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OWING to the distance of the author's residence from the place of publication, some errors of print were unavoidable. The author, however, takes great pleasure in saying, that, having received by mail corrected proof-sheets embracing 216 pages-from page 25 to page 240-he was able to discover but few faults, most of them in proper names, or perhaps arising from mistakes in the manuscript. This remarkable correctness is ascribable to the well known accuracy of the publisher, and to the close attention of the friend who kindly superintended the publication. To both the author returns his most sincere thanks; and he begs leave also to remark, that, had his position allowed him to correct the proof-sheets himself, he would have been able to make some additions to the text, as well as several corrections in the style and phraseology. The following are the chief typographical errors alluded to.

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[blocks in formation]

66 66 last note, third line from bottom, for at read as.

"125, line 24, for Glavis read Glaris.

151,19, "Passevin read Possevin.

"162, in the Summary, for Munger read Munzer.

"163, and seq. in title of ch. vii, for religion read doctrinal belief.

"215, line 16, for preface of read Preface and.

"227, " 8,

"Brentans read Brentano.




66 8, "influenced read have influenced. first note, for facts read faults.

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