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merit pardon of sin or eternal-life Corrupt, blind, and indiscreet zeal

Will. The counsel of God's will is xvi. 5. Yet the good works of

most wise and holy, con. ii. 1. believers are accepted by God in cat. 12. It is unsearchable, con. Christ, and rewarded, con. xvi. 6. ii. 7. cat. 13. It is free and im The works of unregenerate men mutable, con. v. l. cat. 14.; and cannot please God, and why, con. most righteous, con. ii. 1. How xvi. 7. But to neglect to do what the will of God is to be done and God commands is more sìñful

, ib. submitted to, cat. 192. The will All persons shall, in the day of of God, revealed in the scriptures, judgment, receive according to is the only rule of faith, wor what they have done in the body, ship, and practice. See Scripture. whether good or evil, con. xxxiii

. 1. Christ revealeth to his church, by Worship. To God is due from his his Spirit and word, the whole creatures whatever worship he is will of God in all things concern

pleased to require, con. ii

. 2. The ing their edification and salvation,

light of nature sheweth that God cat. 43.

is to be worshipped, con. xxi. I. Free-Will. The will of man is nei. But the acceptable way of wor. ther forced, nor by any absolute

shipping God is instituted by him. necessity of nature determined, to self in the scriptures, ib. He may do good or evil, con. iii. 1. ix. 1. not be worshipped according to Man in his state of innocency had

the imaginations and devices of freedom and power to will and do

men, con. xxi. 1. cat. 109. False good, con. iv. 2. ix. 2. cat. 17. worship is to be opposed, cat. 108, By his fall he lost all ability of

As also any worship not instituted will to any spiritual good ac

by God himself, cat. 109. But companying salvation, con. vi. 2, 4. there are some circumstances conix. 3. cat. 25, 192. The will is

cerning the worship of God which renewed in conversion, con. ix. 4.

are to be ordered by the light of x. 1. cat. 67. It is made perfectly

nature and Christian prudence, acand immutably free to do good

cording to the general rules of the alone in the state of glory only,

word, con. i. 6. Religious wore con. ix. 5.

ship is to be given to God the Word. See Scripture, Reading,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and Preaching, Hearing:

to him alone; and that only in Worldly-mindedness sinful, cat. 105,

the mediation of Christ, con. xxi

. 2. 142.

cat. 179, 181. The parts of re• Works. What are good works, and

ligious worship, con. xxi. . 3, 5. what not, con. xvi. 1. Good

Religious worship not tied to any works are the fruits and evidences

place, but God is to be worship: of a true and lively faith, con. xvi. 2. The usesand ends of good works, ib. Ability to do good works is wholly from the Spirit of Christ, con. xvi. 3. The actual influence of

assemblies, which are not to be the Spirit is required for the performance of them, ib. This no

neglected, con. xxi. 6.

Wrath See. Cursa.
plea for negligence, ib. Superero-
gation impossible, con. xvi. 4.

We cannot by our best works

a duty.

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ped, every where in spirit and truth, as in private families daily, and in secret, each one by himself so more solemnly in the publick

at the hand of God, and why,.-01.

sinful, cat. 105.


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