.

an order of Bonaparte, to five; name. The regulations formerly established ly, Ostend, Rouen, Rochelle, Nantes, respecting the importation of colonial and Bourdeaux. The licences isproduce, remain in full force, without sued for the admittance of vessels any change whatever.

into these ports, contain the condiAccording to the information of persons who have lately arrived from Spain,

tion, that their return cargoes conthe principal road from Bayonne to

sist of half wines or brandies. Madrid is now completely free and secure; and travellers, taking merely the SPANISII ORDER OF BLOCKADE. usual precautions, are not exposed to

The following royal order, dated the the slightest danger. There is no want

31st ult. and transmitted through the of provisions; meat, bread, vegetables,

usual channel to the consulate, has been and wine, are to be had in abundance,

published: and at a very fair charge. There is ve

The council of regency no sooner rery good accomodation in the inns, and

ceived the unexpected and disagreeable the troops that are billeted on the inha.

intelligence of the events that have ocbitants, now meet with a favourable re

curred in the Caraccas, the natives ception. Assassinations are no more

whereof, instigated no doubt by some heard of. It is remarkable, that for

intriguers and factious persons, have about a year past, a number of French-, committed the indignity of declaring men and Italians have been settled in

themselves independent of the mother the towns, along the great road, as inn

country, and created a junta of governkeepers, restaurateurs, &c. for the rest,

ment which exercises the pretended inin the north of Spain, the gendarmerie dependent authority, than his Majesty are very active, and take effectual mea

determined upon taking the most active sures for maintaining the public peace :

and efficacious measures to attack an the brigands are pursued, and exertions

evil so scandalous both in its origin and are made to exterminate them in every

progress. But in order to proceed with quarter. The most perfeet tranquillity that mature deliberation and circumspece prevails in Madrid; the theatres are nu

tion, which a matter of such importance merously attended, and the people pur demands, his Majesty thought it proper sue their ordinary vocations. There

to advise thereon with the supreme have been several bull-fights there, since

council of Spain and the Indies. This the beginning of July: the Spaniards has accordingly been done, and such take intinite pleasure in seeing this di

measures have consequently been 'adopversion, for which the French have no

ted, as bis Majesty entertais no doubt sort of relish. Several persons lost their

will accomplish the object in view; more lives upon the occasions alluded to.

particularly as, according to subsequent The French Emperor, by á decree, accounts, neither the capital and prodated at St. Cloud, the 30th of June, vince Maracaibo, that of Coro, nor even has extended the benefit of his de the interior of Caraccas itself, have tacree of amnesty, of March 25, to

ken part in so criminal a proceeding; seamen that have deserted, and are

but on the contrary, that they have not

only recognized the coancil of regency, at present prisoners in England, or

but also, animated with the best spirit employed on board the enemy's ves- in farour of the people of the mother sels, upon condition of their making country, have taken the most efficacious a declaration of repentance within measures to oppose the absurd idea of six months, for those employed in the Caraccas declaring themselves indethe Mediterranean and generally on

pendent, without the means of mainahis side of the Cape of Good Hope;

taining their independence. Ilis Majesty

has, nevertheless, deenied it indispenand 18 months for those beyond ihe

sable to declare, as he hereby declares, Cape ; and upon the further condi- the Province of the Caraccas to be in a tion of their reporting themselves state of rigorous blockade; orderivg that no vessels shall enter the ports thereof, native powers who were alone bound to under pain of being detained by the our dominion by force, and in various cruizers and vessels of his Majesty, and quarters the standard of revolt has been forbidding all commandants and chiefs raised. The war in the Oude and in civil or military of any of the provinces Bundelcund was continued to the date or dominions of his Majesty, to autho- of the late dispatches, and Bopal, Korize vessels to proceed to La Guiara, or trah, and many other provinces were in to grant permits or licences to any ves- a state of insurrection. sel bound thereto, or to any port or Colonel Martindell's army, which bad creek of the said province; and further, marched against Ameer Khan, comprised commanding that all vessels sailing the 5Sd regiment, the first battalions of therefrom whithersoever bouud, shall the 17th and 22d, under Colonel D'Aube seized, detained, and confiscated; vergne; the battalion of light compaand in order to carry this measure into nies, under Major Kelly; and the brieffect, bis Majesty is forwarding a suffi- gade of cavalry, consisting of the 1st, cient naval force to prevent any vessel 5th, and 6th regiments, under Colonel from entering or departing from the Fawcett, 42 European artillerymen, teu ports of the said province.- His Majes 6-pounders, four howitzers, and a comty also directs that all cominandants and pany of pioneers. They bad, on the chiefs of the provinces contiguous to the 29th January, arrived at Kiinlassa, within said province, do obstruct the introduc three short marches of Seronge, the cation therein of any description of provi pital of Meer Khan, and waited the arsions, arms, or stores, and likewise the rival of his heavy artillery (of four 18exportation of the productions of its pounders and four howitzers) from Buo. soil or industry; and that they exert delcond, when it was supposed they themselves to cut off all communica would proceed to Seronge, and forming tions with the inhabitants of the said a junction under its walls with Colonel province. This royal resolution does Close, who had advanced from Hydranot extend to such provinces of that bad with 10,000 men, lay siege to that captain-generalship as, declining to fol. fortress. low the pernicious example of that of Serious disturbances took place in the the Caraccas, have manifested their province of Oude at the beginning of constant fidelity, by renouncing the pro- ihis year, in consequence of the revolt ject of rebellion, which has solely origin of the Rajah of Nauparah, a principal nated in the uobounded ambition of Zemindar in the Vizier's dominions. Six some of the inhabitants, and the blind companies of the 16th N. I. was sent credulity of the rest ; in suffering them- against him, under the orders of Major selves to be hurried away by the inflam- Bird, but the enemy was so strongly ed passions of their fellow-countrymen. posted, that it was found necessary to His Majesty bas taken the proper means sent Lieut.-Col. M'Grath with two batfor the complete extirpation of these talions and two troops of cavalry to eyils, and chastising the authors thereof Major Bird's assistance. On the apwith all the rigour which the rights of so- proach of Col. M'Grath, the enemy vereignty authorise him to exercise, if abandoned Sicrora, and Puragpore was they do not previously make a voluntary carried by assault, with the loss of Lieusubmission; in which case bis Majesty tenants S. Woolley and W. H. Dixon, grants them a general pardon.--His Ma- 1st battalion of the 9th N. I, and 82 jesty erders that these dispositions be sepoys. On the 20th of February, our circulated in his dominions for the pur troops were advancing from the latter pose of being carried into effect, and also place against the fortresses occupied by in foreign parts, that they may conform the rebels; and it was hoped, that themselves to the measures adopted for within a month, the campaign would be the blockade of the above mentioned terininated. coasts; and by order of his Majesty I The American brig Taamamah is transmit the same to your Honour for arrived at Falmouth, in 16 days froin your inforination, &c.

the Chesapeak. She has brought dus

plicates of dispatches to Mr. Pincka The recent accounts from India are ] by no means of a pleasing nature. The

ney, the originals of which were dissatisfaction which pervades vur army, forwarded, on the 1st ult. by the has given encouragement to some of the Anerican sloop of war Ilorner, with

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