Sree Krishna, the Lord of Love

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Page 80 - And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes ; and there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain ; for the former things are passed away.
Page ii - Revelations" is published at the request of an American disciple of the Baba. In the words of the Baba, " this is the purest Nectar of Spiritual Love. Let the reader open his heart to it and I am sure it will fill it with ecstasy. The soulful reader will thrill with joyous vibrations of every sentence of the
Page 192 - Who am I? I am that which thou hast searched for since thy baby eyes gazed wonderingly upon the world, whose horizon but hides this real life from thee. I am -that which in thy heart thou hast prayed for, demanded as thy birthright, although thou hast not known what it was. I am that which hast lain in thy soul for hundreds and thousands of years.
Page iii - Spirit through suggestive signs and symbols, others worship Flesh, mere forms of animated flesh. Since our mind wants idols for worship, just as our body wants food for sustenance, let us all worship idols of Spirit in Form. Through its concrete Form-Centre we can enter into the Abstract Spirit of Love — Love which is our one object and goal in life. This Love is Krishna and the universe and we, its parts, are the materialized manifestation of that Love. PREMANAND BHARATI. THE ALPINE, 55 WEST 33D...
Page 308 - And we are unconscious of it all, because our mind's outer ken is employed outside of us with outer objects. If we can withdraw the mind's vision from outwards and direct it into the depth of our heart then will belief come in the Rash Dance of Krishna with its practical realization. We are then of Braja and each of us, of the enlightened inner eye, a dancing Gopi — male or female whatever we may be externallv. it matters not. We are all Gopis, human male or human female, we are all spiritually...
Page 253 - Prarabdha — will leave us of themselves and go to Krishna to be absorbed by Him, while, for the same reason, the Karmaseeds springing from our present actions will be rendered germless like roasted seeds which never grow. But this belief needs constant practice of this thought in order to be sustained without interruption and involves thinking of Krishna, Absolute Love and Life, every...
Page 290 - The masculine characters (vowels) are independent, the feminine characters (consonants) are dependent. The vowels can be pronounced by themselves, the consonants can only be pronounced when united with the vowels. The vowels are the expressions of the Essence of the Deity (Krishna), the consonants are the expressions of the Will-Force of the Deity ("Prakriti," that which procreates), Nature.
Page 279 - This true parental feeling is pervaded by the unconscious spirit of spontaneous service and friendship, for no friendship and service can be compared with those of parents. The same rules apply to the cultivation of the filial feeling of devotion to Krishna. The fourth, the feeling of a loving wife to her lord sums up the essence of all the foregoing three feelings. It is the highest and tenderest feeling of devotion. The true wife is the servant, friend, mother and lover of her husband. She is his...
Page 261 - ... of the Gate of Goloka, Krishna's Abode of Love-Bliss. Vishnoo is the sum total of all the deities which are the manifestations of his powers and attributes. He is the Parent of both the Motherhood and Fatherhood of the Universe — the Spring of Creation itself. He is the Presiding Deity of Sattwa out of which are born Raja and Tama. He is the Preserver, the Sustaining Power of the Universe. He is the Way to Moksha, His Essence is the Abode of all Salvation. He is the Outer Form of Krishna, the...
Page 164 - O ye who find perplexity above your rearing head and underneath your lagging feet, at your right hand and your left hand ! An enigma unto yourselves you will be until lowly and glad as a child you become. Then Me you will know, and knowing, yourselves you will know, and your worlds you will rule. And looking out from the great world within to the smaller world without, all things you will bless and find all is well with time and you.

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