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land, and, in the beginning of 1672, he had the command of the Resolution, a third rate man of war, having a little before received a very extraordinary mark of the king's sincere affection for him. It seems his lordship, who loved play a little too much, had run in debt about eight thousand pounds, which made him extremely uneasy; of which his majesty being informed, he was so kind as to pay it for him; and the worthy Sir Stephen Fox contrived that it should be done in such a way, that nobody at court knew any thing of it. The earl was on board the Resolution the fourteenth of March with Sir Robert Holmes, when he attacked the Dutch Smyrna fleet, and gave signal marks of courage upon that occasion; with which, however, his father was highly offended, because, as that attempt was made before any declaration of war, he looked upon it as dishonourable to the English arms. In April he had the command of the Victory given him, which was a second rate. He was in the action off Southwould Bay, which happened May 28, 1672; and acquired great reputation therein, as well

as by relieving all the wounded seamen.

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