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leave that a petition might be presented

relative to the merits, as well as to the
cause of complaint already flated ; and
being informed it was now too late, as
the order expired on Monday for receiv-
ing petitions, and that nothing now remain-
ed but hearing the contents of it as it
stood, or moving to have it deferred, he
sat down, after lamenting greatly the
severity of his case, which obliged
him either to stand the event, or con-
sent to fit in the house two years before
his opponent could compel him to quit
his seat, though he were unduly or in-
properly elected.
The speaker read a letter from the
chair, received that day from Mr. Scrope,
a late candidate for the City of Lincoln,
containing a petition complaining of bri-
bery and corruption at the last electi-
on for members to represent the said ci-
ty in parliament, and desiring him to pre-
sent the same to the house. The speaker
observing that the application and petiti-
on were now too late, there was no fur-
ther notice taken of it.
Mr. R. Fuller observed, that the house:
was very thin, but that he understood
from what passed the preceding evening,
that an attempt would be made on Friday

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