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A brilliantly scholarly work that doesn't pull its punches. It includes, in Chapter 8, extensive information on how the Hare Krisha's "holy texts" were compiled, which in its original form was a book called "Unzipping the Purports." "Unzipping the Purports" was intended by its author to be published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, but never saw the light of day until this book came along.
A wonderful read for ex-devotees especially, who are trying to make sense of their experience in the cult. Casual readers will perhaps not find as much enjoyment in this, unless they are especially interested in cults. A rare find for the post-Hare Krishna life - there are not enough academic resources like this out there, and certainly not enough press coverage. I applaud the effort of its creators and publishers.

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Very interesting. I became interested in Iskcon but then became very upset at the backwards attitudes to women that men seemed proud to boast of. I think some of them are ignorant at how it might seem ok in a western nation where women have rights, but dangerous in many nations where women don't.  

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This book deserves no stars. I'm a female devotee who has been in the Hare Krsna movement since the 70's and not once was I ill treated by the male members. If you want a healthy, well rounded view, don't waste your time here. Read the books written by the founder of the movement instead of the gibberish inserted here by die hard feminists. 

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Hola, les invito a que lean el material que he elaborado en base a mis experiencias en relación con la vida en los templos Hare Krishna y un estudio comparativo entre el conocimiento védico y la Biblia. Gracias

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