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Taxation no Tyranny.


Crown They leave us no choice but of yielding or conquering, of resigning our dominion, or maintaining it by force. From force many endeavours have been used, either to dissuade, or to deter us. Sometimes the merit of the Americans is exalted, and sometimes their sufferings are aggravated. We are told of their contributions to the last war, a war incited by their outcries, and continued for their protection, a war by which none but themselves were gainers. All that they can boast is, that they did o for themselves, and did not wholly stan ina&tive, while the sons of Britain were fighting in their cause. If we cannot admire, we are called to pity them; to pity those that show no regard to their mother country; have obeyed no law which they could violate ; have imparted no good which they could withhold; have entered into associations of fraud to rob their creditors; and into combinations to distress all who depended on their commerce. We are reproached with the cruelty of shutting one port, where every port is shutting against us. We are censured as tyrannical fiom hindering those from fishing, who have condemned our merchants to bankruptcy, and our manufacturers to hunger. Others persuade us to give them more liberty, to take off restraints, and relax authority; and tell us what happy consequences will arise from forbearance. How their affections will be conciliated, and into what diffusions of beneficence their gratitude will luxuriate. They will love their friends, they will reverence their protectors. They will throw them. felves into our arms, and lay their property at our feet. They will buy from no other what we can sell them ; they will sell to no other what we wift to buy. That any obligations should overpower their attention to profit, we have known them long enough not to expect. It is not to be expested from a more libéral people. With what kindness they repay benefits, they are now showing us, who, as soon as we have delivered then from France, are defying and proscribing

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