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of the constitution. Each quota must be
brought to this house ready iormed; you
can neither add nor alter. You must re-
gifter it. You can do nothing further. For
on what grounds can you deliberate ei-
ther before or after the proposition You
cannot hear the counsel for all these Pro-
vinces, quarrelling each on its own quan-
tity of payment, and its proportion to
others. If you should attempt it, the
committee of Provincial ways and means,
or by whatever other name it will delight
to be called, must swallow up all the time
of Parliament.
Thirdly, it does not give satisfaction
to the complaint of the Colonies. They
complain, that they are taxed without
their consent; you answer, that you will
fix the sum at which they shall be taxed.
That is, you give them the very grievance
for the remedy. You tell them indeed,
that you will leave the mode to themselves.
I really beg pardon . It gives me pain
to mention it; but you must be sensible
that you will not perform this part of the
con past. For, suppose the Colonies were
to lay the duties which furnished their
Contingent, upon the importation of your
manufactures; you know you would
never suffer such a tax to be laid. You
know too, that you would not suffer ma-
ny other modes of taxation. So that,
when you come to explain yourself, it
will be found, that you will neither
leave to themselves the quantum nor the
mode; nor indeed anything. The whole
is delujon from one end to the other.
Fourthly, this method of ransom by
auction, unless it be ...?'. accepted,
will plunge you into great and inextrica-
ble difficulties. In what year-of our Lord

are the proportions of payments to be

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