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I DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that this edition of the COMMON PRAYER BOOK, the Articles, Offices, and Metre Psalms and Hymns, having been compared and corrected by the Standard Book, by a Presbyter appointed for the purpose, is permitted to be published accordingly.


Bishop of the Diocese of New-York. NEW-YORK, December 18th, 1843.

Stereotyped and Printed

By the Publisher.

764.8 1843 he


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| PAGE. Title Page, with ornamental Border. 24 Nicene Creed. Initial letter 1-' And he 41 A Prayer to be used at the Meetings of At the top, portrait of Archbishop shall conie again with glory.'

Convention. Initial letter A-Who Cranmer, from a picture in Lambeth 25 Collect for Peace. Initial letter 0

by thy Holy Spirit didst preside in Palace; at the bottom, portrait of * That our hearts may be set to obcy the councils of the blessed Apostles, Bishop Ridley, after Vanderweri'; on thy commandments

the right hand. Bishop Seabury; and 25 Collect for Aid against Perils. Initial 45 Exterior of Lincoln Cathedrai.
on the lett, Bishop White.
letter 0By thy great mercy defend


26 Prayer for the President of the United 16 The Thanksgiving of Women after 1 Interior of Canterbury Cathedral. Ar- States. Initial letter 0--Arms of the Childbirth. Initial letter (--- This

chitectural burder, composed princi. United States. Original design by woman, thy servant, who desireth pally from parts of the Cathedral. Chapman,

now to offer her praises and thanks. I Sentences. Initial letter T- The Lord 27 Prayer for the Clergy. Initial letter A- givings unto thee.' Chapman.

is in his holy temple.'-Hab. ii. 20. Pour upon then the continual dew 46 For Run. Initial letter 0 We give Original design by Chapinen. of'thy blessing

thee humble thanks that it hath 3 Exhortation. Initial letter D-Christ ex. 27 Prayer for all Conditions of Men. Ini- pleased thee, in our great necessity, horting his disciples.

tial letter ()-Makethy ways known to send us at the last a joyful rain 3 General Confession. Initial letter A, and unto them, thy saving health unto all upon thie inheritance' ornament-Prayer and Confession.


47 For Fair Weather. Initial letter 0-'In 4 Initial letter A.-Absolution.

28 General Thanksgiving Initial letter A thy mercy hast relieved and com4 Initial letter A.-Absolution.

- For the means of grace, and for forted our souls by this seasonable and 5 Lori's Prayer. Initial letter 04 Our the hope of glory.' Original design

blessed change of weather.' Father, who art in heaven.'

by Chenen.

47 For Plenty. Initial letter (-Elisha's
Flaxman's Illustrations of the Lord's 23 Prayerotist Chrysostom. Initial letter prophecy of plenty fulfilled. 2 Kings
A-'Where two or three are guthcred

VII 5 Venite. Initial letter 0-King David.

together in my name.'

47 For Peace, and Deliverance from our Original design by Chapman. 29 2 Cor. xiu. 14 Initial letter T.

Enemies. Initial letter (-- Weac. 6 Gloria in excelsis. Initial letter G-29 Exterior of York Minster.

knowledge thy goodness that we Glory be te God on high.'

were not delivered over as a prey 6 Te Deum. lliustration-To thee Che

unto them." rubim anı Seraphim continually do


48 For Restoring Public Peace at Home. cry! Toitial letter Wand ornament

Initial letter () - We bless thy huly To thee all Angels cry aloud,'. 30 Interior of Henry the Seventh's Chapel.

name, that it hath pleased thee to 8 Benedicite. Initial letter 0- () ye chil. 30 Initial letter 0-'That it may please

appease the seditions tumults which dren of men, bless ye the Lord.

thee to defiind and provide for the have been lately raised up amongst 10 Jubilate Deo. Initial letter 0-0 be fatherless children and widows.' joyful in the Lord.'

34 Lord's Prayer. Initial letter 0- Give 48 For Deliverance from great Sickness 10 Benedictus. Initial letter B-Zacha

us this day our daily bread.' Froin and Mortality Initial letter ()—. We rias. - St. Luke 1. 67.

Flayman's Illustrations of the Loril's ofler unto thy fatherly goodness our 11 The Apostles' Creed. Illustration


selves, our souls, and boulies, which Faith, from Rafaelle. Initial letter 34 Initial letter O-Let us pray.

thou hast delivered.' Chapman. 1 and ornament-Christ bealing the 35 Initial letter 0-0 Lori, arise, help us, 48 For a Recovery from Sickness. Initial cripple. and deliver us for thine honour.'

letter (). Gracious art thou, O Lord, 11 Vicene Creed. Initial letter 1-The 35 Initial letter W- Mases and Aaron.

and full of compassion to the children prayer of faith

Turn from 11s all those evils that we of men' Chapman. 12 Colicci for Peace. Initial letter 0

most julstly bave deserved.'

49 For a Safe Return from Sea. Initial Emblem of Peace.

36 A General Thanksgiving Tuitial letter letter M- Thou hast been pleased 13 Collect for Grace. Initial letter O and A-' We bless thee for our creation, to conduct in safety through the pe.

ornament - Defend us with thy preservation, and all the blessings of rils of the great deep these thy sermighty power.'

this life.' Original design by Chap- vants.' Charman. 13 Prayer for the President of the United

man. States. Initial letter 0-The Presi 36 Prayer of St. Chrysostom. Initial letter COLLECTS, EPISTLES, AND GOSTELS. dent's house at Washington. Ori.

A- With one accord to make our 51 Title. At the top, Peterborough Catheginal design by Chapman. common supplications unto thee.'

Gral and Ripon Minister. In the !4-Prayer for the Clergy and People. 36 2 Cor. xiii. 14 Blessing.

centre, interior of Worcester Cathe. Initial letter A-Prayer in Church. 36 Exterior of Westminster Abbey.

dral and Malmesbury Abbey Chapel 14 Prayer for all Conditions of Men. Ini

At the bottom, Exeter and Bristol tial letter ( and ornament- We


als humbly beseech thee for all sorts and PRAYERS AND THANKSGIVINGS.

53 The First sunday in Advent. Illustraconditions of inen,


1101- Christ's entry into Jerusalem. 15 A General Thanksgiving. Initial letter

Orerbeck A and omament- Thanksgiving for 39 Interior of Lincoln Cathedral.

53 The Collect. Initial letter A-Matt. abundance. 38 Prayer for Congress, Initial letter M

XXI 2. 13 Prayer of St Chrysostom. Initial letter Capitol at Washington. Original 51 The Epistle. Initial letter 0-'It is A-St. Chrysostom. design by Chapman.

high time to awake out of sleep.' 16 2 Cor. xii. 14. Initial letter T-Bene- 39 For Rain. Initial letter 0-Elijaha fed. 54 The Gospel. Initial letter w-Chris: diction. 1 Kings, XVII, 6.

driving out the inoney-changers. 16 Exterior of Canterbury Cathedral. 39 For Fair Weather. Initial letter A- 56 The Second Sunday in Advent. Illus.

Sacrifice of Noah Genesis, viii. 20. tration-Parable of the fig tree. EVENING PRAYER.

40 In time of Dearth and Famine. Initial 56 The Collect, Initial letter B-And 17 Interior of York Minster. Architectural letter 0-Prodigal Son.

then sball they see the Son of Man border composed chicfly from parts | 40 In time of War and Tumults. Initial coming in a cloud with power and of the Cathedral.

Jetter 0-Destruction of the Assyrian great clory? 17 Sentences. Initial letter T- The Lord

caunp. 2 Kings, xix. 35.

57 The Epistle. Initial letter W-'Where. is in his holy temple.'-Hab. ii. 20. 40 For those who are to be admitted into fore receive ye one another, as Christ Original design by Chapman.

Holy Orders. Initial letter A-Lay. also received us, to the glory of God.' 19 Initial letter D-Exhortation,

ing on of hands.

57 The Gospel Initial letter A-Men's 19 Initial letter A and ornament-Confes. 41 Another Prayer for the same. Initial hearts failing them for fear. sion.

letter A Give thy grace.'

59 The Third Sunday in Advent. Ilustra2 Absolution. Initial letter A-Hath 11 In time of great Sickness and Mortality. tion-St. John in the wilderness. promised forgiveness to all those Initinl letter ()-Destroying angel.

Sir Joshua Reynolds. who with hearty repentance and true 42 For a Sick Person. Initial letter 0-59 The Collect. Initial letter 0-'That at faith turn unto him.'

"Bebold, visit, and relieve thy sick thy second coming we may be found 20 Absolution. Initial letter A- Let us servant. Chapman .

an acceptable people in thy sigin.". beseech him to grant us true repent. 42 For a Sick Child. Initial letter A-60 The Epistle. Initial letter - It is ance and his Holy Spirit.'

"Look down from heaven, we hum. required in stewards that a man be 2! Lord's Prayer. Initial letter n-Thy bly beseech thee, with the cyes of found faithful.'

kingdom come.' From Flarman. mercy upon the sick child. Chap 60 The Gospel. Initial letter N-'Now 21 Cantate Domino. Initial letter 0


when John had heard in the prison Praise the Lord upon the harp.' 43 For a Person, or Persong, going to Sea. the works of Christ.' 22 Bonum est confiteri. Initial letter T- Initial letter 0- Conduct them in 62 The Fourth Sunday in Advent. Mustra

King David. Original design by safety to the haven where they would tion--St. John prenching. Stothard. Chapman.

be.' Chapman.

62 The Collect. Initial letter 0-'Tam the 13 Deus Misereatur. Initial letter G-43 For a Person under Affliction. Initial voice of one crying in the wilderness.'

Thy saving health among all na- letter (- Look with pity, we be 63 The Epistle. Initial letter R-'In every tions.

seech thee, upon the surrows of thy thing by prayer and supplication, Benedic, anima mea. Initial letter servant.' Chapman.

with the ksviving, let your requests Po praise the Lord, ye angels of 44 For Malefactors, after Condemnation. be made known unto God.' his.' Original design by Chapman.

Initial letter 0-' Convince them of 63 'The Gospel. Initial letter T-'When 24 Apostles' Creed. Illustration-One faith, the miserable condition they are in the Jews sent Priests and Levites Westall. Initial letter 1- Maker of by their sins and wickedness.

from Jerusalem to ask him who art heaven and earth.' Chapman.

thou ?'


PAOL. 64 The Nativity of our Lord, or Christmas 95 The Epistle. Initial letter K-'They 138 The Epistle. Initial letter W- Moses

day. Illustration - The Nativity. do it to obtain a corruptible crown.' Sprinkling the people. Carlo Maralli.

95 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Go ye 139 The Gospel. Init. letter N-'And there 64 The Collect. Initial letter A-The Holy also into the vineyard.'

appeared an angel unto him,' &c. Pamily. M. Angelo.

97 The Sunday called Quinquagesima, or 144 Thursday before Easter. Illustration65 The Nativity of our Lord, or Christmas the next Sunday before Lent. Illus. Christ bearing the cross. Raffaelle. day. The Epistle. Initial letter G

tration-Parable of the Sower. Do | 144 The Epistle. Initial letter - The Lord's And let all the angels of God wor- minichino.

supper. Bhip him.'

97 The Collect. Initial letter 0– Paul 146 The Gospel. Initial letter T-The wo66 The Gospel Initial letter | There shaking off the viper.

man of Jerusalemn lamenting Jesus. wis a man sent from God, whose 98 The Epistle. Initial letter Y--Ship 149 Good Friday. Illustration–The Cruci. name was John' wreck of St. Paul.

fixion. Vandyke. 67 The Sunday after Christmas. Illustra. 99 The Gospel. Initial letter T-'He 149 First Collect. Initial letter A-'Behold tion - The angel appearing unto spake by a parable.'

this thy family.' Joseph.

100 The Sunday called Sexagesima, or the 150 Second Collect. Initial letter A67 The Collect. Initial letter A--Virgin Second Sunday before Lent. Illus

Prayer. and Child

tration-Christ healing the blind. 150 Third Collect. Initial letter 0-Jesus 68 The Epist e. Initial letter N- As long 100 The Collect. Initial letter 0-Charity. weeping over Jerusalem. as he is a child, be is under tutors From Raffaelle.

150 The Epistle. Initial letter T-' 'l he and governors.

101 The Epistle. Initial letter T-'When law having a shadow of good things 68 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Joseph I was a child, I spake as a child,' &c.

to come.' was minded to put her away.' 102 The Gospel. Initial letter T- What 152 The Gospel. Initial letter p--The sol70 The Circumcision of Christ. Illustra

wilt thou that I should do unto thee?' dierg casting lots for Christ's gar. tion - Adoration of the Shepherds. 103 The First Day of Lent, commonly call inents. Poussin.

ed Ash Wednesday. Hlustration- 155 Easter Even. Illustration - Entomb70 The Collect. Initial letter A-Present- Penitence.

ment of Christ.

Raffaelle. ation in the temple.

103 The Collect. Initial letter A-Turn 155 The Collect. Initial letter S-Descent 71 The Epistle. Initial letter B–The angel ye even to me,' &c.

from the cross. Rubens appearing unto Abraham.

103 First Prayer. Initial letter 0-'Merci. 156 The Epistle. Initial letter I-The dis71 The Gospel. Initial letter A - The fully hear our prayers

obedient in the days of Noah. Shepherds said one to another, Let 104 Second Prayer. Initial letter 0-'Spare 156 The Gospel. Initial letter W-The two us now go even unto Bethlehem.'

us therefore, good Lord, spare thy Marys at the sepulchre. 73 The Epiphany, or the Manifestation of people.'

158 Easter Day Anthem. First initial let. Christ to the Gentiles. Illustration- 104 Supplication. Initial letter T-' Be fa ter C-Sprinkling the door.posts The offering of the wise inen. Ru- vourable to thy people who turn to with the blood of the lamb.' bens.

thee in weeping, fasting, and pray. 158 Second initial letter C-The entomb73 The Colleet. Initial letter 0-Paul ing.'

ment of Christ. preaching to the Ephesians. 105 The Epistle: Initial letter T-' And 158 Third initial letter C- Adam eating the 73 The Episile. Initial letter F-Paul the rend your heart.'

forbidden fruit. prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gen- | 105 The Gospel. Initial letter W-'Where 159 Ilustration-Mary Magdalene and the tiles.' thieves break through and steal.'

disciples at the sepulchre. Raffaelle. 74 The Gospel. Initial letter W-Herod 107 The First Sunday in Lent. Illustration 159 The Collect. Initial letter A-Christ examining the wise inen. --Christ in the wilderness.

with the keys of hell and death, 76 The First Sunday after the Epiphany, 107 The Collect. Initial letter 0-'If thou Blake.

Illustration-Christ with the doctors be the Son of God, cast thyself down. 159 The Epistle. Initial letter 1- Fleeing in the temple. Overbeck.

109 The Epistle. Initial letter W-Paul from covetousness. 76 The Collect. Initial letter 0-Infant stoned at Lystra ; 'chastened and 160 The Gospel. Toitial letter T-The two prayer. not killed.'

disciples running to the sepulchre. 77 The Epistle. Initial letter 1-Paul | 108 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Com 161 Monday in Easter week. Illustrationpreaching to the Romans.

mand that these stones be made Christ and the disciples at Emmaus. 77 The Gospel. Initial letter N-'And he bread.'

161 The Collect. Initial letter A-'Who went down with them, and came to 110 The Second Sunday in Lent. Illustra- through thy only begotten Son Jesus Nazareth, and was subject unto

tion-Woman of Canaan. Le Christ hast overcome death,' &c. them.'


162 The Epistle. Initial letter P-Peter 79 The Second Sunday after the Epiphany. 110 The Collect. Initial letter A-David teaching Cornelius. Illustration The marriage in Cana finding Saul sleeping.

162 'The Gospel. Initial letter B- But they of Galilee.

111 The Epistle. Initial letter W-Isaac constrained him, saying, Abide with 79 'The Collect. Initial letter A-The wi. blessing Jacob.

dow's inite. 'He that giveth, let him 11 The Gospel. Initial letter 1-Woman 165 Tuesday in Easter week. Illustration do it with simplicity.' of Canaan.

---The Resurrection. Rubens. 80 The Epistle. Initial letter H-'Weep 113 'The Third Sunday in Lent. Ilustra 165 The Collect. Initial letter A–The dewith them that weep.' lion--' 'The dumb spake.'

struction of death. 80 The Gospel. Initial letter A-'Jesus 113 The Collect. Initial letter W-Seek 166 The Epistle. Initial letter M-Paul saith unto them, Fill the water-pots ing rest and finding none.'

preaching in the synagogue. with water.'

114 The Epistle. Initial letter W-'Walk 167 The Gospel. Initial letter J- Jesus is 82 The Third Sunday after the Epiphany. as children of light.'

the midst of the disciples after the Illustration-Christ curing the leper. 115 The Gospel. Initial ietter 1- When a resurrection 82 The Collect. Initial letter A-Christ stronger than he shall come upon 168 The First Sunday after Easter. Illusand the Centurion. him and overcome him.'

tration- Jesus appearing to his disci 83 The Epistle. Initial letter B-' If be 116 The Fourth Sunday in Lent. Illustra- ples after the resurrection. thirst, give him drink.'

tion-- Miracle of the loaves and fishes. 168 The Collect. Initial letter A-Philip 83 The Gospel. Initial letter W- And Je- Raffaelle.

and the man of Ethiopia. Acts vui. sus put forth his hand. 116 The Collect. Initial letter G-Gather

27. 85 The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany. ing up of the fragments.

169 The Epistle. Initial letter W-'The Illus ration-' Then he arose and re- 117 'The Epistle. Initial letter T-Agar and victory that overcometh the world, buked the winds and the sea.' her children in bondage.

even our faith.' 85 The Collect. Initial letter ()— There 17 The Gospel. Initial letter I- Jesus dis. 169 The Gospel. Initial letter T- As my met him two possessed with devils.' tributing bread to the disciples.

Father hath sent me, even so send I 86 'The Epistle. Initial letter L-'For this 119 The Finh Sunday in Lent. Illustra. you.' calise pay ye tribute also.'

tion--Christ and the Jews.

171 The Second Sunday after Easter. 1186 The Gospel. Initial letter A-And they 119 The Collect. Initial letter W—' Then Justration-The good Shepherd. Muthat kept them fled.' took they up stones to cast at him.'

rilo. 88 'The Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany. 120 The Epistle. Initial letter C-The sol. 171 The Collect. Initial letter A- The Illustration - Parable of the wheat dier piercing the side of Jesus.

hireling teeth, because he is an hire. and the tares.

120 The Gospel. Initial letter J--Jesus ling and careth not for the sheep.' 88 The Collect. Initial Jetter 0-'An ene- reasoning with the Jews.

172 The Epistle. Initial letter 1- Martyr. my hath done this.' 122 The Sunday next before Easter. Mus


'Suffering wrongfully! 89 The Epistle. Initial letter P-'And for- tration-Christ rejected. Vandyke. 172 The Gospel. Initial letter J—The wolf

giving one another if any man have a 122 The Collect. Initial letter A--Prayer. among the sheep. quarrel against any.'

123 The Epistle. Initial letter - Jesus 173 The Third Sunday after Easter. Illus89 The Gospel. Initial letter T-' But ga- washing the feet of the disciples.

tration-The Virgin, with the Saviour ther the wheat into my barn.' 123 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Jesus and St. John. 91 The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany. mocked

173 The Collect. Initial letter A-The woIllustration-Then shall they see the 120 'The Monday before Easter. Mustra- man crowned with twelve stars. Rev. Son of Man coming in the clouds.' tion - Christ in the garden. Cor.

xii. 91 The Collect. Initial letter 0-'All the regio.

173 'The Epistle. Initial letter D-Seeking tribes of the earth shall mourn.' 127 The Epistle. Initial letter W-' Who guidance from the Scriptures. 92 The Epistle. Initial letter B-The Holy is this that cometh from Edom? 174 The Gospel. Initial letter J-'Yeshall Family. 129 The Gospel. Initial letter A-The wo

wrep and lament.' 92 The Gospel. Initial letter T-'He shall man with the box of ointment, 175 The Fourth Sunday after Easter. Ilussend his angels with a great sound of 134 Tuesday before Easter. Illustration

tration- Because I have said these a trumpet.'

Christ crowned with thorng. Titian. things unto you sorrow hath filled 94 The Sunday called Septuagesima, or 134 The Epistle. Initial letter T-' 'The

your heart.' the Third Sunday before Lent. 11 - chief priests moved the people that 175 The Collect. Initial letter 0-'Who lustration-So when the even was he should rather release Barabbas alone canst order the unruly wills come, the lord of the vineyard saith unto them.'

and affections of sinful men. unto his steward, Call the labourers 135 The Gospel. Initial letter A-Jesus led 176 The Epistle: Initial letter E-Receive and give them their hire.' out to be crucified.

with meekness the engrafted word.' 94 The Collect. Initial letter 0–' Why 138 Wednesday before Easter. Illustration 176 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Elymas stand ye here all the day idle?' -Christ scourged. Rubens.

the sorcerer smitten with blindness.


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