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till the Year 1899 inclusive..



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I April16 . - 18

- 41 5III Mar. 26–

28/29- 23-hom24 iv April161---17

Il12- 13- 14----| V April 2

45- 6 Mar. VI April231---24

-2519, 2012 - 2 VII April - - 12- 13- 14 VIII April 24 - 3 Mar.28 29

-30- 31 April IX April 16 -17 18 20 -21

X April 9 -10- 11 5XI Mar. 26

28/29 - -30 31XII April16

-181191 XIII April 2

45XIV Mar. 26

24 -2 XV Aprilıo---10 II12 -13

14 XVI April - 3 41 5|

Mar.3 31 April XVII |April23.-2411819 -20

22 XVIII April 9 -10 -Illi213 XIX April2 M2r271---2

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211 Inril

10 make use of the preceding Table, find the Sun

day Letter for the Year in the Uppermost Line and the Golden Number, or Prime, in the Column Golden Numbers, and against the Prime in the sam Line under the Sunday Letter, you have the Day of th Month on which Easter falleth that Year., But Nou That the Name of the Month is set on the Left Hanc for just with the Figure, and followeth not, as in otho Tables, by Discent, but Collateral.



JA TABLE of the Moveable FEASTS for Fifty two Years,

according to the foregoing Calendar.

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Mar. 2

Day, from the Year 1900, to the Year 2199 inclusive: noen Day of the Sunday Numbers. Month Letters March 22

"He Golden Numbers in 231 E

che foregoing Calendar will point out the Days Pof the Paschal Full Moons, frill the Year of our LORD 1900; at which Time, in Order that the Ecclesiastical) Full Moons may fall nearly on the same Days with thel Ireal Full Moons, the Golden Numbers must be removed to different Days of the CaJendar, as is done in the an'nexed Table, which contains so much of the Calendar then to be used, as is necessary for finding the Paschal Full Moons, and the Feast of EASTER, fron the Year 1900, to the Year 12199 inclusive. This Table is to be made use of, in alil respects, as the First Table before inserted, for finding EASTER till the Year

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TABLE ! 12 311

131To find the Month and Days

ofthe Month, to which the 1 of our

of our Golden Numbers ought to be Lord.

Lord. | prefixed in the Calendar, in any 81000 Blázoolizlgiven Year of our Lord, confilte! 1700

soolbling of entire Hundred Years. 11800

roolisand in all the intermediate Years

Probetwixt that and the next Hund 1900 21 B 2000 21

B 15600 17 dredth

Adredth Year following, look in
Kroolisthe Second Column of Table II.
Kroolis for the given Year, consisting

[goolio of entire Hundreds, and Note

B160ooliache Number or Cypher which! 2600 16100 igltands against it in the Third! 126od

62006 Column ; then, in Table III. zoda | 1620065 il look for the same Number in the B 12800

2 Column under any given GoH. bood - 16.00l, i den Number, which when you

66ools have found, guide your Eye LLO

lorool: 2 Sideways to the Lefr Hand, and
B 6800lzlin the Firit Column you will

Od find the Month and Day, id

7 000 24/whi

b)which that Golden Number 250d ol 21002 pought to be prefixed in the Cal. B|3600 18 -2004 endar during that Period 01

| 2300125 One Hundred Years. 13800 1

The Letter B prefixed to cer Blood 10

So 6 ain Hundredth Years in Table [ 10011 77002

2011. denotes chofe Years which 2001298002

6 - Jare still to be accounted Biffex 14300 12 B0002 ile or Leap.Years, in the New

00-Calendar, whereas all the other

S loooo

Calendar, whereas oli
14 500 131 18:00 28 Hundredth Years are to be ac-

toolis E2002 |counted only Cummon Years. . 14700 14 | 1830029 BI800 141 13 84002 4900:4


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