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2. A Lmighty God, the fountain of all wisdom,' who

o knowest our necefficies before we ask, and our igno. rance in asking; We beseech chee to have compassion upon our infirmities; and those things, which for our unworthinefsi we dare not, and for our blindness we cannot ask, vouchsafe to give us, for the worthiness of chy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 2.: A Imighty God, who hast promised to hear the peri

tions of them that alk in thy Son's Name; We belcech thee mercifully to incline thine ears to us that have made now our prayers and supplications unto thee, and grant that those things which we have faithfully asked according to thy will, may effectually be obtained, to the relief of our neceffity, and to the setting forth of thy glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. '

PA RA P H R AS E. glorifying of thy holy name; and finally, bestow upon us everlasting ha piness in the world to come ; which we beg for the sake of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

Paraphrafe on the prayer to fupply the defrets of our devotion. 2. Omnipotent Lord God, from whom proceedeth all wisdom, and who art able to do exceeding bundanıly above all that we can aje or think, Eph, iii. 20. who, before we ask, art well acquainted with all our wants and necessities, we most humbly beseech thee to pity the infirmities and im: perfections of our devotions, and graciously to supply us with all chole blemings, which we are either too blind and ignorant to feel the waot of, or too unworthy to all of thee ; and this we humbly request, through the merit and worthiness of thy Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen. ,

3: O God, of infinite power, who halt in thy facred word promised, that whatever we ask in Chriff's name thou wilt give us, John xvi. 23. we intreat that through thy abundan't mercy, thou wilt incline a favourable ear to the petitions which (in Chrift's name) we have put up unto thee; and grant that whatsoever, agreeable to thy will, we have this day prayed for, may be effectually obtained, that our wants may be amply fupplied, and the glory of thy bounty may be fully displayed, for the sake of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, Amen.

Wpon the Sundays, and other Holy-days (if there be na Communion) shall be

Jaid all that is appointed ai obe Communion, until the end of the general Prayer (For the whole State of Christ's Church militant here on Earth] togeber with one or more of these collects last b fore rebearjed, concluding

wirb tbe Blefling. And ibere mali be no Celebration of the Lord's-Supper, except there be a cona

venient Number to communicate with the prief, according to his Discretion. And if there be not above twenry persons in ibe parish, of Difcretion to receive

the Communion ; yet there mall be no Communion, except four (or three at ibe leafl) communicate with the priest. And in Carbedral and Collegiare Churches and Colleges, where there are many

Priests and Deacons, they pail all receive the Communion with the Prieji,

every Sunday at the leafl, except they have a reasonable cause to the contrary. And to take away all Occasion of Diffenfion and Superfition, which any per.

for barb or might have concerning ibe Bread and Wine, it shall fifice, ibar
ibe Bread be such as is usual to be eaten; but the beft and purest Wheat

Bread ibal conveniently may be gotten.
And if any of the Bread and Wine remain unconfecrated, the Curate fall bave

it lo bis own Uje; but if any remain of that which was confecrated, it fall
not be carried out of ibi Church, but the Pries, and such other of the Com-
municants as be jhalleben call unto bim, foall immediately after the Blessing,

reverently eat and drink the same. The Bread and Wine for sbe Communion fall be provided by the Curate and

ibe Church.wardens, at the Charges of the Parish.. And note, That every parishioner sall communicate at the least three Times in

the Year, of which Easter to be one. And yearly ar Easter every Parishioner fall reckon wirb the Parjon, Vicar, or Curare, or his or their Deputy or Deputies, and pay to them or bim all Ecclefiaftical Duties accuftomably duen iben and at that time to be paid. After the Divine Service ended, the Money given at the Offertory Mall be dife Med of to fucb pious and charitable Ujes, as the Minifter and Church-war. dens, fall ibink fit ; wherein if they dijagree, it juall be disposed of as tbc Ordinary shall appoint.


W H ereas it is ordained in this Office for the Alminif

tration of the Lord's Supper, that the Communi. cants should receive the same kneeling ; (which Order is well meant, for a Signification of our humble and graceful Acknowledgment of the Benefits of Christ therein given to all worthy Receivers, and for the avoiding of such Profa. nation and Disorder in the holy Communion, as might otherwise ensue) Ytt, leaft the same Kneeling should by any Persons, either out of ignorance and Infirmity, or out of Malice and Obstinacy, be misconstrued and depraved : It is here declared, That thereby no Adoration is intended, or


ought to be done, either unto the Sacramental Bread or Wine there badily received, or unto any Corporal Presence of Christ's natural Flesh and Blood. For tke Sacramental Bread and Wine remain still in their very natural Substances, and therefore may not be aclored, (for that were Idolatry, to be abhorred of all faithful Christians) and the natural Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ are in heaven, and not here; it being against the Truth of Christ's natural Body, so be at one Time in more Places than one,

Companion to the Altar :

Shewing the


Sacramental Preparation,

In order to our Worthy
Receiving the Holy COMMUNION,

Those FEARS and SCRUPLÉS about Eating and
Drinking Unwortbily, and of incurring our own
Damnation thereby, are proved groundless and

Unto which are added, PRAYERS and MEDITATIONS

Preparative to a SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION, according to what the Church of England requires from her Communicants.

I will wall my Hands in Innocency, O Lord, and so wili i jo ro twint

Aliar. Psal. xxvi. V. 6.



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