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Page xxxviii - tis most certain, Iras. Saucy lictors Will catch at us, like strumpets ; and scald rhymers Ballad us out o' tune : the quick comedians Extemporally will stage us, and present Our Alexandrian revels : Antony Shall be brought drunken forth, and I shall see Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness I
Page 187 - A lightless sulphur, chok'd with smoky fogs Of an infected darkness ; in this place Dwell many thousand thousand sundry sorts Of never-dying deaths ; there damned souls Roar without pity ; there are gluttons fed With toads and adders ; there is burning oil Pour'd down the drunkard's throat ; the usurer Is forc'd to sup whole draughts of molten gold...
Page 367 - twas my father's last bequest. [Places a ring on the finger of ITHOCLES. Thus I new-marry him whose wife I am ; Death shall not separate us. O, my lords, I but deceived your eyes with antic gesture, When one news straight came huddling on another Of death ! and death ! and death ! still I danced forward ; But it struck home, and here, and in an instant.
Page 130 - Shall a peevish' sound, A customary form, from man to man, Of brother and of sister, be a bar Twixt my perpetual happiness and me...
Page 167 - And love the quintessence of that : this proves, My sister's beauty being rarely fair Is rarely virtuous ; chiefly in her love, , And chiefly in that love, her love to me : If hers to me, then so is mine to her ; Since in like causes are effects alike.
Page 279 - Apartment. Enter ITHOCLES. Ith. Ambition ! 'tis of vipers' breed : it gnaws A passage through the womb that gave it motion. Ambition, like a seeled ' dove, mounts upward, Higher and higher still, to perch on clouds, But tumbles headlong down with heavier ruin. So squibs and crackers fly into the air, Then, only breaking with a noise, they vanish In stench and smoke.
Page 168 - For colour, lips, for sweet perfumes, her breath; For jewels, eyes; for threads of purest gold, Hair; for delicious choice of flowers, cheeks; Wonder in every portion of that throne. Hear her but speak, and you will swear the spheres 55 Make music to the citizens in heaven; But father, what is else for pleasure framed, Lest I offend your ears, shall go unnamed.
Page 317 - Contemn not your condition for the proof Of bare opinion only : to what end Reach all these moral texts ? Pen. To place before ye A perfect mirror, wherein you may see How weary I am of a lingering life, Who count the best a misery.
Page 90 - Page, walk aside.—Sweet beauty, I am sent ambassador from the mistress of my thoughts, to you, the mistress of my desires. Cleo. So, sir! I pray be brief. Cue. That you may know I am not, as they say, an animal, which is, as they say, a kind of Cokes, which is, as the learned term it, an ass, a puppy, a widgeon, a dolt, a noddy, a Cleo.
Page 333 - I've slept With mine eyes open a great while. No falsehood Equals a broken faith ; there's not a hair Sticks on my head but, like a leaden plummet, It sinks me to the grave : I must creep thither ; The journey is not long.

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